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Also a Critique of Post-New Age Carnism

Published 01/10/15 by Jana Esp (Last Edited 5 /2021)

Dedicated to ALL SENTIENT BEINGS, a Message of Love and Truth.

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The Trivium/Natural Law, Veganism, and the New Age

Artist: Wenzel Peter

Truth, Morality, and First Principles

   Socrates was the first known philosopher to link Truth with Goodness/Morality, seeing them as integrated universal principles. Later his student Plato united moral development and intellectual ascent as the path to Timeless Being. Then Plato’s student, Aristotle, emphasized movement/becoming and saw how Action can End with the Good. Aristotle also stressed the importance of first principles (axioms) upon which to build knowledge, as an end must have a beginning.

   Even during the Classical Era, statism—the belief in government/State Authority—corrupted the conceptions of Truth and Morality (which we will examine later). In the Medieval Period, Statism found its partner in crime, Religion so that Truth and Morality would be commodities of the Church-State to pervert for its own power structure. In the Age of Reason, Truth became fragmented into a

specialized field called Science (Scientism) and in the Contemporary Period, Morality would become a convention for social control (the obedience of man's law). As of late, Truth and Morality would become infected with the ancient mind-virus of moral relativism, which these Greek philosophers vehemently rejected. By making Truth and Morality relative and subjective so as to deny individual development and objective reality/standards, the philosophical journey would finish before it could begin. Truth and Morality could be interpreted in opposing ways, making them meaningless, contradictory, self-serving, and arbitrary.

   Fortunately, The Occult (hidden knowledge) has surfaced of the Truth Movement, particularly with the Trivium and Natural Law, integrated with the “Great Work” of Mark Passio and built upon by Kris Nelson. These subjects can be used as conceptual maps to help navigate the territory of objective reality and are in many ways the missing piece to Western Philosophy (and to human knowledge in general). They provide a framework to understand the meaning and relationship between Truth and Morality. (Throughout this article, I will be zooming in and out on the different aspects of these subject matters when relevant.)

From The Natural Law Seminar by Mark Passio (more images here)

unpacking the trivium bradford academy.p

   There are requirements to correctly applying these subjects that relate to another occult subject called Alchemy. This involves the Alchemical Transformation from Lower to Higher Consciousness to develop the "eye to see and the standard to check." This involves the incredibly difficult inner work of plummeting the depths of our souls. Having the “eye to see” means that we attempt to see things as they objectively are (the What Is) and developing the “standard to check” means that we can differentiate between right/wrong, good/evil, true/false within oneself because the Absolute exists (Discernment-the Compass). This transformation is about identifying and transmuting the negative aspects of our consciousness (ignorance, deception, denial, projection, prejudice, illusion, etc.) to make more room for truth and morality. Before this process, we are lost and blind, identified to the false personality ego-construct. Over time, with persistence and care for Truth, we may deconstruct and discard our inauthentic/false self to birth the Authentic Self. Concerning this, our Greek philosophers emphasized that the path to knowledge begins with Self-Knowledge.


The Eye and Compass of Freemasonry symbolism)

Stairway of Education: senses, Trivium (mind), Quadrivium (matter)

   The Trivium is a methodology to gain Truth with correct thinking and Truth relates to Reality and Reason. We can look at Truth in three ways (pertaining to the three parts of the Trivium) 1) the ‘what, ’or what is/ exists or has existed in reality (both metaphysically and conditionally)... as 2) the 'why,' as in why things have come to be? and as 3) the 'how,' how do things work? How does reality work as a whole? How do things interrelate?

   Individuals in lower consciousness may have no care or desire to discover their True/Higher/Authentic Selves, nor develop a standard in which to discern reality from unreality and so remain lost in ignorance; a blind pawn for Evil in the Spiritual War on the Masonic Checkerboard. Socrates and Plato deemed ignorance the root of all evil. For most, depending on one's tolerance for pain, a Crisis for Awakening may be necessary to initiate one towards the Great Way (from the Checkerboard to the first step of the Stairway), when one's errors become too great to deny. Then we have the choice to face our darkness honestly admitting our false knowledge that is Ignorance, we begin to take responsibility for the pursuit of Correct Knowledge; the First Step into the Right in the direction UP. However, if this does not happen to enough people individually then COLLECTIVE CRISIS becomes inevitable (Natural Law).

