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   This isn't relativism/subjectivism (as there are several meanings of the term relative/subjective). Any given truth of a relative context, or within an individual being, is absolute and immutable even though it changes in time. That's why paradox can be extrapolated from correspondence, as “context-dependent” doesn't mean the absence of truth. This is high-level philosophy (i.e. The Two Truth Doctrine) and is required to understand Natural Law; if you don't understand this then you can only pervert its teachings. So what's the next step?? Get to this level of understanding. 


   Natural law morality isn't just "do no harm" in the violation sense (do not steal, rape, or murder)… because the cosmos is a fractal hologram, moral polarity (which includes the true/false polarity) applies to many other contexts in the holistic expression of life. Making a career decision out of fear is not right to do, even though it is not as bad as stealing from someone.

   Yet, to an Initiate, wrong is wrong no matter what and we should always be working to refine ourselves. There are degrees within metaphysical categories; just because our errors become more subtle and less perceived by others doesn't mean they don't exist. We are always a work in progress and we should not rationalize our errors simply because they are of lesser degrees. Error is error. A is A.


   Natural Law should not be compartmentalized as having to be separate from the individual as with the case of unique purpose because Natural Law involves the fulfillment of the individual as actualizing evolutionary potential.


   A child is meant to become an adult. One can say, “well that's too limiting to the child as he should become anything he wants.” However, becoming an adult will fulfill that child. As an adult, that child will still have a unique expression, he will just have the maturity to steer his energy the right way. There is a nature to being human and a path for things to grow that should never be seen as restrictive. Nature is glorious and so too is harmonizing with it.

   You can only evolve when aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions to truth rather than your ego. But this should not be seen as limiting, which is how the dark occultists see it. Without an evolutionary structure and the true good, there would be no evolution at all!
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   Freedom is not only to be sought in the aggregate as with anarchy, but in the individual, as the increasing freedom from the negative ego, error, and dark side. The more right choices we make, the happier we are. Our individual destiny back into the All is nothing other than sublime. Charlatans try to make their "spiritual" business a proxy for the All because they worship the profane.

   There are right and wrong ways of doing many things, especially when it comes to inner work and that work is our purpose. It looks different for everyone and it brings about unique expressions and abilities in each.

   While some want to claim that natural laws don't apply to preferences and styles of expression, all things come from Source. For example, the archetypes of existence actually extend from the law of mind and gender; here we have the zodiac and musical scale (the quadrivium) with 12 archetypal expressions. Aries is not morally superior to Scorpio, male is not better than female, C# is not better than D. What comes from Light but rainbow prisms where blue is not superior to red. This isn't the absence of Natural Law, but the near-infinite manifestations that exist because of it. Different frequencies aren't just vertically stacked but move within one plane in the horizontal. There would be no music without different tonalities.


   In a similar fashion, one preference may not be morally superior to another preference. Is listening to Mozart better than Tool? Just like archetypes, in certain cases, there is no better. Even if talent and skill can be assessed, art is not only about excellence but about the feeling and enjoyment that it brings to a person in expressing his authentic self.


   However, there are moral contexts that can surround preferences like listening to music for example. There is an appropriate way and inappropriate way to listen, time and place of listening, volume, etc. Are you listening to certain music to feed your anger? Are you hurting other people's eardrums with it? This may be a silly example, but we cannot eradicate aspects of morality from a context because part of it is irrelevant to morality (i.e. which style of music you listen to).

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Walter Russel's Model of the Universe


   There are aspects to contexts where morality does not apply, such as the diversity of unique expression, but this doesn't mean morality is absent. Even in the path of becoming a musician, regardless of what style, there are right and wrong ways to become this. Are you selling out to the corrupt music industry for fame and fortune? Or are you being true to yourself with right intention? Authenticity is part of self-knowledge and when creative expressions aren't authentic, they are not right.


  On a side note, trying other preferences can actually help one become more balanced and expand... like watching movies and reading books you don't normally watch or read. This is to point out that we don't have to identify with our preferences and can learn more about ourselves and the world by trying new things. Preferences don't make us an individual for we are individuals by nature.


   In closing, taking Natural Law to the next level isn't about trying to find loopholes where it does not apply, or adding our subjective ideas to it, or trying to invent new laws to preserve our individuality, or go beyond it because we think we found something juicer (when its just the squishiness of the ego).

   We can always go deeper with knowledge, which increases our potential for embodiment, and that means evolution. For most in the community, the problem is too little knowledge. Those who become bored don't truly understand. The Kybalion can only be superficial to them because they are superficial. They are bored by their own ignorance under the facade of knowledge. False knowledge is the greatest enemy to evolution.


   Most do not truly seek to know. They seek to express, seeing knowledge and expression as diametrical. But the goal is the union between individual expression and natural laws. As above, so below.

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Artist: Danielle Noel

The Narrow Archway opens to the Initiate Upon Alchemical Work...



