Nonviolent Communication, the Trivium, Natural Law, and the Human Potential Movement Part 3

Returning back to Nonviolent Communication we can see its ideological roots... how it relates to the subjectivity and moral relativism of existentialism and postmodernism, the emphasis on language as structure from structuralism and modern linguistics, the emphasis on group dynamics over the individual, with the new age and analytical systems theory, and the power-dynamic in feminism and cultural marxism, all of which backs the control system.

To add to this: We see pragmatism in terms of getting what you want from people, hypnosis through indirect language as keeping people in a trance-like state geared towards feelings makes people receptive to your control. Rosenberg obviously uses this to sell his NVC ideas to make a living. This is indicative of the human potential movement, which desired to package manipulative psychological tricks like NLP into financial careers.

We see the obvious constructivism of progressive education in terms of reframing reality in a self-serving way and in a way that promotes the so-called authority of the environment. We see MKULTRA influence as mind-control is the principal method of government power and we saw diabolical doctors like Ewen Cameron, who destroyed lives with forced electroshock theory mentioned in the Esalen library, Esalen funded by the Tavistock Institute. What better way to have a totalitarian takeover than to remove mental discernment from people and regress them to childlike behaviors.


Humanistic psychology is indeed prominent in NVC as the belief that no one can have more knowledge than you and that there is nothing to teach or to learn. This is the pathological feminine in which life is about expression and connection.



In the cultish aspects of NVC, there is aversion to judgment and conflict as it disrupts collective cohesion and so they seek to resolve conflict on the surface so that the illusion of peace is kept, and the feminine archetype of harmony is maintained. While in communication conflict can emerge when one person is being mean to another person, more often than not, conflict is simply disagreement. NVC defines “honest self-expression” as expressing oneself in a way that is likely to inspire compassion in others, but this assumes that honesty will always be in agreement with others and that we should always believe what other people say. What if our disagreement conflicts with another's need for agreement? What if their need for agreement disagrees with our need to be honest? Here is an example of where needs can be different and how honesty conflicts with needs.

By seeing conflict as existing in the structure of communication rather than content, NVC provides the so-called “language of conflict resolution.” Remember that NVC sees all content of communication to be good in the form of universal needs which again is a dangerous assumption. The naive belief about human goodness keeps one blind from their own dark side and other people's dark side, which leads them to be taken advantage of or to take advantage of.


Particularly in cults, people can be incredibly blind to the reality of its members, seeking to simply feel good and see each other always in a positive light.



Before continuing on the subject of CONFLICT, let's make it very clear that we are NOT talking about physical conflict or threat, but conflict that emerges from our associations and interactions. While no one should be around a person that puts them down all the time or be in a verbally abusive relationship, conflict-as-disagreement carries a different value than simply unpleasantry.

While Nietzsche's perspectivism desired to make all perspectives true, in a non-contradictory reality this cannot be the case. It is actually true that one person could be right and the other person wrong, a possibility NVC would rather deny.

(Left Image: Conceptual Art by Genis Carreras, it says: Perspectivism: Philosophical view that all ideas come from different perspectives and are caused by specific inner drives, and that any ethical judgment can be made from any number of viewpoints.)

NVC places all conflict as between people when the greater conflicts can lie within. In terms of self-development, conflict can alert us that we are not in alignment with truth revealing inner fragmentation and confusion, such as the conflict between thoughts and feelings, or thoughts and actions, or feelings and actions. It can alert us to the fact that our current worldview and way of understanding is not sufficient for the data we receive. Because of this, conflict can be an important catalyst for growth.

Since NVC ignores all issues of MIND, it fails to see that conflict can be the contradiction between two particular assertions, that should be evaluated with the Socratic Method. Contradictions arise because of ignorance and lack of understanding as no real conflict and contradiction exists in the nature and structure of REALITY itself.

Most people deny and run away from dissonance, but the seeker of truth will be motivated to learn more and get to the bottom of things. If we are in contradiction then we cannot be aligned to truth and there is something false about our worldview that should be eliminated. Gaining knowledge to resolve conflict takes a lot of time and development, as there is no instant solution.


However, NVC wants immediate results and magically poofs conflicts out of existence through a focus on NEEDS. Consequently, the mind can only be in a state of confusion with NVC as there is no will and care to develop it but to remain identified to feeling. Therefore no contradictions can ever be examined with rational analysis. Ultimately, NVC is about comfort, not growth...

While outer conflict will break down a person who has no inner unity and strength, it cannot break down the person who has resolved his own inner conflict. It is the trait of an adult to handle and face conflict with patience, courage, and self-control. It is when one is lost and cannot access truth that outer conflict breeds inner confusion. By simply seeing conflict as undesirable, NVC limits our understanding of the value of conflict seeking to make us weak and pampered through artificial environments. Yet, the mark of true spiritual development is to be able to handle anything said from anyone's mouth when one's alignment with truth is rock solid. We should never seek to control language, but learn to control ourselves.


By keeping people safe from conflict, NVC cultivates weakness, so that people become too weak to confront important uncomfortable truths about themselves and the world, too weak to wake up to their own psychological problems and the control system since they can dismiss any undesirable information as violent communication. The TRUTH actually FEELS violent to them, which is what makes NVC so dangerous.

The dark occultists of the control system want us to conflate truth with violence like the “war means peace” slogan in 1984. The reversal of meaning is an effective tool of mind-control because the less truth we know the more controlled we are.

The four components of NVC are Observation, Feeling, Need, and Request. Here we see that observation free of judgment or discernment is considered the highest form of intelligence, this a misinterpretation of Krishnamurti, as examined in Part 2. Here it implies that transcending conditioning is getting in touch with universal needs, a dangerous distortion of truth. Transcending social conditioning requires getting in touch with universal truth as needs can be subjective. And here it conflates values and needs.

Most of the new age see spiritual growth as just a feeling, rather than the alchemical GROWTH and WORK of transforming the lead of ego into the philosopher's gold. We shouldn't ONLY be mere observers of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as to passively accept them, as we should ACTIVELY work with them as to get them in alignment with the objective good.

NVC assumes that your basic feelings and emotional needs are objectively VALID and considers the identification of them and communication of them as the end goal. It is not that we should express our feelings without interpretation of judgment and impulsively make requests, but that we need to go through the process of self-examination to discover what is true/false, good/evil, right/wrong about these needs to get to their core motivation, intention, and origin. And again, discovering where the need comes from cannot be done with a tool but with the commitment to self-awareness, which meditation can help with.


NVC describes violent and coercive language, which are simply the use of a violent strategy to meet needs with the Four D's. The “4 Ds” are considered to be “Life-Alienating Communication,” communication that blocks us from connecting with self and others, “alienating us from our natural state of compassion,” leading us to states of mind that are defensive and aggressive. They are Demand, Diagnosis, Denial, and Deserve.

