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NVC and PHILOSOPHY Continued...

   Now, that we have described some of the tenets of NVC, let's compare it with True Philosophy.

   The intent of NVC is to create connection in conversation by having useful beliefs (the NVC tenets) and sadly this requires turning off discernment, which is more than a red flag. Contrarily, the intent of philosophy is to arrive at objective truth and morality in any given situation, which requires understanding First Principles.

   NVC should obviously not be a worldview or philosophy as its fundamental assumptions are false, therefore it should be dispensed with entirely, as once any value from it is adequately re-framed, it no longer resembles NVC.

   Yet, some may argue that NVC is NOT a worldview and does not require tenets but in order for NVC to be used the tenets MUST be believed to be true. When you research NVC you will find that there are core assumptions always mentioned as they are necessary to use NVC.

structuralism 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 2.00.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 2.01.47 PM.png

   Like structuralism, postmodernism, and NLP, the goal of NVC is to focus on the structure of language instead of the consciousness behind it. This structure is then not a metaphysical one, but a relativistic one based on the fluctuating unexamined psychological needs at any given time. How we communicate, how we act is NOT the subject of PHILOSOPHY because those things are based in context, and every context is as unique as every moment. Gender expression is in constant flux with the Law of Rhythm and Vibration. For example, in terms of doing the Great Work, sometimes it is good to be aggressive in communication with the sacred masculine, and sometimes it is good to be gentle with the sacred feminine. The hard and soft styles of communication both serve a purpose if done in the right context with good intention based on understanding. Sometimes a person needs to be shaken from their delusions when trying to save them from a dangerous cult, and other times gently coached to understand a simple distinction.

Nonviolent Communication, the Trivium, Natural Law, and the Human Potential Movement

Part 2: NVC, Postmodern Ideologies, The Human Potential Movement, and the Control System

Written Jan. 2019/Edited, updated, and revised June 2021 (corrections will not be in the video so reading the Essay is recommended)

   The territory always changes and our responses have to be tailored to specific events, conditions, people, and people's psychology. On the other hand, Natural Law Philosophy regards the absolute immutable principles of creation, not a relative description of HOW individuals SHOULD behave with other people since the manifestation of absolute principles in every situation is different. Attempting to create a system of HOW those qualities SHOULD manifest, can only be relativistic, and very imbalanced, especially when it does not include critical thinking and logic. While we cannot hold onto an ideology to facilitate social interaction, we can gather truth of any situation when grounded in the Principles. Without understanding Natural Law, we cannot consistently determine the multitude of truths in reality as we would have no ABSOLUTE GROUND upon which to discern. Thus, we will be easily swayed by the whims of culture, ego, and self-interest like the pragmatist and moral relativist.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 2.13.10 PM.png

   Now, those in the Trivium camp who advocate NVC are certainly not suggesting to use it as an ideology, but as a tool. And this may be possible in an extremely narrow context. To repeat from earlier, to re-frame NVC so drastically requires that it be called something else. If one desires to connect with someone there are many ways to do that as coming from the heart with greater empathy and compassion has its own authentic language and expression that cannot be limited to a mental system.


  NVC cannot be a tool or methodology for identifying and communicating feelings and needs, as that is the work of self-awareness. While methodologies are good in the linear progression of thought, in terms of awareness they actually filter perception. This was a point made by Jiddu Krishnamurti and also Roy Masters, who considered formless meditation to be an effective tool of self-awareness as the absence of methodology or dogma.

Simply, there is no formula for self-awareness.

   Unfortunately, Krishnamurti could not articulate Natural Law as he didn't quite go all the way, yet in some sense you can consider that he understands Natural Law intuitively. Consequently, he is often taken out of context, like Rosenberg does here. At the 25:32 min. mark, Rosenberg says, "according to the philosopher Krishnamurti to observe without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence." Download Freedom From the Known.

   This is partly a misinterpretation as Krishnamurti was not about rejecting evaluation and discernment, but about rejecting the bias and prejudice that evaluation and discernment can foster when it becomes part of an inaccurate worldview. I talk more about this in my Philosophy and Love videos.  But Krishnamurti was not clear about this so Rosenberg does make a point and this will be analyzed in my future work.

   When not used as a tool for self-awareness but as a tool in expression, like communication and rhetoric, methodologies definitely have their place, and are obviously important in developing the mind. But we must never be stuck to one methodology, as we learn to integrate many skills as CONTEXT changes moment to moment. Getting stuck to an ideology, methodology, or tool causes one to see the world as mechanical and static, rather than organic and dynamic. NVC shouldn't be THE method of communication, as there should be various methods of communication. A different tool is used in a different context, as dogmatic thinking occurs when we proscribe one methodology to ALL CONTEXTS. Dogma is against philosophy, as philosophy regards what can be applied to all contexts, the UNIVERSALS themselves.


   When it comes to becoming a more compassionate and caring person, this cannot be generated by learning skills and techniques, but by working on consciousness to develop these qualities. Skills and techniques are still useful, but ONLY when used by a consciousness that has developed virtuous qualities to express. Compassion cannot be engineered with language but must be cultivated with development. As Plato and Aristotle understood, one should never make a human system from virtues and characteristics, as this is not the realm of strict logic. Once we think that a tool or methodology can create a QUALITY then it is artificially created, and this is usually done with a social agenda, to get what we want in a social context.