   Its Hermetic teachings are not dogma but contain the Master Key. Most will brush past this information or just take a few ideas from it. They will fail to see it as the sacred jewel that it is. Their ego, shadow, and dark side will want to surpass the principles and one-up Natural Law, going beyond such truths with their own narrative. They weren't ready for the information and they can only interpret it from lower consciousness.


   The instant you think you understand it, you should actually read it again as there will be more for you to discover.


   You have to develop the philosophical mind, as a mind full of mental errors and false beliefs cannot know itself. This requires other sources and studies. This is rigorous research and contemplation, not navel-gazing.


   The principles are "the beyond"... They do surpass us because they embody near-infinite worlds that exist in innumerable planes and come from the All. What could be greater?


   And… they are always in the here-and-now despite what we know of them. It is our understanding that is finite and limited.

   Laws are not for us to alter, distort, invent, or add on to… but to understand, discover, and align to. Refinement and nuances can always be made, many sub-principles can be extracted from the larger principles, and many more books could be written about it. But this is not going beyond Natural Law, but discovering more about it and evolving ourselves as a function of Natural Law!


   LAWS are sufficient and plentiful in what they are as the structure of the Infinite. Anyone claiming to be a Natural Law teacher telling you different is a charlatan. They lead you away from the Kybalion for their own glory, which is in fact dark sorcery, whether conscious or unconscious.


   Taking Natural Law to the "next level" should mean learning more about it and then learning more about yourself. It is not about going beyond concepts, going beyond the teachings, going beyond laws, to explore "new perspectives." That's the ego talking, who thinks he understands but doesn't, who wants Natural Law to exist as a part of his empire in the way that he sees fit, rather than as the Divine Kingdom in which he exists.


   The more sacred knowledge you gain, the more you can start to embody it and apply it to the Self. Knowledge is always the key to more evolution.

   Are you speaking and living in alignment with knowledge and objective truth or are you seduced by your own opinions, mired by the reflection of the false self, thinking you have something better to offer than eternal wisdom (cha-ching).

   You are the microcosm of Cosmic Law.


   The principle of correspondence links cosmic knowledge with self-knowledge; they are distinct but not separate.


   The irony is that every part of your narcissism will fight and fear this truth because your narcissism will be destroyed in the process. But never your True Self.


   Yes, truth is within, but it is also without (correspondence) and many need external keys to unlock internal doors. The Kybalion has been an excellent source of this... helping becoming Initiates in their journey as the most accurate and simple description of cosmic truth recorded.

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   The truth is that we can only evolve through judgment. What is good and based on love expands and what is bad and based on fear contracts. Telling the difference is our work to do.


   Developing right-thinking and right-intention, which naturally brings about right-action, is how laws apply to the individual. This is alchemical/psychological work that is always paired with Natural Laws. The subjective world involves mentalism, correspondence, polarity, vibration, rhythm, causality, and gender just as much as the objective world. These aspects of self require embodying certain qualities through development. This is why we can help each other, as we are all united by the same principles, even though we have individual differences.


   Just because Natural Law applies to the individual doesn't mean the destruction of individuality. Our consciousness is unique by virtue of natural laws as every soul that ascends to Source does so in a unique way. Creativity and novelty stem from that automatically, even though we come from and return to the same thing through the same laws. But this "sameness" should not be seen as limiting or dull. Laws exist because of the infinite, not as a restriction to it. That's why freedom is a principle. Those who want to be free from natural laws are ignorant.

   Aligning to Natural Law through free will choice doesn't mean abandoning your unique path … it means manifesting it in an evolutionary way, as the infinite must paradoxically exclude error and the negative. The movement forward is to discern what is negative, transform it, and leave it behind.

   Absolute truth corresponds to relative truth.


   The All corresponds to the Individual (which some call the subjective—as we should not let semantics get in the way).



   Charlatans seek to demean the value of the Kybalion to steer you towards their monetized cul-de-sac, where they can offer you freedom from Natural Law while getting something in return. (They think they can get away with this by excluding the principles from their lives, but they are wrong.)


   Gaining a greater understanding of Natural Law helps one to understand himself as the laws apply to the individual. The macrocosm helps us understand the microcosm.


   There is no aspect of the individual that natural laws don't apply to. Some so-called individualists want to draw a sandbox where their choices can be free from the judgment of Natural Law, as long as no serious violations towards others are taking place; saying, "as long as I ain't violating rights, stealing, and murdering... don't judge me, it's just my choice." But this is the rejection of ALCHEMY.

   Individual consciousness CAN be judged. The subjective and internal contents of a person (thoughts and feelings) are also objective and can be judged. Polarity does apply. There are wrong thoughts, false beliefs, ill-intentions/wrong motives, destructive/delusional feelings, lower ego based expressions, and unvirtuous characteristics, etc. There IS a proper way to think, feel, and act, contrary to what the dark occultists tell you.


   You cannot reserve sophistry/relativism for the interior self as it has no place in any domain of the universe. People fear this judgment because they don't want to evolve. They hold onto the belief that it destroys individuality, but it only destroys the false self, which is good.

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Natural Law and the Individual...What's Next?

Written May 17, 2021, Edited May 22, 2021

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