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More parts coming as soon as late 2022

Skip to 11:44 min for Message to Initiates. (Below)

2020 Presentation and Video Compilation on Bioterrorism, more here, as there are many parts. 


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Summer 2019 Presentation. ABORTION from a holistic perspective, a four-part series. More here




July 25, 2019.

Understanding Anarchy requires understanding the holistic wisdom of Natural Law. Here we go into the Natural Law Principles chart to get clear about internal and external monarchy and internal and external anarchy and how they correspond the polarity of good and evil. Internal monarchy manifests as external freedom/anarchy and internal anarchy manifests as external monarchy/slavery.

July 12, 2019.

Some quick points for the more intermediate and advance students of hermetic philosophy, the Kybalion, the Trivium, and the material on What On Earth Is Happening Podcasts, for those already dedicated to the path of the Great Work, and those who feel called upon to be Natural Law teachers. This video was inspired by some errors made by individuals who proclaim to understand Natural Law and the Hermetic Principles but do not. Written format here with images.

New Education 1(12).jpg

2019 Video Projects

The New Education project will consist of video presentations on philosophy, psychology, and science. The first one

was about Non-violent Communication,

The Trivium, and Natural Law.

The next will an Essay on various topics

about community, anarcho-capitalism,

money, spiritual "business," and the 

new age. Stay tuned!

Natural Law Video Series 4.jpg

The Natural Law and Critique Series will

be based two future books one on Metaphysics, the other a Critique on three prominent thinkers of today: Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, and Ken Wilber. It will be a future video series and the first two are up.

The Larken Rose Adam Kokesh Debate on ANARCHY (3-26-18):

Full Essay can be read here:

This is my first "current event" video on the topics of politics, human drama, and Natural Law...and my first steemit article!

Natural Law Presentation

A video on my personal tales of becoming a Natural Law Philosopher...

Read bio.

This started my writing projects still being worked on in 2021. Check out philosophy.

Old Philosophy Videos (2016-2017)

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