DEMANDS imply threat or punishment, like “get that proposal out by 5pm or you'll be suspended.” This is not just the language of punishment, but the actual threat of punishment. Unfortunately, our whole system of control is based on the motivation for reward (greed) and punishment (fear), a false morality of obedience and control. We see this expressed worst with the order-following of the military and police, other bureaucratic systems like taxation, and even the business model as a whole. If your boss asks you to do something, it is usually coupled with the threat that if you don't you'll be potentially be fired. We live in an immoral society where we are threatened with survival all the time and coerced to do things against our will. In a higher consciousness world we would be motivated by care, truth, and goodness, but for now humans are generally lazy and only motivated by self-interest, thus we get the world we deserve.

While we cannot help some of the societal coercion, in our personal lives if someone is using demands to control and dominate your life, like constantly giving orders, this is obviously a bad relationship. Because NVC sees human nature as good, it sees that even demands from an asshole are backed by good intentions, just strategically miscommunicated. Try changing the language of an asshole and you will see that it does not help. Sometimes a demand is the inappropriate expression of stress and other things going on in someone, which may be good for them to express. But if a demanding and entitled person has no respect to begin with then the change of this situation is probably to get out. People that use reward and punishment language to get people to do things are either super egotistical or are often bad parents that have failed to instill real values in their children as to show them the real reasons they SHOULD do things.

Like demands, another form of coercive language is deserve-oriented language. This links behavior with reward, and the example here is “if you don't get that project done, don't bother about coming in tomorrow,” which is actually the same as demand, this is a bad example. Again, we could say that all business transactions and the money system at large are motivated by reward as the pragmatic game. You play this game and you'll get some cash. You do this and this and you'll get this. In a way, the NVC new age had a desire to form relationships without the stain of business transactions, but then they went from business boundaries to no boundaries—which enters the cultish territory.

Instead of using violent language, NVC suggests that we use REQUESTS to met unmet needs and resolve conflict. If we never really examine needs and assume they are the same for everyone, does a request really differ from a demand? If we are constantly finding what we can ask of a person is this not a form of control? Like feminism and cultural marxism, NVC perceives language and conversation as structured with the culturally infected power-dynamic. However, “meet my needs” can easily become the new power dynamic and ego game. Power and power-dynamics are merely indicative of lower consciousness and the lack of knowledge (self and cosmic), living blindly in the materialist paradigm where humans are motivated by ego and power, until they evolve spiritually to be motivated by love and truth. Because NVC does not discuss spiritual growth, any uncomfortable truth asserted could be perceived as a power dynamic.

Anyone who claims to have more knowledge than another would be asserting a power-dynamic. Thus, according to NVC, no one is allowed to diagnose another person. The example is given for DIAGNOSIS, or more accurately unrequested diagnosis is “you are lazy and only care about yourself.” This is considered labeling, judging, or criticizing. NVC and the new age believe that all labels are judgments and all judgments are labels, destroying the law of identity. This is simply saying that people cannot be anything negative, a childish belief. What if it is TRUE that that person is actually lazy and that they only care about themselves?? That doesn't mean one should necessarily yell it at them, but the point is that there is no room for objective truth in the NVC model, as it deems all diagnosis as false, when some criticisms can be true.

This is the belief that you SHOULD not be talked to in a critical way unless given your permission, to keep people safe from critical examination. Again, this is the destruction of the sacred masculine to keep people in the infantile regressed state, as triggery hypersensitive snowflakes unaccountable to any moral or rational standards so that people can remain stuck, regressed, even more defensive, and egoically identified. Desiring to protect yourself from criticism is the will of the ego, not the will of the cosmic adult. While there are constructive and destructive forms of criticism, the adult can handle both, and let go of the destructive aspects, and carry forth the constructive ones. The belief that no one can diagnosis another is the false belief of humanistic psychology. While it is true that no one can know the totality of another person, one can indeed know something about a person based on their patterns of behavior and time spent with them. To claim that the physical wall between people, also creates a psychological wall is just another confusion like the confusion between physical violence and verbal harm.

Read short paper on Humanistic Psychology

The final D is DENIAL, or Denial of Responsibility, and this is the denial of choice with blame, such as “I have to do what the boss says.” Now, this is actually important for order-followers to understand as they often believe that they must follow orders, abdicating responsibility and choice to their order-givers. This following clip is what Rosenberg got right in terms of criticizing order-following. But he criticizes the fact that it was through the language that people avoid responsibility, when not taking responsibility has to do with you not understanding your own sovereignty, its not the language in itself as the language is the expression of what one lacks in understanding.



In this clip (at the 10:30 mark), Rosenberg gives an example of the denial of responsibility through the German word that translates into “office language.” He tells the story of a Nazi soldier, who was asked was if it was hard to send tens of thousands of people to their death?” And the solider replied, “it was easily, our language made it easy,” and the interviewer was puzzled to then hear him respond, “in fact, we had our own language, in which you deny responsibility for your actions.” It was similar to saying I was following company policy.

Now this is exactly why the dark occultist want to manipulate language so that we become complicit with evil while thinking its good. We are conditioned to believe that “I was just doing my job” is a virtue of obedience, when doing what is right is what is moral. When soldiers believe they are fighting for freedom, they will think their murderous actions are good. (This is mind-control.)


Yet NVC denies removes morality from responsibility so it is not True Responsibility. By removing blame it removes moral accountability. NVC defines responsibility as owning what you have done but not within any moral context. Therefore, while NVC may appear to be against order-following, by claiming that moralistic judgments are. The problem with NVC is that it removes morality from responsibility, which is not true responsibility. NVC sees responsibility as simply owning what you do, not whether it is bad or good. Determining what is good or bad gets into criticizing and judgment that NVC abhors.


Looking deeper, isn't requesting that another meet your needs a form of the denial of responsibility in some ways? Especially when these needs come from the pampered child? Will the child throw a tantrum if these needs are not met? With NVC, “needs” becomes the end-goal rather than truth and evolution. Humans become objectified as the fillers of needs rather than ends-in-themselves generating an interpersonal system of co-dependence, which is anti-thesis to sovereignty. Is it is actually moral to USE people to satisfy your needs? Is this not the epitome of selfishness? When we center our reality on our needs, we are no longer concerned with true connection, healing, truth, and reality. When people continually use conversation to make demands in the form of requests, they can still be acting like children.


Self-fulfillment means what it means: I fulfill myself. Looking for people to fulfill your needs quickly becomes a destructive cycle, because if you confront people with your unmet needs as to REQUEST that they should fulfill them and they say no, or say yes but don't follow through, you head into a downward spiral, because now you have the original unmet needs compounded with the new unmet need of the request to be fulfilled...


While NVC appears to be about respecting people's free will choices and boundaries, it actually does the opposite, it makes people dependent on each other to fulfill each other needs; NVC doesn't respect people's free will choice to express themselves naturally and freely, by considering crossing boundaries as discussing anything that would conflict with one's needs and feelings. It is the circular loop of solipsism through social validation, following the new age model. The social contract is: Only say what fits with my beliefs and I will do the same with you, and as a result, we will FEEL GOOD.