New Project(10).jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 4.49.38 PM.png

   I just want to make the point that I am not saying that some truths are not context-dependent, but that even so, they have correspondence with the Absolute, which is not context-dependent, in order to be solid truth at all.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 5.43.35 PM.png

  This is still modern linguistics.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 6.12.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.40.26 AM.png

See a connection with NVC basing everything on NEEDS?

   To see how modern linguistics is still going strong, here is a 2017 clip of a woman who insinuates that language creates reality due to the differences in different languages. And here we make the point that the Trivium is about general grammar, not about specific grammar, as the same objective reality exists no matter your language. I just want to interject that this woman is confusing two questions, one is whether language shapes the way we think and the other is whether language creates reality. Now, obviously, language shapes the way we think, which is why we want to study language so that our thoughts can be in conformity with reality. But the answer to the second question is no, except that our thoughts influence our actions which then create things in objective reality. 


   She goes on to say: “The diversity of linguistic diversity...reveals how ingenious the human mind is... human minds have not invented one cognitive universe but 7,000. There are 7,000 languages around the world. And we can create more. Languages are living things for us to hon and change to suit our needs.

   In a clip from 1984 a person talking to Winston says, “The destruction of words is a beautiful thing...” he goes on to say, “have you have seen the dictionary? The 10th edition? It's this big, and the 11th edition will be this big.” He gestures how the size becomes smaller and there are less and less words, and then Winston responds, the revolution will be complete when the language is perfected.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 8.02.05 PM.png

  Around the 30:00 min. mark of the NVC seminar, Rosenberg says “by 4:30 this afternoon you will never hear another insult, there will be no such thing as criticism.”

Remember this feminist campaign  to actually ban a word?

   Essentially this would lead to the idea that language creates reality, and we must analyze this carefully as it is a dangerous half-truth. Here Joslin discusses this problem (at the 15:17 min. mark of my video—as the original video was removed.)

   He states “there is an idea floating around in academia that linguistics is primary to consciousness. To take the idea that reality begins with linguistics which in turn dictates the structure of society which then affects the consciousness of the individual which creates an individual's reality is this concept of the stolen concept... I've heard people say that if you don't have a word for it then it doesn't exist and that's not true. If there is a tree you may not have any language but you won't run into it. This idea of taking higher-order concepts (like linguistics) and placing it as an axiom is a mis-integration of information. ”


   Joslin suspects and intuits that the premise language creates reality is false, but he can only deconstruct it by saying that modern linguistics claims that there are no first principles when it contains a first principle, thus a “stolen concept.” But as we saw earlier, because he fails to understand the law of mind he still believes that language constructs higher-order concepts, so he partly coheres with this false premise. Even though higher-order concepts are built on the lower language that corresponds to objective reality, it then cannot describe objective reality in and of itself. (There are higher order concepts like the Absolute Good that are as real a tree.)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 8.01.43 PM.png
ban bossy.jpg
ban bossy meme.jpg

  Interestingly, Tragedy and Hope makes this modern linguistic error confusing words and the things they refer too. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.20.52 PM.png
matter and form of language 9.jpg

   What people are getting confused with here, and this applies to general semantics, is that the nature of language, which is to express reality, thoughts, feelings, and actions has both matter and form, two components. Matter is the system of symbols created by convention, which is why different languages have different words for the same things. And form is the meaning, which deals with metaphysics as absolute substances not created by culture.

   Once we think that words are the building blocks for reality then we are lost in relativism, as words can be created and destroyed. But in actuality, the things that the words refer too cannot be created nor destroyed with thought and communication itself. What is IS. 

  The reason why language can correspond to reality is because reality is even more multi-dimensional than the dimensions that language can describe, therefore higher-order concepts CAN reflect the mental aspect of the cosmos as with first principles.

language and reality.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.58.43 AM.png

   Okay, this diagram begins with objective reality and then language can be used to describe reality. It is a main use of language to describe actual things, whether concrete or abstract. If done accurately, there is a correspondence between reality and language. What contributes to the lack of accuracy is not understanding language, logic, and metaphysics. Corrupting language, as done by these ideological institutions we have been speaking of, also corrupts our perception and understanding of reality. This can take the form of incorrect definitions, etymology, and incorrect meaning behind words and flawed logical relationships. Because actions are driven by the mind, actions that follow from a corrupted worldview with corrupted language will not be in alignment with objective reality; thus we create false realities through our actions. This is how language creates reality through the vehicle of our actions. Our misalignment to objective reality causes negative consequences (moral causality), which is a principle of objective reality.

   The General Semantics of Alfred Korzybski attempted to be a science of change in communication systems, delineating principles involved in tracking a constantly changing territory. He took a non-Aristotelian stance on systems challenging the basic notion that a thing is what it is, the law of identity, the law of contradiction, also challenging the law of the excluded middle and the law of polarity, saying that change is the only constant. He was not holistic and could not see that static identities and essences exist in the midst of change, like the Self, the one immutable constant. Also, L. Ron Hubbard who created Scientology used general semantics in his book Dianetics.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.04.02 AM.png

Alfred Korzybski


click image to download

It should be no surprise that the Institute of General Semantics has its ties with the United Nations.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.13.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.05.53 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.28.11 AM.png

   Check out the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC). This network has 27,000 registered members and an active participating population of over 5,000 in 100 countries, which definitely requires political funding. Thom Bond the founder, was a disciple of Rosenberg for 15 years, and here it states that this group, the NYNVC, is a United Nations Civil Society Organization.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.20.21 AM.png

   At the 3:15 min. mark of the U.N. Deception Documentary, it discusses how the globalists cloak their goals with less threatening labels like world order, collective security, inter-dependence, global community, economic integration, and convergence, but all point down the same road. Yet, candid admissions occur in their 1961 report called “A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations,” which states, “it is world government we are discussing here-inescapable.” The clip ends with George Bush senior calling for a "New World Order. "

Download PDF

Postmodernism, Modern Linguistics, Feminism, NLP, etc...