   Let us look more closely at the Trivium and Natural Law, assuming that the developmental requirements have been taken into account:

Trivium Passio.jpg

Slide from Mark Passio

    The ‘what’ is the OBJECTIVE reality given to us by our sense perceptions, to be properly matched with their identifier-concepts in our minds (reality +/= language). The ‘why’ and ‘how’ are discovered with reason so that one can know reality through the correct mental analysis (i.e. inferences, explanations, induction/deduction, etc.). This can lead to conclusions and the gaining of truth and knowledge beyond our sense perception.

   In short: Truth = Trivium: 1. What, 2. Why, 3. How (reality + reason, reason-->greater reality; through language)


   The ‘tri’ in Trivium represents the three-fold process, three being the most reducible number in any given process: beginning, middle, and end (can also be called input, processing, and output). While some processes can also be multi-dimensional and nonlinear due to holographic natures and feedback loops (as this above series and the Trivium can be), grasping certain ideas linearly can help us to understand aspects of things before we arrive at more complex higher ordered thought.

   We come to know, understand, and speak about ‘reality’ (the beginning of this series) through the symbols of language (both material and conceptual [matter/form]). Language should ideally “divide the beast of reality along its joints.” (Aristotle)

   First, we perceive (with the senses) and then conceive (with the mind in symbolic form) the particulars in reality (objective existence of self/world), and then we can come to have knowledge about them with correct logical thinking processes (i.e. induction/deduction, integration/differentiation). For our purposes, these processes are consolidated in the term ‘reason’ (the middle of the series). Through reason, we should be able to arrive at moral conclusions regarding what to do (the desirable end).

   Truth is also connected to morality in that one must become good to discover truth; as to be truthful and honest... to reflect reality as it is, to strive to align perceptions with what is true through correct thinking; this is all to be good. Morality is the knowledge of the difference between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, and True and False (Law of Polarity). What is moral is true and what is not moral should not be true.

Consider this helpful series from what has been said before we review the axioms:


   At the highest level of conceptual reality (putting aside Ultimate Reality—for now), the universals are understood by the UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES, integrated within the Natural Law (Conceptual) Framework, and can be applied to the particulars (please refer to NL chart, the most important information). This Big Picture Framework (beyond genera) establishes the relationships (i.e. prior/posterior [top/down], cause/effect) of the transcendental concepts: Love, Knowledge, Sovereignty, Freedom, Goodness; and their opposites Fear, Ignorance, Confusion, Control/Slavery, and Evil. With this framework, we come to understand the positive correlation between Knowledge, Freedom, and Morality. The more Right Action we take based on our Knowledge of Right and Wrong, the more Freedom and Goodness we manifest by Law. Therefore, ‘morality’ and The Good is the End in the series as our behavioral output: ACTION!

   Now that we know how the process works, let’s go back to the beginning to grow some strong roots in the Trivium process.

   The correct starting point for conceiving and thinking is based in foundational AXIOMS (first principles). A foundation is in a sense a beginning from which things are built; without a beginning, there would be infinite regress; axioms would be prior to axioms ad infinitum in which we would not be able to make sense out of anything! These (following) axioms cannot be proven or demonstrated because they come before (a priori) the reasoning process and apply to all things... (it would be impossible to demonstrate all things). We can still understand Axioms through reason because without them reason could not exist. This is how we arrive at the necessity of axioms through Reason, even though they are not demonstrable.

These axioms (or first principles of Truth and Morality) are:

LOGICAL AXIOMS: there are NO contradictions in reality (something cannot exist and not exist at the same time in the same way) and a thing is what it is (Law of Identity).

MORAL AXIOM: DO NO HARM (different than self-defense as the stopping of harm).


   The reason for the moral axiom is that harm (which includes the violation of Natural Law rights/Destruction of Freedom) is NOT GOOD. It creates Suffering and Slavery. Morality is the quality of consciousness, choice, and action towards goodness from the duality of good and evil (the absence of good); immorality is the opposite. This axiom is also known as the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” of course loving yourself first.

how reality is built.jpg

   The logical and moral axioms should always be conjoined. While logic/reason manifests in our correct thinking about reality, morality manifests in our actions that create reality, but also in the quality of our thinking and feeling from which actions are birthed from. Our actions can create harm or not towards others. While sometimes our perceptions can reveal to us instantly whether we are creating harm or not, some contexts require more information than our immediate perceptions. Logical analysis may be required to determine what is moral or not. What we think about and how we think, determines how we act; Thought and Action are part of the Triune Self.

   The other part is CARE, which embodies feeling/desire/emotion. Care is the driving force behind our movements, as we are driven to perceive and direct our consciousness towards what we care about. This reveals our true CARE-acter (character). True Care is our Care for Truth and Goodness.