More often than not NEEDS are usually based on unresolved childhood issues, self-loathing, low self-esteem, insecurity, the ego, the shadow, other psychological imbalances, confusions, and compulsions, and even the emptiness of spiritual ignorance. In this way, NVC merely enables one to remain in their pathology and neurosis, while abdicating their responsibility to self-development to another person. In regards to childhood issues, most humans on the planet are victims of bad parenting and have had to parent themselves and often during awkward and weird phases of our adult lives. More often than not, people's NEED for community is their NEED for family healing, and if one leads a life merely driven by that need then his ignorance and imbalance will create catastrophes. Most cultist experiences do not end well as the glamour of a community where everyone is right and good all the time can have a short life with a devastating end.

These needs can only be fulfilled with psychological growth, by determining our parental issues and purifying the father and mother archetype as an internal structure, as discussed. We must heal the mother archetype within so that we always feel one with the divine and our deepest CARE awakened. When we fail to do this, this leads to controlling others or living in a controlled environment, as most demands and requests come from the corrupted feminine. VALUES is an expression of the Feminine, but NVC associates NEEDS to value, which we see as problematic.




The lower feminine expression of the child and ego is through needs, while the higher feminine expression of the cosmic adult and True Self is through care. CARE should be the motivating force, not NEEDS, as being what we are actively driven to nurture and preserve, out of our free agency. Needs are often driven by inner lack and internal conflict, in which our compulsions reflect the opposite of freedom when we can't control ourselves.


Additionally, we must heal the father archetype by gaining the control over our own mind and autonomy, to value learning, logic, and discernment, to seek truth for ourselves without the control of false authority found in many fashionable pseudo-spiritual cul-de-sacs... Values must accompany true morals, as we should value LOVE because it is OBJECTIVELY GOOD.

Another psychological need is to heal from traumatic events and this involves facing the NEGATIVE, of which all of NVC seeks to avoid. Rather than healing trauma, trauma can partner up with the ego, a dangerous combo, perpetuating the cycle of abuse, as victim easily becomes the perpetrator. The Human Potential Movement is all about the quick fix. But bringing out pain and trauma stored in the unconscious is a life long path and one can experience very negative states for long periods of time. These states have to be felt before they can be processed and let go of, which can be a very painful and uncomfortable part of the spiritual journey. This also requires that we deconstruct our defense mechanisms, which prevent us from confronting pain as to release and free pain, but NVC crystalizes such self-defense mechanisms making them harder to penetrate, encasing the traumatic wound so that it ends up being the core and motivation for everything. One not only aborts the growth process but identifies to his wound so that it becomes a part of his identity. And he will do anything to keep it in place and protect it. While NVC creates a superficial appearance of resolution, in the depths of the unconscious psychological pressure builds to soon face eruption. This is why those who practice NVC may face the biggest meltdowns, as the psyche will always desire to merge the unconscious with the conscious in the fundamental wholeness of Self.

True growth requires authenticity and honesty. When we have to adapt to a model of communication we are no longer being authentic. It is much better for people to be authentic at a lower level then inauthentic at a higher level, as inauthenticity leads to no growth and keeps people hidden from themselves. The problem with NVC is that it prevents people from being honest and authentic, to begin with, which is required on the path of knowledge. What if you aren't feeling super compassionate and you are feeling guilt and fear, should you then not speak? Yes, on the one hand, NVC seeks to express one's feelings authentically to express that fear and guilt, but on the other hand, it wants to filter out any authenticity from another that causes pain, which can be fear and guilt. Essentially, it's a double-bind.

True authenticity is being honest with your emotional states, but NVC only wants you to feel and experience certain states, which is why you make REQUESTS to others. Ultimately, NVC limits the range of emotional reception and expression. While being against conflict, NVC fuels the conflict between the image of an ideal and our authenticity. NVC tells you that your default setting is compassion when the reality tells you differently. Like new age religions, NVC helps one create a FALSE PERSONA based on a positive static ideal, which prevents individuals from looking within to face the dark side lurking in their intentions, motivations, and agendas.


TO summarize: NVC opposes real psychological development, the minor arcana of Natural law and STUDY of SELF, including the archetypal hero, the sovereign adult, shadow integration, gender balance, healing mother/father issues, communing with archetypes, and mental discernment of true/false, right/wrong.


By placing focus on the means of communication, one is no longer concerned with self-knowledge and self-healing. His only self-criticism is his fault in communication rather than something about himself, like his lack of honesty, authenticity, good intent, and right action. NVC doesn't value sovereignty or autonomy and the free will of self and others but desires to control the rules of interaction and the use of words so that one never has to reflect on themselves with any moral capacity.

NVC creates the dependent and narcissistic child who wants special treatment to be pandered to with modified language desiring that all conversation be centered around his needs, who wants things his way and can only interpret criticism, disagreement, and conflict as violent because it goes against his ego. The is how the new age has actually regressed people rather than helped people move forward. With NVC, one's emotional issues can remain unchecked, so he can nurture them and become more stuck and identified. One even becomes more triggered by communication because he has conflated it with his own psychology. Arranging language and linguistic rules never get to the root problem, thus fueling one's reactive tendencies. Yet, most emotional reactions can be due to a lack of self-knowledge or being confronted with facts that contradict one's delusions. To expect the emotions to be static is problematic... While some negative emotions can be indicative of SELF-LOATHING, we do not heal self-loathing by seeking to eradicate those emotions, but purge them through authenticity and seeking the truth of SELF which comes from LOVE. Sometimes we have to be in an undesirable emotional state to grow and heal. But we need to understand the causal dynamics that created them.

When you do the self-healing work of LOVE then you loving relationships are formed. When that is the foundation of your life, you no longer have to focus on connection. This is about your connection to the Infinite All that is ever-present. Our deficiencies and insecurities are part of the materialist paradigm that views man as only his finite material self with his origin and end in this one life. This is the LIE, as we never die and come from Infinite Love. When we are able to heal and find true loving relationships, then there is never a need to control. People have to be in alignment with truth and morality for real community to emerge, which must be done spontaneously and organically.

When we are searching for community for some internal need, we will often become prey to a power-dynamic because of our unresolved issues. When it comes to having connection and support in community that can only be done by getting our house in order. First things first. Things must be right within ourselves to a degree for that to manifest without. True connection between people and individuals in community cannot occur until one has been initiated on the path of truth, learning objective morality, the basic laws of the universe, and our connection to reality, based in language, logic, and methodology. And we should study language as objective science, rather than simply the subjective tool of expression. Before true initiation, our perception will waver from truth most of the time based on self-ignorance leading to destructive cycles and painful events.


The Large Group Awareness Training, called LGATS for short, was a phenomenon of the Human Potential Movement that desired to combine ancient occulted spiritual knowledge with the pragmatism of the business world, which merged with the New Age movement. 

The Large Group Awareness Training, called LGATS for short, was a phenomenon of the Human Potential Movement that desired to combine ancient occulted spiritual knowledge with the pragmatism of the business world, which merged with the New Age movement. 