   Exploring the roots of NVC, we have to examine a network ideas.

   While some have examined the connections of people between nefarious ideologies and associations to socialist-globalist think-tanks that reveal conspiracy, it is more likely that many of the proponents of false ideologies are not conscious of what they are part of and believe they are doing good. Rather than dissect who's part of the conspiracy, it is much more wise to deconstruct the ideologies that support the conspiracy of the control system with reason alone.

   At the end of the 19th century, was Friedrich Nietzsche and existentialism. “GOD IS DEAD,” or more accurately “metaphysics IS dead,” would be the post-Enlightenment anthem in which philosophy descended into solipsism, ultra-subjectivity, and moral relativism. (But in truth metaphysics can never be dead; it is WHAT IS regardless of human perception.) Nietzsche's perspectivism would become the basis for postmodernism as his book Beyond Good and Evil would say that ”the world is not made of facts but interpretations.” Every perspective would be seen as equally true. Later, Martin Heidegger's existentialism turned metaphysics upside down as well, so that philosophy was no longer the search for objective truth and knowledge of being as in the days of antiquity, but creating the meaning of being through creative exploration and arbitration. Philosophy became poetry. While we should not seek to oppose philosophy to creativity, existentialism conflated the two, giving the dangerous impression that truth is created.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 3.15.23 PM.png
being and time.jpg

Download PDF

William James

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 3.13.29 PM.png

   After the existential crisis over the death of philosophy in which philosophers gave up on metaphysics came pragmatism as now philosophy was narrowed to the practicality of ideas. Truth became “whatever works for me,” and that which contained “cash value” (referencing Williams James); this would become the basis for the new age and self-help business models.

   Another postmodern ideological predecessor was structuralism, another false metaphysics, since man's search for the structure of reality cannot be eradicated, only corrupted. Rather than seeing Origin, Nature, and Objective Reality as the basis of reality, CULTURE would become the structure and its cultural narratives the content.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 4.19.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 4.20.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 5.12.12 PM.png

Above image (Aristotle's 10 categories) from the Book The Trivium, DOWNLOAD

   In the early to the mid 19th century, modern linguistics sought to overthrow our classical understanding of language with the Trivium subjects grammar, logic, and rhetoric for overly-abstract theories that challenged metaphysical realism and that language could actually correspond to reality. Structuralist Ferdinand de Saussure would see that meaning only exists in the relationship and differences between words. This would corrupt the Aristotelian Categories of Substance and Attribute in General Grammar, and the Absolute in Natural Law. Postmodern linguistics contradicts the fact that substances EXIST and have ESSENCES, not only independent of their attributes, but independent of their connection to other things. Modern linguistics would directly attack the existence of SELF as an immutable substance, which carries an obvious socialist/collectivist agenda, as we shall see and destroys the basis for true spirituality.

Course in General Linguistics.jpg


self destruction.jpg

No Identity, Relations

   Later, the post-structuralists, the French postmodernists, would even suggest the dangerous idea that the “self” is a creation or by-product of a network of ideas, a rehashing of the David Hume's empiricism, who saw self as a byproduct of a bundle of sensations. Hume also desired to destroy metaphysics, reducing all things to relations. Without metaphysics, language becomes the collective products of social invention and interaction rather than the descriptor of independently existing reality.

   Ludwig Wittgenstein studied philosophy of language and while he began the task of creating a mathematical formula for language with the logical positivists, he ultimately gave up on logic and became a pragmatist saying that “most of the time the meaning of a word is its use.” He also brought forth the concept of “language games,” which maintained that language does not correspond to reality and that concepts do not need clarity for meaning, as all meaning is context-dependent.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 4.38.29 PM.png

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ferdinand de Saussure

Gregory Bateson was also into general semantics which became systems theory and cybernetics, as we will get to. At the 26:27 min. mark of my video (as the original is unavailable), Joslin and Jan Irvin discuss Gregory Bateson and his ties to NVC, cybernetics, and the CIA.

gregory bateson.jpg

  I wanted to see a recent event on the topic of general semantics and found this video from the New York Society for General Semantics. Nora Bateson, Gregory Bateson's daughter, reveals the dangerous implications of this ideology and its attack on the SELF and promotion of collectivist values. We can see how these ideas connect to postmodernism.

  At the 15:30 min. mark, Ms. Bateson reads her poetry about how the “I” of grammar is violence, claiming “inter-dependence is the law,” also saying, “grammar needs to evolve," into her twisted linguistic destruction.

nora bateson.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 5.12.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.55.17 AM.png

What it comes down to is that general semantics is a postmodern subjectivized intellectualized proxy of the subject of general grammar.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.01.42
Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 11.51.19

   Systems theory tends to see that individual behavior is the result of its inter-dependency with outside systems, concerned with the external dynamics of evolution rather than the inward dynamics of the individual. This, in turn, promotes co-dependency between man and the authoritative social institutions that enslave him. The truth is that each individual and his own change is NOT context-dependent, as each man has the ability to rise above his social conditioning which postmodernism will tell you is not possible. The goal of man is to become INDEPENDENT, AUTONOMOUS, and SOVEREIGN, not to merge with the cage of a social system. The system sciences obfuscate self-knowledge to give the social sphere dominance to make the individual a cog in the system of manipulation. This is seen with the new cage Gaia, web-of-life beliefs, and evolutionary theory and its concept of "inter-dependent emergence." While it is a spiritual truth that everything is interconnected, we must see how the dark side uses this truth for its own ends.