   The logical and moral axioms create the foundation for us to move from REALITY--> to REASON--> to MORALITY. They help us to perceive (sense->precept->image) and conceive (symbol-concept) reality accurately to gain understanding beyond perception through NON-CONTRADICTORY THINKING.  This leads to Right Expressions and Actions, Correct, and Appropriate: in Harmony with Reality. Otherwise, when we act from a pseudo-reality in our minds or express falsity, we will more than likely lead to some type of harm (self/other).

Animals and Reason.jpg

The Real 'Axi(om)s of Evil

   Our philosophical history, as we earlier touched on, has divided and corrupted these logical and moral dimensions of reality that should be harmonized. At the beginning of the last century, Symbolic Logic took logic to meaningless abstraction, dissociating relations from subject/substance. Morality either became a cultural invention to be endlessly deconstructed (Postmodernism), the feel good of the narcissistic ego (Pseudo-Mysticism), or the superficiality of artistic expression (Subjectivity). The concepts of logic and morality also suffered greatly with the positive-bias of New Age. Transcendence was interpreted as going beyond the mind and as a result... duality, discernment, and mental analysis were conceptually destroyed so that everything would be good, true, and beautiful as the default attribute of existence. Perception (alone) and Appearance prevailed, the constituents of False Reality.

   With the wealth of information available on the internet, it is possible to understand why/how Philosophical History had slit the throats of Truth and Morality that have bled out (like animals prior to being eaten). Yet we must be willing to do the Work, Within and Without, to uncover hidden realms and the nature of the dark side. When we combine the research and analysis of our left-brain with the pattern recognition of the right,-brian, along with our Centered Heart Intelligence, a dark Global Agenda comes into view of Human Destruction and Enslavement. Recommended movie on the Global Conspiracy: Thrive).

   We may awaken to the fact that we are in Deep Crisis as a species, and time is running out before future atrocities! With (exterior) money/politics and (interior) fear/control, the Social Engineers have been crafting an Integrated Structure of Dark Power, for a long while, through inter-connected banks, corporations, governments, education, media, non-profits, etc. They subverted the Trivium and Natural Law, leveraging their knowledge against our ignorance. By studying the Human-Animal very well, they use mind control, social conditioning, and indoctrination, manipulating perception and conception, thinking and action. We have become obedient, immoral slaves, living in chains similar to those we cast upon others before we feed off of them.

Thrive movie.jpg

   Apart from the fact that those in high-ranking power are Satanists, our Culture of Corruption is the epitome of Satanic Ideology (i.e. moral relativism, selfishness, materialism, ego worship) despite that most of humanity is unconscious of their partaking due to a combination of mind control and preference for illusion. The New Age desired to transcend aspects of our degraded culture and our dying religions with other-worldliness, but like most movements, this ended up being mostly co-opted (socially engineered), entrapping people with regressive beliefs coated as “spiritual”. Prior to whistle-blower and ex-Satanist Mark Passio, Christians primarily made the link between the New Age Deception and Satanism.

   Now more are starting to see how the twisting of spiritual truths fits perfectly with the Dark Agenda. While we live in a world of animal and human-animal slavery and suffering on all levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually, the New Age would have us believe that good and evil are useless products of dualistic thinking and that “evil is an illusion.” But there is no contributing factor so great to evil than closing one’s eyes and saying “it’s all good.” In the words of Krishnamurti: “the loss consciousness of evil is the worst evil,” a truth also echoed by our Founding Fathers and their warnings against Tyranny.

   (Note: For this article, the term ‘New Age’ will be used to embody pseudo-spiritual ideologies in general, not to say that there are not valid truths in the movement, but that in this context we will focus primarily on the negative.)

   The "axioms" our Culture and the New Age:

  •              Reality is contradictory and cannot be known through Reason.

  •            There is no such thing as Truth and Morality; they are relative and made up constructs.

   These are the Axioms of Evil (Solipsism) because they will not lead one to knowledge, freedom, or goodness but to the opposite: ignorance, confusion, and slavery; this principle being reflected in our current condition of Global Tyranny. These pseudo-axioms are anti-thesis to our evolution as a species and opposed to anything the Trivium and Natural Law have to teach us. At the same time, they will be attractive to the ego because they appear to offer the freedom to create reality as one pleases to negate accountability. Yet our misalignment to Truth and Reality will create suffering and negative consequences because objective reality does exist; consequences are only a matter of time. The ego can run but it cannot hide, and so the ego deception and New Age go hand in hand.