The problem is that success is based on how the world and other people perceive us, and in a co-dependent world based in lower consciousness and its creation of false realities, true value cannot be discerned. In truth, our value is not dependent on what other people think. Having to make your work dependent to other people's desires is a form of slavery.

And it stops people from growing, which is why the more intelligent of us may seek careers based on education and information, independent from the control system, so we cannot say the proponents of these theories had all bad intentions, as freedom is still part of their theme. The problem is that it becomes co-opted back into the system when no real transformation of consciousness has occurred in which we still seek its phony enlightenment and play its silly games. When we value the wrong things, we simply bring upon more enslavement.

(Money isn't necessarily value. Here we see the above art and its money walls to be boring and uninspiring, while below is Vincent Van Gogh's art, who made little to no money for his art.)

The pragmatic models of the LGATS created cult-like environments based on the principles of cybernetics, systems theory, NLP, hypnosis, general semantics, modern linguistics, structuralism, and constructivism, while their philosophical teachings would be based in existentialism, pragmatism, humanistic psychology, and progressive education... We also need to include mind-control, certainly AND game theory, which connects psychology to postmodernism and pragmatism.

Let's see how these theories tie together...



Be sure to watch this excellent documentary called the Minds of Men,

Part 2 is on Cybernetics.

Here Paul Pangaro tells us the basics of cybernetics at a 2018 conference as I wanted to find something recent to show the tenacity of this mind-virus, that is over 70 years old now.

Referring to the 2-4 min mark, where he defines cybernetics. He states that “cybernetics is about getting what you want.” And we are reminded of Rosenberg stating this as the goal of NVC.

I want to make a quick note here, that it says “correction of error” but it means correction of deviation from initial course. TRUE error correction is NOT DEPENDENT to the initial course, which this model makes confusing.The initial course could be in error.

In a sense cybernetics, systems theory, and the rest are a proxy for the Trivium process of information processing, as it poses to be a meta-model, when it is quite the opposite.

In this actual model, information is gathered from objective reality as the input and this can be sensory/perceptive data, or data in the form of language, as in communication and in texts. The individual processes the information through analysis and then takes actions back into the environment.


If garbage goes in, then garbage comes out, which is why misinformation and propaganda are unleashed at a massive scale into our environment by dark forces. This is so that our actions are not in alignment with objective reality, but with their nefarious agendas that provide a narcissistic reward and ego payoff.

But here in this cybernetics model you begin with an agenda, develop a plan to implement and then get your results and examine them. If your results deviate from the goal, then you adjust, correct, and steer back into the agenda.


Now, some may ask isn't it okay to create goals to execute? The answer is, of course, yes, but goals are the smaller context that must cohere with the larger context of objective morality.

Even though the pragmatist admits that objective reality EXISTS because he recognizes that he cannot achieve his goals without having some objectivity about situations, he still denies objective morality because he thinks that everything is based in context and that time constantly changes context, failing to get the paradox of the Law of Change... (Change and Absolute morality can co-exist). Pragmatists haven't purified their spirit to seek knowledge and evolution beyond their ego contraction.

Pragmatism and the Problem of the Idea.j

Download PDF: A 19th century philosophy book revealing the problems of pragmatism, with some Christian interpretation.

Additionally, goals must be adequately contextualized as goals aren't the whole of life which cybernetics tries to make.

Astrology divides the archetypes of life into 12, in which achievement is merely one. But even this Capricorn archetype has a lower and higher expression in which worldly achievement reflects the lower mountain goat and spiritual enlightenment the higher sea goat. At the lowest, Capricorn is the businessman but at the highest the priest. And as an astrological side note, we all have this archetype in our chart regardless of whether our sun sign is Capricorn.

We could say that we have goals in all areas of life, but evolution is not necessarily goal-making as we cannot conceive higher expressions of being and goodness from the level we are at. We cannot dictate what our evolution is in this sense. This is another reason WHY APOPHASIS is the TRUE method of growth, eliminating what is false instead of projecting what is good.

The main problem here is that the cybernetics model is a fake META-MODEL that eradicates the true evolutionary goal to perceive objective reality and objective morality, which should be our fundamental aspiration. This is why relativism always underlies these theories so that individuals don't examine the moral value of the agendas present in environmental systems. If the business is making profit then all is well.

Here is another Maslow type hierarchy applied to corporations, which again reveals the problems of humanistic psychology and its concept of needs. Here the need to be profitable is ABOVE all else, where ethics is place at the top. The irony is that by pursuing profit we create poverty as reality reflects the quality of our consciousness. A consciousness based in profit is a consciousness based in meaninglessness. (Notice in the picture to the right how economic responsibility is considered a higher priority than ethical responsibility.)

Here is a report by the government's DARPA program regarding cybernetics. This is a religion of the elites.  


The truth of the cybernetics model is that negative feedback can inform individuals where they are actually wrong. But only when our goal is to perceive objective reality and objective morality, AND seek to act in alignment to it. When we make our relativistic desires the input our output is necessarily social systems of manipulation. Natural law is about Freedom from the false self-concept and the collective hoax it creates.

And this model is used by corporations, media, education, and government, all driven towards are agenda of totalitarian enslavement, which includes getting the population to be driven by their own lower selfish desires to play the money game, the business game, the political game, the fame game, all the hierarchical games you can think of as playing these games reinforces lower consciousness.

We think Nietzsche's superman is true SOVEREIGNTY.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.52.07 PM.png

Read PDF

Take for example Jordan Peterson who fuses the cybernetics model with religious allegory. Today he is a member of the Trilateral Commission brought to you by David Rockefeller. Stay tuned for my book critiquing Peterson in full.

Image from the Movie THRIVE: WATCH

People think that they are becoming freer the higher they go in the socio-political-economic hierarchy, but really the more enslaved we all become, as we think running from the truth will make it go away.


Most often, the proponents of these theories have the agenda to gain rank in the dominator-hierarchy, to be financially supported as intellectual theorists. While on some level there is a desire to learn it gets co-opted and one remains stuck in a crystallized belief system of half-truths framed to support collective lies.

When we think our AGENDAS ARE equivalent to reality we have collapsed reality into a self-serving tool, when we are ACTUALLY here to learn about REALITY. Reality here to teach us MUCH MUCH beyond agenda. True purpose requires our connection to objective reality.

Even when we fixate to good goals, we can easily become obsessed with them when we identify to them and allow them to give us a sense of power and control rather than purpose. But ultimately, life is about surrendering that control to become holistic. More than worldly achievement, life is about deepening what we perceive and who we are, and what we do, moving in unplanned directions through spontaneous evolution, AND helping others and the world at large by uniting the individual with the universal. We have to be receptive to what we are here to learn which is beyond what we think we know or (actually) know. And our personal agendas can kill that receptivity.

The irony is that when we are aligned to our true purpose that is aligned to Natural Law, we need no models or tools of manipulation to get there, we are supported by the Divine itself and a path that organically unfolds for us. Often when we are exerting a lot of control, its to try and get something to work that maybe isn't suppose to.