   General semantics would become the basis for later complexity/chaos theory and systems theory, all based on the idea of prioritizing the interrelations of things over individual substances. The pioneer of systems theory is Erwin Laszlo, President of the Club of Budapest, member of the Club of Rome, advisor to UNESCO. These organizations that Laszlo is part of desire to create a single global interconnected technocracy over man. Systems theory is the academic presentation of systems engineering, related to social engineering and “organizational psychology” which aligns with the political agenda for control. This is about controlling the dynamics of interaction by focusing on the structure of interaction. We can consider education, government, and the media to be systems of control.


   Related is cybernetics, which has been defined as “the study of feedback and derived concepts such as communication and control in living organisms, machines and organizations. Its focus is how anything (digital, mechanical, or biological) processes information, reacts to information, and changes or can be changed to better accomplish the first two tasks... The term cybernetics derives from a Greek word meant steersman, and which is the origin of the English words such as “govern.”

prison planet.jpg

John Dewey

Cybernetics Control System via Technology

cybernetics globe.jpg

   Now, this actually relates to the Progressive Education by John Dewey in which children were seen as the products of their environment, so the focus was placed on the environment rather than teaching the individual important abstract concepts with language and arithmetic. Yet, learning the Trivium is incredibly important to structure our minds properly. Because children are not taught the Trivium in school they do not learn how to speak in conformity with their thoughts or think in conformity with reality, only to regurgitate the dictates of social authority and conform to their environment as to reflect false values.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.11.31

The ideological basis for learning theory was “constructivism” in which its first principle is:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.12.24

We can see how this relates to structuralism.


   Now those in the Trivium group have discussed the dark use of the Trivium which can be seen in modern education in the process of indoctrination as the evil agenda is to disrupt the information man has available to him, as well as disrupt information processing by teaching him WHAT to think not HOW to think... and this is why man becomes prey to belief-systems, as the notion of government is a belief (statism). Man with no knowledge and no logic is controlled man, and the chaotic output of his behavior due to inner disorder brings upon him the natural consequence of external proxy-order in the form of tyranny.

darkside trivium gov.jpg
soveregnity and control 5.jpg

Real ORDER comes from WITHIN the INDIVIDUAL, but systems theory has turned everything inside out, so that the center of man becomes a single global authority.

   In psychology, constructivism was also promoted by Jean Piaget who expresses the anti-metaphysical statement: “there exists no structure without a construction.” This denies the mental structure of the cosmos and that humans can actually receive information and knowledge about themselves and the environment that is not constructed but reflective. While there is much that humans construct due to human creativity, humans SHOULD not be constructing facts...


Download Milton Erickson's Complete Works

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.39.24

Constructivist Jean Piaget

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.42.06

Obfuscation: Deliberate confusion

   Also in psychology, psychiatrist Milton Erickson used language to elicit hypnosis called the indirect technique, which is the use of vagueness, ambiguity, and confusion in conversation to create suggestibility, receptivity, and a mild trance. We can clearly see how Milton's vague language has become the style of postmodern rhetoric as to keep college students in a trance-like hypnosis where they can never make direct meaning of anything. This would become part of NLP. Ultimately, the purpose of "education" is to CONFUSE not educate.


   The field of psychology that is directly tied with the US government and the CIA is psychological warfare and was established by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in Great Britain, which unified with America. Governments wanted to know how to create behaviors in people through the mind, to have power over them, and make them better slaves. This is how they maintain the power differential. Understanding people's psychology is knowing how to control and manipulate them, and the government has a big stake in controlling the mass mind of the population.

This is a great documentary by truthstreammedia that discusses MKULTRA. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.47.37

   From 1984... after Winston is discovered to be a rebel having a love affair with a woman, he must go through painful electroshock therapy to make “him sane,” which means being tortured until he submits to the ruling party.

   MK-ULTRA doctor Ewen Cameron, who served the OSS, the precursor for the CIA, performed mind-control experiments under the field of psychiatry. He was the director for the Canadian Psychiatric Association and the American Psychiatric Association and president of the World Psychiatric Association. He is but one out of many performing these experiments.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.52.40
Brainwashing Tests.jpg

   Psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, president of the World Health Organization in 1957 said that "the reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are that belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy." This is a complete reversal of meaning as most of our mental health issues are a consequence of moral relativism. We will soon see how humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers would fulfill what Chisholm desired.

brock chisholm.jpg
world health organization.jpg

   In 1966, Rosenberg was awarded diplomat status in clinical psychology from the American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology.

   This board comes from the American Psychological Association founded in 1892 by eugenicist and social darwinist Stanely G. Hall. Members include William James, John Dewey, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Edward Thorndike. Rosenberg says that we should never reward people with our language, but here he is being awarded from an elite institution, being a trained dog of the globalists.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 1.17.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 1.30.02 PM.png

   Here is an article about the American Psychological Association working with the Department of Defense during Bush's administration on what they call “interrogation techniques” which is really just instructions of how to torture people at Guantanamo Bay. The prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay were there for being terrorists without going through the legal system or having a trial (guilty before proven innocent). “Terrorists” under Bush's definition includes anarchists and anyone against the violence of the state. The infamous quote from George Bush after 911: "you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists."

twin towers 911 1.jpg

911 was an INSIDE JOB!