   Many philosophers discovered that in order to gain knowledge they had to start their journey from scratch, by doubting and eliminating everything they thought they previously knew (Descartes). Socrates said “I know I know nothing,” and we need to get to this level of authenticity in order to evolve, as it is necessary to Unlearn what our Culture has taught us, like these flawed axioms. And with the Occult we can go much deeper than the mental elimination of ideas and beliefs, to disembed from the (negative) Ego and its union with the Control System. To create a proper foundation, we must start over where the inauthentic self was constructed and split off from reality, which may have been in childhood. Likewise, in order to learn how to think and gain truth, we must regain the innocence of a child, to see and report reality as it simply is with nothing to hide and no social taboos to fear. To do this we must deconstruct and shed our social programming that allowed our ego to run rampant. Then we can start with the correct axioms to naturally discover ourselves, the Objective Reality in which we live, and the Laws that guide it, as we once intuited before we were corrupted. as children.

Art: Heidi and the goats by Jessie Wilcox Smith

Artist: Edward Hicks

   The connection between children and animals is more than an obvious one. As children, our love for animals was nurtured by positive socially acceptable norms, designed to keep evil hidden. This is found in our joy of pets and the love we felt for them and from them, fun visits to the zoo, our enchantment with the animal cartoons and movies, and playing with the stuffed animals we adored, each with names and unique identities. We see purity and innocence when gazing into an animal’s eyes and their trust for us to be their protectors, very much like a small child. They are full of life and have unique expressions. Even at the superficial level, we take pleasure in seeing animals in art and accessories as they are symbolic of what is good and pure.


   But sadly our innocence would be slaughtered by our Culture when dead animal carcasses arrived at the kitchen table; a Satanic Blood Sacrifice Ritual. Our sensual appetites and physical urges would associate with dead flesh, scrambling our brain; a mind control method so powerful as it would seize our lower chakras. This created an unconscious trauma and fracturing of our Worldview. Meat would be separated from animals and cause (murder) separated from effect (food) in order to morph evil into good. Our identity as a species would be warped as we were told that were just ANIMALS EATING ANIMALS. In the likeness of religion, the concepts of Sacrifice and Guilt would be molested (i.e. negative sacrifice turned positive and guilt associated with knowledge of evil), casting darkness upon our conscience, flipping the world Upside Down.


   The moral axiom we originally intuited would split into moral contradiction, before ever being made explicit; thus hijacking our ability to know better. Psychopathy would be turned into Normalcy. With morality perverted, we would become dissociated from the origin of meat, the rape, torture, mutilation, slit throats, etc., our first learned ignorance, as we did not want to know and did not ask. This would make it easier to shut our minds off from other things we did not want to know about, as in our hearts we knew something was very wrong about the world. Death would not only be part of our meals but within us as the Death of our Care. We would learn to not care and eventually the animals we admired and the animals we ate were two completely different realities that could not integrate. The physical consumption of broken reality would make the mental consumption of cultural lies so much easier and political perversion so much more tolerable. Our conceptual lens would be corrupted and the Victim-Perpetrator Dynamic and this would imprint upon our holographic reality, rippling outwards and affecting all aspects of our lives.




Introduction to Worldviews, Language, and Logic

   The Trivium helps us to learn the basic building blocks of thought and language beginning with concepts and words, formed with percepts, images, imagination, and memory from our mind and senses. Putting concepts together forms a single sentence to express one complete thought or idea.  Connecting multiple related thoughts can create a worldview or ideology. While biology classifies types of physical beings by their physical attributes (plants, animals/human animals), psychology classifies perspectives, worldviews, or ideologies (‘isms’) of the human mind (for our sake these terms can be used synonymously). These worldviews, along with feelings, guide human actions. Some believe we should throw out all ‘isms’ but we should differentiate between a correct and incorrect worldview, as a worldview reflects our understanding of reality (or lack thereof) and is necessary to navigate it. A correct worldview is rooted in correct axioms and constructed with true knowledge, while an incorrect worldview is rooted in incorrect axioms and built with false knowledge. (Grammatically we treat worldviews (its) as a Substance of the mind and may identify people by them (i.e. Christians, New Agers, etc.). Yet, in reality, a person is not their false worldview, it is merely an outlook they hold and can outgrow. However, a True Worldview is part of one’s True Identity as Self-Knowledge.)

mind thought.jpg


   In this article, we will be looking at the diametrically opposed worldviews of Veganism and Carnism. Breaking duality down further, there are true and false forms of Veganism. Here, True Veganism based on Truth and Morality (the logical/moral axioms), is being referred to (unless specified differently). Meat-eaters attempt to hide behind their invisible worldview to obfuscate reality by not having an identifying concept/term to their worldview. They can claim that veganism is an ‘ism’, in the negative sense, associating it with (political/New Age) collectivism. Fortunately, activists have created the term ‘Carnism’ to identify the belief system of meat-eaters; showing us the power of a concept. New terms/concepts representing aspects of reality give us more definition to the map, which can help us have better navigation in the territory.