The ultimate goal is evolution of consciousness towards the Infinite All itself, not the social and financial rewards of achieving goals, beyond that, we do not STEER evolution, we increase our degrees of participation in evolution by increasing consciousness of WHAT IS and discovering what needs to be done. We align to the intelligence in creation, not our finite intellect. The steerer of the ship is the ALL itself AND that aspect within us that is driven to the Ultimate.

Infinity Movement by Erika Bird

Okay, so returning to the LGATS, let me just give you a brief history.

These essentially started in 1968 with Alexander Everett's Mind-Dynamics, Everett is sometimes called the “Father of the Human Potential Movement” attempting to unite esoteric philosophy like Theosophy and Rosicrucianism to “get people to a higher dimension of mind” and bring about transformation for one to be more successful and fulfilled.

Werner Erhard was an employee of Everett's Mind-Dynamics and basically took Everett's staff and information to create EST, “Erhard Seminars Training. ” Erhard publicly announced this at the end of one of Mind-Dynamic Training. While Everett acted supportive in the matter for public face, he was for obvious reasons, upset at as according to Everett, Erhard did this behind his back. If this story is true, this is an example of pursuing a goal with no regard for morality.... Before that Erhard was a cars salesman, and we will find that sales is the basis for much of these teachings. (The best salesman are psychologists and the highest level sales is the mind-control of the dark sorcerers to the light occultist of the Great Work. Do you sell truth or lies?)

EST started in 1971 and it is estimated that 700, 000 people did EST before the seminars halted in 1991 when Erhard left the country and sold the EST technology to some followers who established Landmark Forum, where Erhard's brother is the president. The company makes over 50 million yearly with staff around 500.


I will be interjecting my own personal experience here as I have taken the entire Landmark course, which includes the Forum, the Advanced Class, and Self-expression Leadership Program.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 3.10.47 AM.png

To go on a short but related tangent here, Erhard was one of the founders of the Hunger Project in 1977 along with John Denver, which became a United Nations organization. The goal was to increase awareness of hunger issues and have a conversation about its root causes, not to actually end hunger and this, of course, stirred controversy.


A six-month investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting of Oakland, California and Mother Jones Magazine found that very little of the money collected for The Hunger Project was used for the purchase and distribution of food, claiming that Erhard was "using the Hunger Project not only for self-aggrandizement but for promoting the for-profit corporation he founded, as well." Download Report.


It is suspicious that the Hunger Project has attempted to purge criticism and history from the internet seeking to not be affiliated with Erhard, as its founder.

When you look into the hunger project a little deeper, of course, they are doing some good, providing some training on agricultural techniques, but not without an agenda which is called “microfinancing” and banking. Here in Moises' story, we see that they gave him a loan, which is a scam as its creating value out of nothing. Like the entire banking system, they are creating financial dependence so that you owe them the fruits of your labor when they have created nothing.


A look into John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman can give more information on the matter in regards to banking in third world countries.


Back to Erhard... Erhard was also close friends with Alan Watts who really brought Zen Buddhism to the Western crowd, combining it with psychotherapy. Now Alan Watts was definitely a mixture of good and bad teachings. He understood the Law of Mind better than some, deconstructing materialism here--video to the right. (I'm referring to the 1:15 mark that an intelligent being is not a mere fluke of a mechanical universe.)


Yet, here (video below at the 23:50 mark for over 3 minutes) he reveals his lack of understanding of morality. 

It's interesting how at the end there, we have a bit of game theory mixed in the spiritual concepts of good and evil here. But ultimately, Watts fails to see Goodness as the fundamental principle of the cosmos, seeing it more like a necessity just to keep the game going as he desires to go beyond good and evil in a Nietzschean Buddhist pseudo-transcendence way. Calling spirituality a game is erroneous as it isn't about winners or losers, that's the game of ego.


In the common new age Buddhist way, he uses the Law of Polarity as a justification for evil, conflict, and suffering tending to fuse morality with religion, seeing it separate from spirituality, and confuses moral polarity with gender seeing good and evil as mutually-dependent opposites.

(Video to the left starting at the 1:30 mark.) Watts even calls “preaching moral violence,” which is quite a dangerous thing to do and is reminiscent, very reminiscent of NVC, which considers moral judgment to be violence. But Watts explanation is that preaching is futile as people don't change when you tell them that what they are doing is wrong and will bring about negative consequences. This doesn't make preaching violence, just ineffective according to his view, which is strange he would use such strong language. It also reveals the performative contradiction in all moral relativism, as he is preaching to not preach.

The Great Work

Communicating Knowledge

that others don't know. 

Any time we share important knowledge that others don't have we are in a sense preaching, and this is even how Watts has loosely defined it, as the preaching of moral causality. Yet. even if it seems futile to change the world with knowledge it is still the right thing to do, but you have to understand the principles of morality first, and the few people you can help make all the difference. This this belief is another attack to knowledge. This belief that preaching is moral violence goes directly against the Great Work and the spiritual alchemy of Apophasis.

Watts claims that we change behavior with positivity, by just working on ourselves and making our individual lives great and we can see how this directly feeds into the New Age movement of “ignore the negative,” that created a culture of narcissism. (Video to right at the 2 hr. 49 min mark.)

Yet, false Buddhism takes things to the extreme in which selflessness becomes the no-self, anatman, or when getting in touch with the Ground of all Being means total passive acceptance for everything as being divine and perfect, or the rationalization for evil as being necessary for good. The Law of Polarity is no excuse to allow evil to run rampant but should be the WILL to make things RIGHT. False teachings are often half-truths that fail to see the paradoxical nature of things, such as between what is and what ought to be.

This form of Buddhism called Mahayana inverts metaphysical principles like the self and thus relates to nihilism and postmodernism in confusing false negation with apophasis.

Also, Mark mentions the problems of false Buddhism in correlation with the new age in his Fake-Ass Christians seminar, like the idea that mediation is the path to enlightenment when in reality humans have to take action to gain and embody spiritual knowledge in order to change the negative life conditions in which we subsist.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Alan Watts was able to open up space in people's minds through a more holistic analysis of life, and Erhard claimed that Alan Watts helped him differentiate the mind from the self. And this probably means that Erhard was pretty identified with his mind, and so a space of being was opened to him. While the path of true enlightenment regards dis-identification to limiting self-concepts for evolution and internal freedom, Erhard's goal was to leverage this freedom for opportunism and as a selling tactic.

Probably a little more extreme than Watts, Erhard and Landmank go the Buddhist nihilist route as their core philosophy.

As a side note, with my level of research, I think Buckminster Fuller may have been the best from the Humanistic Potential crowd as he understood the problem of evil in the self-serving agendas of all human systems that in turn create chaotic destruction to nature and inefficient design that is mostly waste... Strangely, when you are driven for profits you create zero value.

Here is an interview with Mr. Fuller. 

These large training groups would attempt to combine profit businesses with self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-transformation. What makes these groups particularly attractive is that they are presenting information/education outside of religion and academia, an eclectic blend that does include occult/esoteric aspects. Yet these aspects are re-packaged with a modern agenda giving it a new age flavor. Ultimately it is about adapting to our current conditions with useful ideas rather than discovering the causal factors for suffering in general as it never seeks to uncover the nature of evil via apophasis which is necessary for true spirituality.

