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The Latest Video-Essay 5-9-22:

Demystifying the Dark Occultists banner.jpg

   This video-essay, my first collaborative project with my husband Noah Kimble, regards investigating the nature of the Dark Occultists, as a larger category of many types of individuals and the smaller category we often mean for the term, as specifically earth's dark rulers. What is the dark occult and how is it differentiated from the light occult? We will be examining language and meaning, deconstructing powerful dogmas and myths that hold the minds of light occultists and may be holding them/us back from ascension. These truths revealed to me were freeing thanks to the analysis my partner provided, as he is the inspiration for this project. Does “higher evil” exist? Are there sorcerers who understand the truths of Occult Philosophy and use such knowledge as a tool against humanity? Are the Dark Occultists the diametrical opposite of the Light Occultists (Initiates on both sides?) and are we waging war against them? These are just some of the questions we will be exploring. (It is recommended to read the PDF first and then come back for the video.


chapters demystifying.jpg
The Occulted History of Vaccines 12/14/21
(or Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines Part 11)

Note: Select 1080HD quality for best resolution.

When given the history of vaccines we are told that Edward Jenner invented vaccines in 1796 and that because of it smallpox epidemics went down as to eventually eradicate the disease in 1980. In this presentation, you will discover how far this is from the truth!


The history of vaccines is one of the most occulted subject matters, supporting the vaccine religion that reigns today. How were things 100 years ago? 200 years ago? 300 years ago? History repeats and what we learn from history is that we don't learn from history.


In our current situation where people are being coerced to take vaccines under the myths that vaccines save lives and have ended smallpox and polio—I felt called to fully deconstruct these momentous lies and show the destructive nature of man's law and its belief that the government owns your body.

While I could only find one vaccine book on the subject matter called Dissolving Illusions, which is highly recommended, I wanted to make this important information non-commercially available, as a public health announcement to be widely and freely shared. It is a compilation of many eclectic sources from pro-vaccine historians, government publications, doctors and scientists of the anti-vaccinationist movements, and much more!


While my focus and desired work is on occult philosophy and psychology, I've taken a step away from my projects to work on a completely different topic, that topic being bioterrorism because of its relevance and necessity at this time as it relates to the Global Conspiracy and the 2020 pandemic.

This series is intended for individuals who want to learn how to critically think and analyze, who want transparency of source material rather than just taking my word, who want an independent holistic analysis, rather than regurgitation and fragmented content, and who want to come away from their time spent on this series with actual knowledge based on grounded research.

Note: Please forgive the editing errors and

mispronunciation of medical terms in the first half of the series, I was too much in a rush and hope to correct that in the future. Hopefully you will appreciate the mental energy put into the actual content which is most important.


Vaccine Title(3).jpg

The Cosmic Download: NATURAL LAW SEMINAR

This site is centered around Natural Law information. The Natural Law seminar by Mark Passio is recommended to get started with this material, as well as his podcast material, starting with podcast #1 and going in order. (


We are infinitely grateful for his work, de-occulting eternal Hermetic wisdom. 

The solution to human slavery is found in consciousness expansion/evolution and the understanding and alignment to natural laws.

Video On Natural Law in Less than 11 minutes ( with article)

Consciousness and Natural Law vs. Spiritual Darkness and Political Power

Fig. 1 Holy Trinity vs. Unholy Trinity. The Global Elite/Dark Occultists use the methods of MIND-CONTROL to obfuscate and pervert Triune Aspects of Consciousness: Mind, Emotions (Spirit), and Actions. The MIND, which involves developing a Correct Worldview and obtaining True Knowledge, is being controlled with False Education and Political Propaganda. The EMOTIONS, which should express Care for Truth and Goodness and Right-Intention, are being controlled with the religion of money, egoic illusions, and the status of the social hierarchy. ACTIONS, which should express Morality/Right-Action and Creativity, are being controlled with obedience and fear towards authority in a Control System.

   While at the highest (conceptual) level Natural Law Principles are the Eternal Universal Forms: Love, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, in manifestation they are dynamic and living as the intelligent non man-made laws that govern the universe. Mathematically precise, they interact with consciousness to set the boundary conditions for our creative evolution in the dualistic universe. One of its principles is that the level of freedom and goodness in the world is in direct proportion to our level of individual consciousness and morality in the aggregate. Higher consciousness means greater capacity for morality in obtaining moral knowledge. The external world manifests in relation to human consciousness through the polarity of positive and negative expressions, from generation to manifestation of good or evil.


   The generative (or beginning) polarity of Natural Law Expressions is LOVE and FEAR. When we come from LOVE, recognizing the divine aspect of our True Spirit, our consciousness EXPANDS to gain truth and knowledge about ourselves (the microcosm) and the world (the macrocosm).