   For lack of a better term, we will be discussing a specific type of Carnism that we will call: Post-New Age Carnism. This describes Carnists in the Truth Movement, some with an interest in the Trivium/Natural Law, who have started to move past the New Age Deception because they have been deceived themselves (first-hand knowledge) or have observed it in others as a cultural trend (second-hand knowledge). Consequently, they have either gone back to Carnism (after being vegetarian/vegan) or have become more of an activist in their already existing Carnism. (I myself was a Post-New Age Carnist many years ago as I became a carnist in reaction to the negative aspects of the New Age. In addition to my research and development, this makes me more qualified to speak about this topic so intimately and honestly.I’ve faced the mirror, that’s why I can shine it.) The irony is that True Veganism is Post-New Age in its connection to Truth and Morality, both of which New Age generally rejects.


   (Note: The terms Carnist and Carnism are used to focus on the categorical worldview in its extreme version, rather than a particular person. It is important to remember that each individual is unique and will subscribe to an ‘ism’ in varying styles, degrees, and levels; the same with the New Age. Please be conscious of this language-reality mismatch of sometimes treating an ‘ism’ as if it were an individual, which is simply done to keep the meaning general, but hopefully not unclear.)


   A big part of Grammar and Logic is about understanding Hierarchical Classifications: genera/species/individual, to know when a term EXTENDS to designate other terms. Under the class of Living Things are Plants and Animals. Therefore the term “animal” extends to “human” as human is a species of animal that from the days of Socrates was called “rational animal.” But 'animal' does not MEAN rational animal. Every species IS its GENUS and is ALSO different as its meaning becomes more specific with differentiation (intension vs. extension). For example, a giraffe is an animal, but all animals aren't giraffes. In this way, humans are animals AND are different from animals by the qualities (differentia) unique to their species found in our intelligent capacities. Note: 'Human' is short for HUMAN ANIMAL.)

  By knowledge of our five senses, it is obvious that Animals are much higher beings than Plants by their material complexity. Unlike plants, animal material contains flesh and bones consisting of bodies, heads, arms, and legs with complex interior systems: nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive. Animals have the physical needs of air, food, water, sleep, warmth, and waste elimination. Animals are willful, transcending the automatic bodily functions within to have

command over bodily movement without, as separate beings from the earth; they are conscious enough to move their bodies with their Free Will Choices to interact with the exterior world. In order to do this, there are sense perceptions and mental processes that reflect on perceptions of the map and territory (i.e. concept, precept, image, memory, etc.). Animals live in social and emotional realities as well, with the capacity to feel pleasure and pain and with the desire to be close to others or to be alone. Now, the human-animal lives in a mental reality of higher complexity reflected in his ability to understand the Trivium and Natural Law, Truth and Morality.

   Lastly, we make an additional grammar note pertaining to the difference between particulars and universals. A genera is a General Concept (i.e. animal) that describes the essence of an Individual Being through a universal term, but only Individual Beings exist in Exterior REALITY. We do not perceive “animal,” but a particular ONE (or grouping of ONES), in which we use a Proper Noun to distinguish, such as Charlie the dog. Therefore, I will sometimes refer to animals (universals) as an Individual Animal (particular) because, in reality, that is what they are: individuals. It is much easier for Carnism to detach from Animal Horror and Gore through the abstract universal of animal, conceived as a floating idea, when individual, unique and separate lives are being negatively affected. (While the universals help us to understand the essence of an individual in order to know and define it, they should not be confused with the individual.)


Artist: Raul del Rio

   True Veganism is based on the Vegan Syllogism, another three-part process involved in Logic of the Trivium. Using correct logical and moral axioms, we can build premises based on our general observations of self/world (induction). Then, through the method of deductive analysis (the compliment of induction), we connect these premises to lead us to conclusions, bringing us to new knowledge. If A and B, then C.


A: To harm animals is wrong.

B: To eat meat is to harm animals.

C: Therefore, eating meat is wrong.