Because the agenda is to grow the company and extract profits this distorts true spiritual teachings, keeping people in a lower vibration for pseudo-evolution. Consequently, many LGAT's would be criticized for pyramid schemes and selling techniques termed “coercive persuasion” by cult researches, as customers would be recruited into members and then pressured to hard sell every one they know. I personally experienced this.

On his website, Robert Chaen discusses the problems of LGATS including their hard-core selling tactics using psychological stress and pressure.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 10.31.38

In this video (below), a woman truthfully discusses her Landmark experience and how it's implicit agenda is to transform people into volunteering for the company.

In this video (on the left), an author of a book on mind-control discusses how Landmark's use of the word ENROLL has a self-serving double meaning. They make it seem like this is a technique you need to accomplish your dreams, as to enroll people into your project, while Landmark's goal is to have you continually enrolling people into their program.

Coercive persuasion by Edgar schein.jpg

While this book isn't available, here is short report called Brainwashing by Schein. 

Rick Alan Ross, author of Cults Inside Out has a website called the Cult Education Institute. In this video he discusses Edgar Schein's work, who said that there are three phases to coercive persuasion: 1) to break them down (unfreeze), 2) change them, and then 3) freeze them.

I just want to say that my experience of Landmark definitely followed this three-fold path. The breakdown was very intense, many people cried as their traumas were surfacing and it becomes a huge therapy session. People were making confessions and coming clean with themselves about their deepest darkest troubles.

Landmark reforms you by teaching you how to reframe all those experiences on the basis of nihilistic meaninglessness and this gives you a feeling of freedom which mimics HEALING. Recall in part 2 we talked about cults imitating healing so that you bind your trauma and victimhood to it. This is exactly what Landmark does, in order to recruit volunteers, it FREEZES one in co-dependency.

In this podcast, a man talks about his experience at Landmark and how he quit early when he saw some red flags, not just the selling stuff, but the psychological torture manipulation tricks that he didn't want to support as they could be psychologically risky for some people. (This starts at the 59:30:00 mark in the video below.)

In part 2, we talked about the APA. Mind-control expert Margaret Singer wrote a report for the APA about LGATS and their unethical use of coercive persuasion as a form of cultish mind control but the APA and its Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility for Psychology rejected her report, considering it non-scientific. Singer and her associate subsequently sued the APA and a group of scholars and lawyers in 1992 for “defamation, frauds, aiding and abetting and conspiracy” and lost in 1994 having to pay $80,000 in attorney fees for the defense. While I admire Singer's courage for going against this elite institution, sadly this is what happens when you try to use man's law to get justice from the organizations they serve.

Here scientologists attempts to discredit Singer on the basis that she was rejected by the APA, appeal to authority, considering her part of a “hate” group against religion. Here they give all the cases where the judicial system and academia reject the validity of brainwashing. By of course for those very institutions are dependent on it!!!

(The lesson here: While we cannot through “law” stop people from psychological manipulation, we can educate people and bring evil to people's awareness. Man's law is psychological manipulation!)

Singer then took the material from her report and wrote Cults in Our Midsts. She was sued by Landmark for defamation. Landmark also sued Rick Ross who had Landmark listed as a cult on his cult education websites. They guard their reputation like a hawk, which is considered one of the first principles of power in the book The 48 Laws of Power. The art of re-directing negative feedback is enhanced with wealth.


In our current degenerate world, we know nothing of Natural Law, but of the so-called “laws of power.” Download PDF. It is still good to read a book like this to understand aspects of evil and wrong intention.

In his book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, Robert J. Lipton provides 8 criteria for brainwashing thought reform. The first is milieu control, the control of information, the environment, and human communication, thus we see WHY communication has been a theme here with non-violent communication and cybernetics.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Tot

Before we examine some of the teachings Landmark which parallels other LGATS, let's look at the connection between LGATS and cybernetics systems theory models. Recall that the bones of this model are input, analysis, and output, the three aspects of living truth.

But with LGATS we have controlled information that consists of corrupted spiritual teachings like moral relativism along with the Agenda of the Company, which follows any other company to support the self-serving interests of those at the top.

We have the purported agenda to help the customer's development and improve the quality of their lives and the hidden agenda to sustain the company-as-collective and grow it by getting member-volunteers to sell the program. Ultimately, your self-development will be seen as your contribution to the collective. This is a mini control system with the goal of wealth and power at the top and exploitation at the bottom. Along with controlled information, individuals are put in a stressful environment, as in Landmark Forum consists of 12 hours long days, three days in a row with only one meal a day, in which you are pressured to not take breaks. There is also an environment of peak “aha” experiences, which are amped from the stress.

This all goes into the individual who takes action at the end of the course and their actions are seen as desirable when they are in congruence with the collective's agenda, and this takes the form of agreement, participation, especially ENROLLMENT, recruiting other members, and giving more of your time and energy by taking another course, going to the next level or volunteering. Desirable behaviors are conflated with self-awareness and self-improvement so that members deem their own so-called evolution as their ability to manifest these behaviors and ESPECIALLY influence others to manifest these behaviors. On the other hand, undesirable behaviors are not in congruence with the collective and so the members attempt to re-direct you back into the system. This is when NLP and the tactics of communication are used to try and find your weak spot, NEED, and vulnerability, which relates to NVC.

Notice how NEED is in this cybernetics model. By controlling needs one can attempt to re-direct existing members back into the system.

If one does not succumb to the re-direction process then he is seen as giving up, not enlightened or failing to understand the spiritual ideas taught, and he can even be seen as an outcast and ignored as we more cultish businesses.


Let's talk about re-direction for a sec.


Maxwell's Maltz book Psycho-Cybernetics was also a basis for Erhard's EST and the Human Potential Movement as a whole, closely linked with humanistic psychology, as specifically the psychology of success. Here (video below) he talks about negative feedback in a torpedo missile model. (Starting at the 3:43 mark)

Now, this relates to the larger agenda of the New World Order which is implicit in the hierarchical models that underlie business, economics, politics, education, media, and advertising. When results deviate off course this is sometimes called “negative feedback” and re-direction is sometimes called “co-option” and the creation of controlled opposition.


The Occupy Wall Street movement is an example of re-direction and controlled opposition, funded by Bilderberg billionaire global elitist George Soros.

The Human Potential Movement has being co-opted a the New Age, as initially it was about spiritual awakening and soon became about supporting the control system.

While Landmark comes pretty close to a cult business, Scientology is a full-on cult religion, and also contains many similar ideas as a mixture between Western psychology and eastern mysticism. When prolific fiction author L. Ron Hubbard lost the rights to his book Dianetics in a bankruptcy, he created a religion to better seize profits under non-taxable status and more pressure could be exerted on its members without scrutiny. Dianetics attempted to delineate the metaphysical connection between mind and body, as to eliminate blocks in the unconscious and resolve psychosomatic illness. And while this is part of the true work of healing, sovereignty is required for healing which is stifled in any cult-like environment. Being manipulated by so-called religious authority is a block towards consciousness growth.