Government is Terrorism!

humanistic triangle 6.jpg
da vinci humanism.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 3.17.18 PM.png

   The field of psychology was dumbed down by the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers, who was Rosenberg's mentor and a pioneer of the Human Potential Movement. Rogers claimed that “experience was the highest authority," another relativistic belief. He came up with 'client-centered therapy,' much different than psychoanalysis, under the belief that the “client knows best” and would, therefore direct the entire therapeutic process where the therapist would merely listen and offer empathy and positive reinforcement. The focus would be about creating an environment of validation, and later this would become part of the extreme social validation given in new age cults.

   Thus, humanistic psychology, in many ways, combined the new age and business with psychology, a direct assault to true psychology. In the humanistic context, as humanism places man at the center of all things, psychology became about getting your ego stroked and pursuing narcissistic fulfillment and success rather than actually resolving psychological issues (ignore the negative).


   At the 30 min. mark of the NVC workshop (above video), a woman reports that her father makes insulting remarks towards her and Rosenberg tells her that “she killed his poor jackal” with HER harsh judgments (about her father), and that with this new technology, saying as he puts on giraffe ears, she won't be able to hear criticism and that insulting remarks won't exist.

humanistic triangle 6.jpg

   Humanistic psychology makes a profitable business model. Therapy became nothing more than getting paid to be someone's best friend and most agreeable friend at that. Client-centered therapy would fuel the culture of narcissism, with the following tenets that would become part of the new age.


1) No one can KNOW anything more than anyone else. (Wrong, there are degrees/levels of knowledge and consciousness.)

2) Only a person can know themselves and that no one can know another person. (Not true, another person can know what is going on with another person by observing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through the course of time. If that person has more self-knowledge than the other person he can often understand that person more than that person. can understand himself. When we go to a psychologist it should be because we are seeking to learn from the psychologist who understands more about the self/psychology.)

3) No one is ever wrong as all experience is truth (moral relativism).

Client-Centered Therapy


   This is a full attack to the subject of knowledge. People are no longer seeking self-knowledge or truth but hearing what they want to hear. Psychologists and psychiatrists would effectively feed into people's delusions and this would all feed into the delusion of the control system. The real role of psychologists should be giving insight to the client that the client cannot see himself, pointing out blind spots, shadow, contradictions, wrong thinking and behaviors, and false beliefs as the true method of self-development is APOPHASIS. A psychologist SHOULD have more self-knowledge than the client, otherwise, we have the blind leading the blind!

   Client-centered therapy sought to eradicate the hierarchical relationship between client and psychiatrist. In general postmodernism sought to eradicate the hierarchical relationship between all opposites, even seeing the statement that rationality is better than irrationality as the oppression of rationality. And this resonates with the feminist doctrine. Riane Eisler, systems theorist and Club of Rome member, saw that culture infected man with the power-dynamic of masculine against feminine, oppressor against oppressive. She introduced the term “domination culture” to describe a system of top-down ranking ultimately back by fear and violence of man over man, man over woman, race over race, religion over religion, and man over nature. We can see how this directly influenced NVC.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.54.55 PM.png

Riane Eisler

sacred masculine.jpg

   Her observations are only partially correct as this tends to place blame on the pathological masculine when the pathological feminine is just as responsible. If women would stop supporting their sons, brothers, and husbands going to war, they wouldn't. There would be no wars if there were no order-followers and those people WHO submit to false authority with obedience and cowardice. To negate the principle of self-defense of the sacred masculine is just as bad as violence as it encourages violence to oneself. Imagine if every Jew in Nazi Germany owned firearms so that when government came to take them away they wouldn't be able to do so without a fight. What if the Jews knew they had the right to defend themselves from government, the key word here is KNEW, what if they KNEW, KNOWLEDGE is required. The idea that culture victimizes man, the tenet of NVC, is a half-truth as man victimizes himself by not gaining the knowledge of objective morality as to understand self-defense.


   While we recognize the importance of criticizing top-down authority of the control system, it is only effective when there is bottom-up ignorance. When people conform because they lack the knowledge that all such authority is an illusion and that "might makes right" should never be our moral imperative. Eisler didn't criticize the order-following of the military as it is the military that performs the actions given from the top-down.

authority submission 6.jpg


   Feminism would be about the  victim-complex of the ego. (I refer to this above clip of Jordan Peterson, starting at the 4:20 min. mark, discussing how victimhood can create violence.)

victim card.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.11.43 AM.png

   Back to Riane Eisler, who doesn't see how the pathological feminine also supports the control system. She would desire to create lateral “partnerships” between all the elite globalist organizations under feminism, to help create the inter-relations of the Control System. Pathological masculine and pathological feminine work hand in hand. Here (below) it shows the underlying agenda of NVC to create government and corporate structures.

Riane Eisler event.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 2.31.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 10.57.45

Riane Eisler quote: “Schools in which parents and teachers relate as partners—where Nonviolent Communication is part of every interaction—are communities of learning, rather than top-down, impersonal factories.” But note that there is NO LEARNING with NVC... it's all about ego validation.