In the next section, we will look more at the terms and meanings in these statements, but for now in a loose, but helpful correspondence to reality-> reason-> morality, we can link each line to each of these parts. “To harm animals is wrong” is the reality, as we observe that animals can be harmed and should not be. This first premise is built off the logical (can be) and the moral (should not be) axioms. In order to understand premise two, “to eat meat is to harm animals,” will require some effort to counteract the intense programming that eating animals is a good thing. With our reason, grounded in reality, we will need to gather and process data and empirically connect with the gory specifics of how animals suffer and are enslaved, tortured, and murdered to become food as the Movie Earthlings provides). And finally, our conclusion: “to eat meat is wrong” is our moral response to stop eating meat and then help others do the same, as our moral obligation.

Carnism: Distortions of Truth and Morality

   Carnism attempts to stab holes at the Vegan Syllogism before having to rely on the less desirable route of justification. Because the Vegan Syllogism is valid (correct premises + correct deduction), Carnism endeavors to redefine the concept “animal” by altering the classification of plants, animals, and human animals to distort basic biological realities.

   Some will put plants and animal species in the same genera by erroneously comparing the unseen chemical processes of plants with the seen physical movements of animals under the façade of being "empirical-therefore-rational" evidence. This is not only a fallacious correspondence between different

Artist: Sue Coe

vegan murder of fruits.jpg

scales of reality and genera, it is quite possibly projecting a subjective narrative onto the micro-reality of plants based off the macro-reality of animals. Some have even gone so far to claim that ethylene gas emission of plants under stress is equivalent to the terrified screams of a pig before his slaughter. Their perception of reality has been corrupted by the plant fallacy mind-virus because to even defective rationality, this comparison would be described as insane.

   Sometimes within the same train of thought, Carnists erroneously classify animals and human animals together to validate Carnism, saying “animals eat animals”... therefore “humans should eat animals too.” (Notice we put ‘should’ and not can, because we could eat each other if we wanted to; should asks the moral question ought we?) Would it not be the death of reason itself, to model all human behavior off other animals? Shouldn’t our standard reflect that of a higher being, a rational animal? When their argument is “an eye for an eye” it does not match reatliy as we do not prey on predator-animals (i.e.


lions) but the weakest among them (farms animals), thus exploiting them most unfairly. While only some animals eat other animals, they do not have the capacity to know that they are inflicting harm, whereas we have this knowledge with our human capacity. Animals and humans are both bound by laws corresponding to their respective levels of consciousness. Thus, humans are more bound by morality, given their capacity. Moral laws can be conceived rationally, corresponding to our differentia as ‘rational animals’ (rationality-as-potential). If we are to understand these laws, we would penetrate the (Satanic) lie that our potential is to be a low as the lowest animals. This would be to work against Natural Law, creating suffering by negating our Higher Potentials (greater degrees of true care, empathy, compassion, and justice).

   However, not all human animals are even rational. If we say that the quality of rationality (as the human differentia from the genera of animal) is the reason why we shouldn't harm humans but makes it okay to harm animals (as they don't have this quality), we are missing several things. For one, humans are not born rational and many do not die rational. Some humans do not have rational capacities due to brain injuries and others with rational capacities never develop them; nor do those with rational capacities who use them, use them all the time. In the periods and moments of our lives when we aren’t using our mind-brain, we could say we are like animals. When we suffer from illness we are less likely to engage in thought but we still feel pain. And even ‘rational’ has many levels and degrees of expression to its opposite: irrationality and rationalization as humans can be considered ‘rationalizing’ animals (i.e. false knowledge). This is why human animal is more correct terminology than rational animal. Would it not remain wrong to harm a human who isn't exercising rational capacity and is more in an animal state?

   Even as we have detected classification errors, it makes absolutely no difference. Under Natural Moral Law ALL we need to know is whether animal is a being that can be harmed or not, using our sense perception. And very clearly, we know that animals can suffer, experience distress, pain, and terror; this is enough to verify the first premise of the Vegan Syllogism. (And if plants are harmed too on some microscopic level, this would not negate the fact that harming Individual Animals is relatively WORSE than harming plants, even if BOTH can be harmed. After the world goes Vegan, we would then learn how to live without plants in the future.)

   Carnists also attempt to combine the term 'harm' with its opposite 'non-harm' to create oxymorons such as “good slaughter,” “humane killing,” and “happy (tortured/dead) cows.” They may separate harm from murder believing that death is better than being alive and tortured. This allows them to validate murder as necessary to the consumption of meat. Yet, murder is the invalidation and Destruction of Life, and goes beyond harm to be total annihilation. In some ways it can be more violent than abuse as the most violent act of all. An Individual Animal exerts an enormous amount of energy to fight for his life till the bitter end just as the animal within us would. We do not wish to die in an act of murder. Animals want to live!! In trying to gain some moral redemption, these Carnists focus on improving the abusive condition of animals, yet they still are oblivious to the harm caused by slavery and oppression itself no matter the level of cruelty. The context of Animal Slavery goes unnoticed in a culture of moral relativism that has granted humans the false right to do as we please with animals.