Hubbard has said that scientology “Forms a bridge between cybernetics and general semantics, and we have just seen how cybernetics is used to create cultish systems of control. We can consider scientology one of the most aggressive religious control systems in the New Age movement. Many ex members report that the upper levels of scientology record all activities of its members to use against them, if they try to leave. They don't merely use persuasive coercion, they create fictitious cases against their members if they turn on them.

Werner Erhard was also interested in Dianetics to use for selling techniques. Allegedly, L. Ron Hubbard was furious with Erhard whom he believed stole his ideas to use in EST without giving him a slice. According to Erhard scientology engaged in a 20-year campaign designed to destroy his reputation. This is another moral problem of combining spirituality with business, as people are trying to own and control information in a cut-throat competitive environment to make money when TRUTH cannot be copyrighted. Erhard did consider making EST a religion to be non-profit.

L. Ron Hubbard

Werner Erhard

Check out this channel (to the right) about an ex-member of Scientology's story; she was in this cult for 30 years!

EST/Landmark Forum Teachings

  1. One of the first things they tell you at Landmark Forum is the morality is off limits and not a topic they will address, which is a big red flag. And while they act as if they are not denying its existence, eliminating it from their model reveals a performative contradiction.

  1. At the 4:55 mark, this video talks about how Landmark is borrowing from Buddhism, and the denial of the existence of right and wrong. To add to our earlier discussion, I would state that moral relativism is a misteaching of Buddhism... just like moral relativism is a misteaching of Western Philosophy.

  1. Now, this person's analysis on Landmark is not about the veracity of the content which is what I am discussing here, but about Landmark not crediting their sources. Intellectual property is their commodity. Commodifying knowledge just leads into all sorts of problems, which is why Western philosophers create philosophical systems (refer to the image on the right) with their name on it of their particular eclectic blend. The problem is that there is no non-contradictory structure underneath.

  1. In this clip (starting at the 10:30 mark), Erhard reflects on Being like the Existentialist Heidegger as to not seek answers but as to activate a field of being and open up the imagination and possibility to usher in more creativity, success, and productivity.

  1. Existentialism and pragmatism go hand and hand. Existentialism so-called “frees” up a person from metaphysical restraints and pragmatism comes in to capitalize on it. However, this is not true freedom as it is not being steered by the right spirit. And “metaphysical restraints” are only against falsehoods and evil itself.

Let's tune Heidegger up a bit...the man who asked what is the meaning of Being?

This is about applying our defective scientific method to interior consciousness, which is always driven by agenda instead of TRUTH. Thus, pragmatism doesn't ask, what TRUTH to I need to gain to EVOLVE, as sometimes truth may not provide us with immediately gratifying results and thus it cannot deconstruct any lies such goals are built on.

Here is an epistemological matrix of knowledge/ignorance, conscious/unconscious. Erhard's transformational technology focusing on the area of knowledge of what we do not know we do not know, which is wisdom from the ancients like Socrates, to bring into awareness that which is beyond our frame of reference.

Now the interesting truth in this statement for the advanced Hermetic students is that Knowing NOTHING actually means knowing that nothing does NOT exist, as the highest level of apophasis, and that ALL EXISTS. And it is that reference point of the ALL that allows us to gain spiritual knowledge to evolve.

This is, in a sense, tapping into the Law of Mind and the potential of the infinite, but rather than attempting to gain and share truth and knowledge, which expands our consciousness and is the vehicle of REAL EVOLUTION, the purpose is to tap into possibility to create self-serving OPPORTUNITIES.

Yes, spiritual principles can be used pragmatically but until we eradicate the control system as a whole based on our selfishness and lack of universal care,, we simply become more efficient pawns in the immoral games of business and politics. The lack of care for objective morality and care for objective knowledge will bring one upon an existential dead end.

Another existential premise of Landmark is that there is no inherent meaning in events and facts themselves, that humans invent meaning. Their big reveal on the last day, the seminar's climax, is that reality is essentially meaningless.

Recall the Three Stages of cultish thought-reform and how they break you down to remold you, here existentialism is their tool. And while Landmark uses Nihilism to deconstruct people's perceptions and how they assign meaning, Landmark definitely wants to reform you to associate Landmark as ultimate meaning, in a performative contradiction. By making you think that the epiphany of your healing is based on their teachings, which is nothing other than repackaged existentialism, you form a traumatic bond to them.

I'd like to give a shoot out to my partner Noah who described the psychological mechanism behind Landmark after me telling him about Landmark in a few short sentences. What they are doing is a form of intellectual rape, where they are robbing you the value of your experiences and suffering so that you transfer your co-dependency and victimhood onto THEM.

What happened to me is that at the end of the entire course which was about four month period is that my deepest trauma had emerged that I had been hiding from my whole life regarding a sexual assault. And what I was experiencing could not be whisked away with psychological games and linguistic manipulation, and so I didn't attend the final classes. (In a way Landmark was helpful in triggering this for me, and I did meet amazing individuals who volunteered for Landmark and cared about my personal growth and didn't try to sell Landmark on me, but this does not negate the immoral aspects of Landmark message.)

Returning to this video, in this clip (59:30 mark) the guest talks about his decision to not return to Landmark seeing that it can disturb people with psychological issues. They discuss existential therapy and its pros and cons.

Existentialism confuses NOTHINGNESS with UNITY like false Buddhism confuses EMPTINESS with the ALL. This is nothing more than the nothingness and emptiness of the material paradigm itself, which contains no unity.

The reason this is so effective is that people hold onto so many false beliefs and false narratives about themselves and reality, that the existential purging brings a sense of freedom. This is WHY Nietzsche saw nihilism as a basis for the superman. But in reality, we can only become free from what is false, NOT what is TRUE. And at the Highest Level Truth is Freedom.


Freedom is not about NOT being accountable to objective meaning but being ACCOUNTABLE. Freedom and moral accountability go hand in hand.

Additionally, this meaninglessness technique makes people acutely aware of their free will over their thoughts, feelings, and actions when the remove influence from the external world. And while sovereignty is taking full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions in this way, we did not create where we came from, the source of the cosmos itself, and we do not create what is objectively true and what the cosmos is inherently about. Nihilism is the result of scientific materialism, obfuscating Law of Mind.

To existentialists, the idea that we create ourselves from nothing was seen as empowerment, but ultimately this is an illusion. To make our consciousness the totality of the cosmos ultimately leads to solipsism and reduces what purpose is. In a way, existentialism was the height of philosophical arrogance brought forth by scientific materialism in the belief that man's intelligence surpasses that of his creator.

All materialist ideologies are in a sense theories of Nothing and if metaphysics is truly NOTHINGNESS then there is no Divine Origin, no Eternal TRUTH, no real SOVEREIGNTY, or REAL SELF. All of those principles are DEEPLY INTER-CONNECTED.