Fig. 2 Law of Freedom. In order to recognize the Law of Freedom (and Morality) in our lives, we must develop the HONESTY and AUTHENTICITY to admit our errors and face the fact that we are in a condition of human slavery forced upon us at birth.


   At its basic level, Self-Knowledge is the understanding that we are Triune Sovereign Beings made of thoughts/mind, emotions/spirit, and actions/embodiment, which also corresponds to masculine and feminine, solar and lunar principles, and their triune integrative point. Self-knowledge unifies with World knowledge in understanding how these aspects of consciousness create the world. This is about our ability to perceive spiritual laws and raising our level of consciousness to embody them.

Fig. 3 Positive Natural Law Expressions. Real love in the mind and heart can acquire true knowledge of our sovereignty, in which we experience greater degrees of freedom and goodness.

Fig. 4 The Integration of Consciousness.

   In their higher expression, our thoughts seek objective knowledge with grounded metaphysical principles and reason, from eternal truths to the facts of our daily lives. A good mind seeks freedom from cultural falsehoods, indoctrination, and egoic/subjective bias. Our feelings care for what is universally good, true, and beautiful, and indicate the quality of motive behind the mind. A pure spirit develops authenticity, sincerity, and self-honesty (“inner truth”) for purification/cleansing to dissolve the evil within through love (true care for self). Care in the proper form is heart-centered and has empathy for others beyond our personal needs and selfish desires. Action in its higher expression does not initiate violence against others, including “following orders” under “man's law.” No matter our beliefs, we cannot abdicate our moral responsibility to a cult (the State), and should not take actions from obedience to authority (spiritual blindness), but accountability to MORAL CONSCIENCE (awareness of good and evil, right and wrong).

Fig. 5 The Philosophical Trinity. The Divine Masculine Mind is embodied with PHILOSOPHY, which investigates Existence, Consciousness, and Morality and their inter-relationships. Obtaining knowledge (both moral and scientific) requires that we understand existence (objective reality and Natural Law), as independent from what we are conscious of.

SOVEREIGN: From the Latin adverb super: “above” and the Latin noun regnum: “rulership; control; one who is above the rulership or control of another. One who is not a subject or a slave to another.

Sovereignty_higher consciousness11.jpg

Fig. 7 Holy Trinity and Sovereignty. How the Triune Self corresponds to archetypes.

   Contrarily, when we come from fear, we CONTRACT into unconsciousness so as to reject, ignore, deny, and escape truth and morality. Because we are ignorant of the causal factors of suffering (with rationalization, selective blindness), we cannot see how our consciousness is responsible for negative life conditions. Thoughts in their lower expression are based on flawed axioms (i.e. solipsism, sophistry, and relativism: the dark masculine) that seek ego validation and to remain in cultural conditioning/indoctrination (mind-control). This is to prevent cognitive dissonance and maintain the corrupt status quo of the false self. The lower mind identifies with false belief systems, the illusion of political authority and laws that are not based in nature... feeding an immoral system. In lower vibration, our emotions range from being apathetic and empty of love and deeper meaning to selfish care about me-me-me (narcissism/the dark feminine), limited to self-preservation and self-serving agendas (i.e. money and status) that support the inauthentic self. In desiring comfort and security, the lower emotions replace the true 'life force” with the stagnation that leads one to material shallowness and self-loathing as to reject development and our higher nature. Dissociated from divinity, the quality of our spirit can be destructive, manipulative-controlling, and mean.

Fig. 8 The Anti-Philosophical Trinity. The Dark Masculine is irrational, anti-philosophical, and ungrounded to reality lost in false beliefs. This serves the ego, whose desires to make up reality by supporting the false self (illusion and aggrandizement), rejecting moral accountability.

Fig. 9 The Unholy Trinity and the Slavery System. We are responsible for creating the slavery system as the external manifestation of individual consciousness and morality in the aggregate. Our ignorance has us believe we are victims. The victim-perpetrator cycle IS gender imbalance in which the dominant (active) and submissive (passive) parts of ourselves are at war, creating a dominator-hierarchy of master and slave. We are slaves to a system that we have collectively created through fear, confusion, and control.

   Actions in their lower expression are immoral and selfish... and can violate another person's rights (the initiation of violence/harm) individually or collectively through order-following of the State, as to commit murder and theft in war and taxation. Immoral actions turn a blind eye to evil maintaining the victim-perpetrator cycle through cowardice. In lower fear-based consciousness, we lack self-knowledge and are inwardly divided and thus confused so that there is contradiction between our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This chaos from within leads us to seek control from without, creating imbalanced relationships of controller and controlled, depriving us of true intimacy, with feelings of oppression and being trapped. At the macrocosmic level this manifests as the master/slave dominator-hierarchy, of gender imbalance, the blueprint of all our social systems. At the top level, the dark priest class that runs the Control System manipulates human consciousness to work in opposition to Natural Law, mimicking Triune Consciousness with Dark and False versions of Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions.