Artist: Sue Coe

Justifications of Post-New Age Carnism

   While Veganism does not depend upon justification, grounded in self-evident truths, Carnism does, in its failure to invalidate the Vegan Syllogism through manipulations of terms and meanings by violating the Law of Identity (i.e. animal=plant, human=animal, harm=no harm). Justification can be seen as the opposite of Reason. Through Reason we discover what is right in connection with reality, but with justification we try to make a wrong into a right with a ‘reason’ (sophistry). Anyone can find reasons to support actions, but that doesn’t make the actions right. For example, Eugenicists can justify genocide as “saving the environment.” Using the equivocal terms ‘reasons’ and ‘Reason’ relates to the black magic, confusion, and obfuscation of language used—by not only sophists and pseudo-philosophers—but Political Puppets and Dark Sorcerers, extending back from ancient times to now (reflecting The Dark Trivium).

   The Carnist "Syllogism," in contrast to the Vegan Syllogism, is more like three separate propositions that can be considered their main justifications for eating meat.


1. Eating animals is natural.


2. Eating animals is normal.


3. Eating animals is necessary.


   Out of the three, Post-New Age Carnism asserts the last, since meat being necessary would be the strongest argument whereas the other two assertions of meat being natural and normal is culturally-dependent and therefore vulnerable to deconstruction (for example, the cultural belief that war is normal is no justification for it).

Artist: Sue Coe

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   By necessity, we mean “being such a contributory factor that without it there could be no life.” Are the acts of terror and violence upon animals absolutely necessary for human survival? Despite the enormous evidence of the health benefits of the Vegan Diet, there are those who claim they encountered serious health problems from the lack of meat. Yet, if we can meet our dietary needs with a variety of foods and supplementation, the remaining question is whether dead flesh is the ONLY source for particular nutritional needs? The movie Game-Changers debunks this myth. Also, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles require vitamin supplementation due to the depletion of such nutritional content from the soil (due to big Agriculture).

   Giving their incomplete conclusion 100% certainty, these Carnists have stopped experimenting and gathering more information on vegan diet options. Possible moral solutions were rejected from their consciousness … and still are. The immoral choice was made absolute and some now are strong activists for Carnism. This reveals that Veganism was never a moral issue to begin with for those who were former Vegans (False Veganism). Carnist activism is more likely the defense mechanism of cognitive dissonance, otherwise, silence would be given on the matter. Even if in a statistical outlier case, flesh contained some necessary antibiotic for some strange illness for someone, what person of morality would associate curing their illness with hostile contempt towards Veganism? While necessary evils are the product of ignorance, we should of course prioritize human life even if we did not know of a better option at the time. (While False Veganism is better than Carnism, it is still not very good. Not only are these Vegans likely to revert back from the social pressure of the dominant culture, but without Vegan activism, their behaviors make little to no difference in the world at large, as numbers do matter.)

  Because Post-New Age Carnism connects New Age beliefs to Veganism, misperceptions and misconceptions about Veganism take hold. (The next section will deal with the many aspects of this categorical error: Veganism=New Age Propaganda). Consequently, justifications through ‘empirical evidence’ can always be discovered when we are perceiving, conceiving, and interpreting reality from false premises. We will immediately associate and connect information to support it, rejecting alternative information. However, even if justifications have some objective validity, they are irrelevant in terms of Morality. If we could gain some health benefit from eating human flesh, would that make it okay to murder and eat humans? Should the man who needs a kidney steal one from his neighbor? When it comes to possible benefits that can be derived from acts of evil, many could be proposed. In fact, evil usually has some immediate reward. Yet, do we want Reason to become reasons as to lead us down the slippery slope to hell?


   Now, Carnists may claim that Veganism has its own false conclusion and bias, such as dismissing the health benefits of Carnism, but this attempted table turn is inappropriate. Veganism is based on a moral axiom and conclusion based on reality and reason leading to Right-Action. Understanding when to draw conclusions of certainty or not is part of the art and science of the Trivium. We should be the least conclusive about the perceived necessity of immoral actions, while actively seeking out new data to assist and guide better moral choices. It is usually Fear that contracts us to a foolish choice because we think it is the only choice available. When incorporating the moral and logical axioms, we must make the important distinction between focused attention that excludes immoral information and selective bias that excludes moral information.