If existential emptiness were reframed to be true it would merely be APOPHASIS, eliminating the negative and what is false, instead of making the NEGATIVE the endpoint. While phenomenologically there may be a feeling of freedom in recognizing the so-called inherent nothingness of the cosmos, ultimately this belief will lead one into the darkness of ignorance that no amount of success can conceal. When there is no meaning beyond our arbitrations then there is no meaning and if all is based in nothingness then it ultimately MEANS NOTHING... The twisted Buddhist theme appears again.

Here is a summary of this book, and here is a essay about Nietzsche and Early Buddhism.

EST and Landmark use nihilism to create unlimited possibility, but the problem is that the possibility of what we can manifest IS dependent on objective reality and our life conditions. Even if we FREE the mind from false belief systems to become aligned to truth and the infinite, if we live in a prison planet of fear, greed, and selfishness then our possibility is limited. Growth is not just about ourselves, the individual, but about the entire planet in our inter-connectedness. Until we live in a state of Freedom, the possibility will be restricted to the Control System. That is exactly what the control system does, it restricts growth VIA CONTROL.

When the distortion of spiritual principles is used for ego and unexamined lower desires this can only result in more pain and suffering until we understand the lessons of altruism and the higher purpose we serve. The more aligned to natural law we become, the more altruistic our mind, spirit, and actions we become.



With the foundation of nihilism, modern linguistics takes importance and the premise that language constructs reality as we can change our language to change reality. If people change how they say things, they can alter their meaning and can be more effective in changing events. Now there is some truth to this, especially pertaining to our emotional spirit and attitude, but unless we attempt to be more accurate and precise in how we think and communicate, as to align words to reality, aligning words to goals will ultimately enslave us in a subjective prison.

Simply, materialism is suffering. And this is actually what I experienced after Landmark; after manifesting so many opportunities and friending a successful group of artists in LA. My soul was deeply suffering, as pursuing the values of success were indeed based in superficial nothingness. I ultimately left that life and lived in poverty in my car as a street-artist (Cosmic Tech Lab) where I discovered real happiness.

How Landmark Ends

My Landmark experience ended a similar way to this woman's as I volunteered for the Advanced Class because I wanted to hear the information again. But I ended up having to be the “servant” for the coach/leader who ended up being worse than Maril Streep in the Devil Wears Prada. I make no joke about that. This woman was so egotistical, selfish, entitled, rude I was in utter shock at the caricature of the experience, but I stayed the first day to challenge myself to deal with such a character. Bossy is an understatement. And feminists want to get rid of that word, man are we headed into darkness! The next day I was so disgusted in seeing everyone completely bend to her so-called authority that I walked out in revolt. She called to apologize to me to try to get me to come back to save her reputation and the Landmark company called me twice to apologize and find out what happened. If you just do things right then you don't have to spend so much energy on reputation control. But there is no objective morality in landmark form.

EST/Erhard Today...

In my video, I analyze portions from this conversation. Here are a few points, with time marks.


(33:40:00 to 38:22:00 mark) Mr. Doty, studying “compassion” at Standford University, talks about his was released from suffering just by changing his “story,” recall existential “therapy.”

Here I really want to reiterate the fact that when someone tells you that your suffering is meaningless that's just evil, they are robbing you of the value of your life experience, so you are prevented from gaining any wisdom from your suffering.


Erhard talks about the search for SELF at the 39:40:00-52:33:00 mark.


While existentialism took a nihilist turn one of the positive things from the movement is that it started to uncover the true spiritual nature of the self. Here Erhard is talking about the idea of spiritual hide and seek that Alan Watts talked about. The bottom line is that you cannot objectify the Self and it can never become an object of awareness, although the attributes of consciousness can. The REASON is that the True Self is spiritual and infinite and NOT material or finite. But because existentialism ends with nihilism, this thought exercise of never being able to find the true self, which is ultimately utilized for pragmatism, to create efficient superman slaves for the control system.


To give you context, he ends on the punch line in which the woman whom he presented the exercise of finding the real self to discovers that there is no real self, sound postmodern eh? But listen to his bottom line. He says that the self is just a piece in a game...GAME THEORY.


The discussion of integrity and authenticity at the 1:08:00 mark.

So this is what I particularly liked about Landmark is its commitment to authenticity even at the expense of offending others. Werner here says that he doesn't say nice things, and this obviously contrasts with NVC. Recall that Landmark is the masculine version of NVC, but the goal is still the same: to get what you want from life. And Landmark uses authenticity as a tool to achieve that.


The problem with the authenticity teaching though is that Landmark wants you to become authentic and this is achieved when people reveal their trauma and make confessions, which is characteristic of cult-like environments. This is to have a deeper connection with the Real You so that that connection can be exploited and leveraged for Landmark's goals. So while Landmark can be helpful in becoming more authentic as it did for me, ultimately if you do not leave the cult or stop playing into the cultish aspects, your authenticity will be used against what is actually good for you.


Here Erhard talks about “integrity” being the wholeness of parts, in terms of functionality, workability, and performance but we have to caution here against DARK UNITY, as one's direction can be towards evil, while being pragmatically “successful.” If you have integrity without morality you basically have our control system. There is a such thing as practical evil, as being in integrity will bring you results but the success will be one of darkness, even though some reward/payoff is acquired. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 7.44.08 AM.png

So in this diagram, we have unity between mind, spirit, and action, but the central point in which they rest is false. When we align all aspects of ourselves to the wrong thing, like to a false ideology, to a cult or a community, to our ego and self-interest, we indeed have a higher so-called success and sustainability rate, just by virtue of unity. However, because these are false values, they cannot last and there will be an eventual crisis for the soul whether in this life or the next. This goes for the control system. Even though it seems like they are winning, they cannot conquer Nature, they can not conquer Love. They cannot conquer WHAT IS. All evil agendas come to an end and the truth we find and live is eternal.

Spiritual principles can be used for good or evil, but if we are lost in moral relativism via nihilism, they will most likely be used for evil since the life-conditions in which we live are ruled by evil. Dark occultists consciously use spiritual principles to enslave humanity. Lower consciousness using higher principles is a very dangerous thing. Thus, glimpsing into a principle itself does not qualify as the totality of understanding as the spirit behind our knowledge matters. The evil genius stops short of his true intelligence because his spirit is not right, which limits his intellect.

So the control system is engineered by the self-interests of the dark occultists and while there are very few of them through their dark unity they successfully imprison humanity. Now, most of humanity has no unity as their mind, spirit, and actions are not in alignment and also they are based in error but they participate in the control system based on their self-interest as well. While there are degrees of evil here and degrees of knowing what evil is, when our mind, spirit, and action is aligned to selfishness we create slavery, individually and collectively...we not only feed into this monstrous control system of fake money, fake value, and fake authority that is total spiritual devastation, but we enslave ourselves, because living in falsehood burdens us, confines, us, imprisons us period. 

Now the light occultists may be just as few as the dark occultists who see the illusion of this control system by working with consciousness. The Great Work is our attempt to lift the average mode consciousness of the planet.

Light Occultists

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