   Social theorists and cultural marxists of the Frankfurt school, which folded into postmodern academia, also focused on the dominator culture and the victim-perpetrator dynamic. Like Eisler, they saw first hand the devastating effects of evil in tyrannical regimes having to flee from Nazi Germany to come to America where the Frankfurt School became the Institute for Social Research. Critical theory would perceive the master-slave imprint as a cultural structure, failing to see it is the premise of ALL GOVERNMENTS and the control system as a whole.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.36.00

   Their proponents would only see the trees but no forest. In this way, critical theory and cultural marxism would be an intellectual trap for those seeking to understand the nature of collective evil and tyranny. After such horrifying events of the 20th century, you would think moral relativism would have been put to death.

   But sadly, these ideologies that attempted to resolve collective evil would be still based in relativism as they would associate truth and knowledge with belief, dogma, and a subjective narrative, claiming that truth and knowledge bring dominance! But in reality dogma/belief and truth are opposed. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.35.43
feminist social justice.png

   The rise of minority rights, feminism, and multiculturalism would divert people's attention from the real oppression of the control system, getting people to quarrel amongst themselves as to become polarized, the infamous "divide-and-conquer." In the West, we live in a climate of misandry under the banner of feminism. And this would extend to the hatred of all things masculine, including logic, discernment, and scientific thinking.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.53.57

What they this really means:

   Ultimately, these ideologies feed into communist-socialist agendas by seeking to enlarge government to handle social injustices, many which would be frivolous. The means to end human oppression would be more oppression (given that government is by nature a structure of oppression).

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.54.43
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.28.59

   Now we are going to discuss the Human Potential Movement, inspired by Roger's humanistic psychology, Erickson's hypnosis, and  Abraham Maslow's theories of self-actualization, development, and peak experiences. Maslow created the "hierarchy of needs”... and this idea that all human motivation is based on needs would become a tenet of NVC.

   (Later, I am going to discuss Werner Erhard's EST training that became Landmark Forum and played a major role in the Human Potential movement. The training is based in transformational models that seek to actualize one's potential. I have personal experience with that aspect of the movement and find it to be way more interesting than NVC, although still just as troublesome. While NVC is about connecting with others and Landmark is about maximizing possibility and opportunity in each moment, they both make up the feminine and masculine aspects (respectively) of this movement, which is why it is good to examine both to see the whole. )

Maslows hierarchy.png
UN goals.png

Read more about the UN's 2030 Agenda

   Maslow's hierarchy of needs left out the need for knowledge and truth, prioritizing survival and security needs. It is no wonder that this is exactly what the government promises to humanity, to take care of us by fulfilling our lower needs (Sustainable Development Goals) which dosen't require anything higher like goodness, truth, and love. We could rationalize abuse of parents on children as long as they take care of them physically with this model. Also, by putting needs in a hierarchy so that one need is required before the other need is erroneous and rationalizes the lower needs over the higher ones. Needs are holistic.

   Also coming from the humanistic movement was the concept of the “ideal self” that would merely support the persona and ego. It would be about the desire for a social image, financial and social status, and value according to the dominator-hierarchy. Notice in this model (on the left) that there is no objective reality.

ideal self.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.57.55

   The Human Potential Movement is also connected to the civil rights movement and the new age movement. While the civil rights movement desired equality for all, it became co-opted with socialist agendas as well. Like postmodernism, it fell into false egalitarianism of the pathological feminine. Hierarchical values, judgment, and discernment and natural inequalities in development, consciousness, or ability were perceived as oppressive and negative. Yes, excellence become oppressive like knowledge.

Ingsoc english socialist party.png

   Today the civil rights activists have degraded into the social justice warriors of the postmodern religion, not only a mockery of the civil rights era, which at least had some good in it but as the end result of the uncorrected errors of the 60s countercultural revolution. Any movement based in relativism has no good direction and only gets worse.

social justice warriors.jpeg

Socialist Party from 1984

   Marshall Rosenberg was a civil rights activist during the civil rights movement in the 1960s and while the movement was correct in advocating the equality of rights between races and gender, it would lead to poisoned political activism. When the solution to human rights requires understanding what a right is, objective morality, and that the initiation of violence is wrong, instead this movement was controlled opposition that sought to end violence by destroying the existence of moral polarity. Ironically, a moral relativist can never define what true violence is.

Social Justice Warriors today

civil rights protest.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.59.08

   At the 0:55 min. mark in this video titled New Age Ethics, Deepak Chopra (Club of Rome member) is quoted: “What is the nature of good and evil? God is the union of all opposites. Evil no longer exists”... from his book How to Know God. Here (below) Chopra praises NVC.

depak chopra.png

   Like the civil rights movement, the new age movement would seek social change, but through an ideological route, attempting to revive occult and esoteric knowledge. In a way, the New Age attempted to fulfill the place of Hermetic Natural Law but through distortion and misteachings of spirituality. This is why some in the Trivium camp mistakenly see Natural Law as being new age. Teal Swan, at the 3:37 min. mark, claims that the “new age movement is not in the business of feeding your beliefs but in the business of teaching you how to question your beliefs and then choose the beliefs that serve you.” This is pragmatism.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 1.21.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 1.30.21 PM.png

Here John Coleman talks about the Club of Rome

   The new age would propagate dangerous half-truths and positive beliefs to feed cult-communities and self-help businesses. Yet, nothing opposes the Truth more than the schmooze of business and egoic resonance. The goal of the new age was to make humanity one big happy family of hyper-positivity as to eliminate any “alienating” judgment from group practices. EVERYONE IS AMAZING would be their mantra.