Fig. 10 Negative Expressions of Natural Law. Natural Law is expressed in relation to human consciousness. When an individual consciousness is in fear, control, and confusion this leads to chaos and evil in one's personal life and in the aggregate the collective system of slavery. When individual consciousness comes from love, knowledge, and freedom this leads to goodness and order in the world individually and collectively.

Click on the Images below to enlarge.

   The dark masculine (mind) uses false religion and false law (or government) to replace metaphysics, reason, and natural law, while the dark feminine (emotions) uses money to replace real currency and the harmonious symbiosis of give and receive. The monetary system replaces the “giver of nature" with "fictitious numbers of control,” turning abundance into scarcity in the fight for survival. Together the dark masculine and the dark feminine are enforced with a monopoly on violence, the military and police, using fear and control with duress and coercion. Political Power is the external global manifestation of individual interior DISORDER in the aggregate. It is based on our ignorance of consciousness and Natural Law, which has today become slavery under global tyranny run by psychopathic and predatory “rulers.” They have socially engineered an artificial system that profits off of human suffering to replace the natural system of Mother Earth. A ruling class of any sort is anti-thesis to Natural Law, even if some of man's laws are synonymous with natural laws (i.e. against theft, rape, and murder). This is because the premise that man created these laws and that they do not exist in nature will only support the increase of external dominance, control, and power-over-others. While this can start out small, as with limited government, its foundational premise is like a cancer cell that can only grow by creating more and more artificial laws that condemn freedom. More and more of man's law will contradict natural laws, bringing total social dysfunction with war, extreme poverty, forced dependency and slavery, economic collapse, and the police state. Humanity can evolve out of these political cycles and dead-end revolutions as to exit the matrix entirely through the awakening of true care and care for truth to gain the knowledge of consciousness and natural laws and transmute fear into love. When we can recognize that the System is an immoral manifestation due to our fear, ignorance, and apathy, opposed to the values of love and freedom, we can stop giving it power over our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Fig. 11 & 12 Light and Dark Trinity. The Control system is a three-prong attack to our triune consciousness by influencing it towards false/negative expressions. The consciousness of fear gives up our individual sovereignty to an external system. We believe in man's law/government because of fear of authority; we believe in the monetary system because of fear of death and starvation (survival), and we believe in the monopoly of violence (military/police) because of our fear of punishment.

GOVERNMENT: From the Latin verb gubernare: “to control,” and the Latin noun mens: “mind,” MIND-CONTROL

Because the false system is empowered through our false beliefs, it can be disempowered by our knowledge of the real system of nature and the power of individual sovereignty in the exercise of right-action.

   But first we must seek the Forbidden Knowledge that the Control System has obfuscated with false education and political propaganda. For Spiritual Growth, Knowledge is Required

    In order to manifest Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, we must become Self-Governing Beings, knowing the objective difference between right and wrong, knowing what a right is! We have been given the ability to reason and develop the spirit of Goodness to live and act morally so that we can create the world of our infinite dreams as to live in a state of Freedom, Joy, and Bliss!


Fig. 13 The Holy Trinity and Integration in Consciousness. In Principle, the Divine Masculine represents truth and knowledge gained with the holistic mind. The Feminine represents beauty and love expressed through the heart and spirit. The divine masculine and feminine integrate as to manifest in the world as goodness (morality) and freedom (infinite creativity).

Some of the Amazing Artwork from the video of artists who inspire me:

Fig. 6 The Difference Between Right and Wrong. Morality is objective in reality, as harm is objective, whether we have knowledge of it or not. It is important to develop care for truth to be able to discern between right and wrong through accurate perception of the world, using reason, intuition, and being open to feedback and change

   We must develop the courage to do what is right and speak the truth (the Great Work), as well as defend ourselves and others from harm, which is the use of force to stop violence. Good actions regard the art of practical living (wisdom), learning what to do and what not to do as to align with the higher will. The senses are attuned to perceive relevant data to the moral realities of our lives as to be self-correcting and transforming through the objective feedback of error. In higher consciousness we unify thoughts, emotions, and actions, to be Whole, Undivided, Individuals, understanding that we are accountable to laws higher than our own “subjective interpretations.” We say what we feel and do as to not live in contradiction, resolving inner conflict with knowledge and change, balancing not only the analytic and pattern-recognizing sides of the mind but also the mind and heart. As an evolving process, we strive to be in better alignment to natural law through moral accountability. As a result, greater freedom, order, and goodness manifest providing us with higher and wider levels of fulfillment, in being and consciousness, and creative expression.

Carl Jung: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

Now... some amazing art from the dark side, as facing our evil is a critical aspect of alchemy:

Read two very important books!

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