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   This project unfolded from a conversation I had with my husband Noah Kimble so it goes into different territory than I would have gone into naturally by myself. With his insights, I made some startling revelations regarding my misconceptions about the Dark Occultists and higher evil in general and so we happily bring you a collaborative effort as I have put the results of our dialogues into writing and video.


   There are many myths on the nature of good and evil, and specifically higher evil from Gnosticism to Christianity to Modern Occultism. We imagine the take-over of earth by a dark ruling class who has higher intelligence and spiritual knowledge used for evil. We have the gnostic idea of the Archons, higher beings (i.e. the Demiurge) who created our prison planet to the biblical Lucifer, the highest angel before his fall from grace and rebellion against God. Some believe Lucifer is the prince of this world. Manly P. Hall believes that Dark Sorcerers of Atlantis took over the light occult priest-class to rule over humanity with their higher wisdom preventing individuals from initiation into the Mysteries. Some in the new age believe the rulers of empire are reptilian fourth dimensional entities, and others that they are able to trap our soul into reincarnation cycles on earth.


   In the Natural Law community, it is asserted that the Dark Occultists have discovered Natural Laws (Hermetic Philosophy) and then use that understanding as a weapon against humanity (“tricking the dead”). Is this true? Is Occult Philosophy a neutral tool for good or evil? Can those embedded in shadow even understand it? Do the light occultists have a true adversary (?)... a mirror image at the opposites ends of the good/evil polarity? Are both camps battling to save or destroy humanity by either occulting or de-occulting Natural Law information?


   This video-essay is about using higher reason to free ourselves from religious and occult mythos as well as from the mystification of the Dark Occultists with the why and how they achieve what they do and from what level of consciousness..


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To get maximum value, it is recommended to first read the PDF then return to the video.

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