   With these movements, we have the birth of Esalen and the California Institute of Integral Studies that would promote educational workshops on the psychological new age, Eastern mysticism, and systems theory during the hippie movement.

hippie bus.jpg

   Esalen is tied to NVC. They have regular lectures on NVC still to this day and many staff members are NVC trainers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.51.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 7.17.40 PM.png
The Tavistock Institute.jpg

Download PDF

   Tavistock Clinic is mentioned in this 1967 article from Psychology Today (on p. 38), which overlaps the early history of the Tavistock Institute, with the goal of developing psychological warfare. When the clinic became the National Health Services, the institute was formed to carry out research that the NHS would not be able to. The Tavistock Institute's main funder was the Rockefeller Foundation. The goal was to make the human more vulnerable to the systems of control by destroying true psychology.

Esalen Tavistock.png

Click image to read 1967 Esalen Article from Psychology Today

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.51.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 3.51.13 PM.png

   David Rockefeller says (at the 4:35 min. mark): “our window of opportunity in which a truly peaceful and INTERDEPENDENT world order might be built will not be open for too long. Already there are powerful forces at word that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts of an enduring structure of global cooperation." Hmmm... are his enemies people who are waking up to the knowledge of true sovereignty? Does he want his global system of domination to get 'em while they are asleep?

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.53.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.53.06 AM.png

   This woman with 25 years of business leadership experience (which corresponds to the masculine side of the Human Potential Movement) has certifications from the Tavistock Institute, NVC and NLP. Original Website.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.33.43 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.33.28 AM.png

   This woman holding an AWARE parenting conference a few months ago has graduated from the Tavistock Institute and has completed the Foundation course on NVC. Original Website.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 5.34.47 AM.png

   Doctors involved with MK-ULTRA have been listed at Esalen, like Ewen Cameron, whom we talked about earlier. Another is Lauretta Bender who performed LSD experiments on hospitalized disturbed children. Her earlier work was electroshock therapy on children, which actually made the children worse. (her connections)

   To read more about other connections between Esalen and MK-ULTRA go to

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 5.26.47 AM.png
lauretta bender electroshock.jpg
NPL banner.jpg

   A main part of the Human Potential Movement was NLP that attempted to integrate the many aspects of postmodernism with psychology, especially the Milton-Model of hypnosis and modern linguistics. The goal was to create behavioral changes through language, a subtle method of control.

   This included implanting suggestions in a person's mind, using unconscious signals, and getting them to come to certain conclusions on their own. It was also about maximizing your rewards from the control system through hyper-adaptability. This is no real evolution... The irony is that NLP was being used while it was being taught so that you would get sold on their NLP products while learning how to sell.

NLP seminar.jpg

   NLP would be used by Anthony Robbins in his famous infomercials... and in the Advertisement Industry at large with the rise of the personal coach industry acting as a substitute for self-mastery that would often lead to parasitic relationships. In the 2000s, NLP would merge with pick-up artistry to help men get dates. Using language to control and manipulate people is certainly a form of mind-control, which the salesman would rather have you forget. In the era of NLP, language would become a pragmatic tool for getting what you want without any moral considerations.

NLP practioner.jpg
tony robbins banner.jpg

   In this video (How to Manipulate People), at the 2:20 min. mark, this NLP person says that on some level we are always manipulating people to get what we want and we have been doing this since we were kids... that we have to influence people to survive, but as long as we aren't hurting anyone it is okay. Later at the 3:50 min. mark, he relates NLP to a chess game, which reveals the connection between NLP and game theory.


   As a quick side note, pragmatists and game theorists don't find anything wrong with playing the game to win and think that if everyone is aware that we are playing a game that no harm can be done. But from a spiritual worldview playing from the ego does create harm because you are basing the purpose and meaning of life on selfishness and materialistic agendas from the false self rather than real evolution and the objective good in which everyone wins.

cult community.png

Cults and Gender

   Cultist communities would become not only the business model of the new age but a social experiment for government mind-control... and not just mind control, but emotional control that would illicit certain positive emotional states as a form of manipulation.

   In this video about emotional mind control  (around the 1:30 min. mark), Mark Passio talks about how people focus more on the delivery than substance of communication. For example, the attractive newscaster on the nightly news will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and say 2+2=5, but the person who is telling you the truth in a harsh voice, saying, hey—you are in danger!!  may actually care about you when you reject the harshness of their voice.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 5.03.30 PM.png

   In this scene from 1984, the authoritarian from the State Party is re-conditioning Winston to believe that 2+2=5 with electroshock torture. If we don't value truth as a species then we will continue in the path towards a totalitarian state of physical dominance, where we will be forced to believe in nonsense. The “controller” says, “Do remember in your diary stating that freedom is the ability to say that 2+2=4, and Winston replies yes, and the authoritarian asks, “how many fingers am I holding,” as he holds four, and Winston responds, “four” and then the controller says, "if the party says there are five then how many are there?” And Winston begins to say, “four..” but then he trembles and quickly changes it to five to not get electroshocked, but the controller knows he is lying and then shocks him some more, trying to fully break him down further. 

   In this independent film clip, a school class in a super authoritarian society is teaching that 2+2=5. One child challenges this and refuses to accept the lie. The teacher gets very frustrated with him and gives him one last test for obedience and the chance to write 2+2=5 on the chalkboard and the kid writes 4, instead of 5. He is instantly murdered and his blood splatters on the chalkboard. While it seems we went off on a little tangent regarding physical control rather than emotional control, its all connected, as you use emotional-mind control to get people to give up their right to self-defense, like gun control, and then you can use physical violence to get people to do whatever you want, in which people get killed or endlessly tortured for KNOWING the truth as reflected in this story.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 5.03.46 PM.png
gun control.jpg
cult community 2.jpg

   Telling people what they want to hear and getting them to feel good keeps people in a hypnotic regressed state to foster co-dependence and collective narcissism. Cults are mini control systems that restrain independent thought, exploration, and expression, suppressing critical thinking as subordinate to groups needs, in which individuals are more likely to conform and obey. It is the prioritization of the hive mind over the identity so that the collective identity takes precedence.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 5.16.16 PM.png

   Individuals susceptible to this have unresolved trauma, broken families, and were victims of bad parenting, in which they attempt to treat a deep psychological wound with the wrong method and ideology, as new age psychology only supports egoic desires and not the real healing to unravel the true self.


   Cults act as a healing-proxy, to bind one to their trauma and then use this as social leverage, exploiting vulnerability. This is in addition to being a metaphysical proxy and familial proxy. They seek to imitate the father through false ideology and mother through community that creates social cohesion and uniformity.

cult 10.jpg

   When Marshall Rosenberg uses puppets to display the overly-simplistic worldview of NVC with the giraffe and jackal, this appears to be a form of manipulation to relax people's defenses and invoke the inner child and placate familial needs.

puppets 2.JPG
cult trinity 8.jpg

   The community attempts to mimic the undifferentiated state of mother-child so that there is no division. With collectivist thought of the pathological feminine, one feels fused to another, seeing the other as an extension of themselves in which there is no true self-ownership. This is how chameleon-like nature and following cult leaders has arisen from new age collectivism.

you are not yourself.jpg
gender fluidity.jpg

   The tenets of a cult's ideology are forms of mind-control and dogmas. They attempt to represent the father archetype. The collective identity, community concepts, and emotional control all attempt to represent the mother archetype. Since we have talked more about the former, let's go into the latter.

mother and child 2.jpg

   Combined with pragmatism, this becomes super-adaptability, being whatever works best in that particular moment, the optimization of self-interest. In such a case, one has no true center. Today we see the social justice warriors doing this with gender fluidity and flexible identities. 

   We can see why it is imperative for cults to resolve any conflict that might disrupt such a safe space, as cult leaders would pervert our need for safety. The millennial social justice warriors also yearn for the ultimate safe space of the mother's womb in their inability to handle criticism. This is why they want to enforce laws that destroy free speech so that nobody's feelings can ever be hurt with words making everyone “safe.” In the pathological feminine, the lack of discernment is conflated with bliss and ignorance with peace.


   While the surrogate mother of the community attempts to mimic unconditional love, it is very conditional to your acceptance of the cult's ideology and practice, as challenging the doctrine is prohibited leading to censorship and taboo topics. This toxic environment makes it difficult for people to interact with others outside of the cult, which is common to NVC.


United nations.JPG
feminine archetype.jpg

   We see this consensus type thinking at the new world order think tanks, in which everyone seems to be on board with all the plans of the global elite as the lack of dissenting voices seem artificial, because it is. Because this is a system that uses punishment and reward, those who adhere to the consensus paradigm have successful careers and those who don't don't, since the money game is a big part of our reward system.

   The empiricists' destruction of the notion of archetypes and postmodernists' destruction of the notion of gender, prevents people from gaining self-knowledge and healing their parental issues. Healing from these issues involves differentiating from the corrupted mother/father archetype that was imprinted on us, by identifying it, understanding why your parents are the way they are, and then forgiving them. And it's important to understand here that you can forgive them, even if they don't apologize or ask for forgiveness. The next step is gaining the knowledge of the corrected archetype so that it is grounded in the Absolute (Natural Law), and then recognizing your connection to the archetype through correspondence to SELF, this is the understanding part of knowledge. Finally comes action that is in alignment with the archetypes in their appropriate expression.

archetypal healing 4.jpg
Holy Trinity Final 2.jpg

   While any type of control system and cult will externalize archetypes to plug you into their matrix, freedom and evolution require that we internalize the archetypes and develop the aspects of consciousness within ourselves in the alchemical journey. It is this inward journey that all propaganda is attempting to prevent.


   By acting as a surrogate family, cults seek to keep adults in a childish state as the more childish people are and behave, the more they desire, so-call “need,” and create government, as external anarchy and the state of freedom, can only exist for cosmic adults with moral accountability.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.53.37
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.48.48

   Mini-cults merely correspond to the larger CULT of the control system and global government, which also requires social cohesion and group identification. Thus the feminine is just as responsible for evil as the masculine. The dark occultists do not want us to understand what self-defense is and the rights of the individual, immersing us in egalitarian collectivism so that we do not protect ourselves by exercising the sacred masculine or become psychologically mature.

   The CULT of GOVERNMENT also acts like the surrogate parent, with daddy capitalism and the ideology of pragmatic moral relativism, along with mommy socialism, under HUMANISM-the cult of humanity, to be directed and controlled by human authority.


   We could boil down the world's problems to the existence of CULTS, the cults of the control system as a whole, the cult of religion, including the cult of the dark priest class, the cult of money, the cult of politics, and the cult of new age communities like NVC.

   The solution to human slavery: QUIT YOUR CULT TODAY!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.54.05
many cults 5.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.55.50
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.56.10
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