With time, attention and care, moral solutions are always possible and are at least something to move towards as we cannot reach perfection in our current conditions. Why does this potential exist? Because aligning to Natural Law and harmonizing with Reason must possible for evolution to be real. By working on Self-Control (discipline and integrity), rather than External Control (i.e. control over animals/others), we build moral character, gaining true Spiritual Strength; furthermore, “character IS destiny.” Putting morality first in the best way we can, evolves one forward and upward towards greater levels of being and freedom.

   To understand the valid connection between physical vitality and meat, we have to examine psychological and cultural contexts of power. For there is a certain physical vitality that comes from power, and we must be able to differentiate which kind: good/higher or bad/lower. False power is power from external control; being enlivened by the control over someone else. Our world is based on this imbalanced dynamic of controller-controlled, manifested in politics and money through superiority, war, oppression, and conquest.


Art: The Big Meat Grinder by Matt Osmond

Because humans feel so out of control of their own destiny, they can feed off corrupt power as a way to compensate and be validated socially, spinning the cycle of victim-perpetrator. The low density and vibration of meat can give them a sense of raw carnal power, to feel like a conquering animal, giving them a false sense of control over their lives within the (multi-dimensional) Meat-Grinding-System. Yet, being able to function well in our “sick society, is not a true measure of health” (Krishnamurti).

   In the next section, we shall look more at how Post-New Age Carnism emphasizes rational power in the link between the brain and animal fats. There is no greater exploitation of Human Rational Dominance over others than over innocent non-predatory animals. Yes, they are innocent because they have done nothing do deserve this. We do not enslave them with brute force alone but breed them through rape in horrific concentration camps subjecting them to cleverly designed cages, torture devices, and killing machines. And reflectively, we enslave ourselves in our own minds from the conceptual cages and mental killing machines of Truth and Morality manifesting a world of darkness.

The New Age Agenda Connection

   Logic in the Trivium is the science and art of how we combine (connect) and separate (distinguish between) things; this can be done accurately or inaccurately according to subject and context. Since the Vegan Syllogism is infallible and justifications unjustifiable, an even more dishonest attempt to invalidate Veganism would be to combine it with corrupted ideologies so that it can be invalidated by association.

   Meat-eaters, who obfuscate their own ideology, may connect Veganism with religion. While moral conviction can resemble religious absolutism, Vegan Conviction really rests on the rightness of reason based on axioms along with a valid and true syllogism. Carnism criticizes the moral superiority of Veganism to keep the focus on people and not on the yearly billions of suffering animals. For, when we tell a child to not harm her kitty cat, is that indoctrinating the child with dogma and/or asserting moral superiority? Or is that preventing the cat from being harmed while teaching the child a moral axiom in which to base ALL (not some) behaviors in order to create peace for everyone. By social design, the fusing of morality and religion has distorted our perceptions throughout time, with the negative forms of self-righteousness. Yet, is it religious to end war, suffering, slavery, social injustice, etc.? While traditional religion has corrupted these virtues, contrarily, the New Age has discarded the need for virtue at all; the poisoned activism of religion pitted against the non-activism of New Age relativism, yielding no Real Activism.

   On top of traditional religion, Veganism has been connected to New Age Religion, another belief system.

Some have gone through a New Age-Vegan ‘phase.' Developmentally, it is not uncommon for people to reject their previous stage when they have outgrown aspects of it. Killing the lies in their former (New Age) belief systems may be unconsciously transferred to killing the lives of those they now eat. Perhaps the core values of their former Vegan phase were based on some ‘spiritual’ authority, their own ‘spiritual’ self-image, or social approval in a community context rather than truly about Animal Liberation and Respect for other forms of life. And so they ‘outgrow’ False Veganism along with New Age, like it was a fashion trend that went out of style. But regardless of the specific associations, the Post-New Age movement may condemn anything surrounding the New Age in one big sweep in the error of generalization.


new age deception.jpg

   But ideologically, the New Age embraces all perspectives and can accordingly be associated with both Carnism and Veganism. More specifically, the New Age and Carnism are alike in their support of Moral Relativism, in which good and evil are perceived as relative and subjective. Post-New Age Carnists claims to have the right to kill and eat animals for personal reasons, while New Agers won't ever ‘judge’ such actions as immoral. This opposes True Veganism, based on Objective Morality that will take an Absolutist Stand. While some Carnists may claim to not be moral relativists, their own moral contradiction for believing that some

animals deserve to live (dogs/cats) and not others (cows/pigs) proves otherwise. On the other hand, Veganism and the New Age share positive values such as peace and care for others. Since the negative trait of the New Age (moral relativism) is associated with Carnism and the positive traits (peace/care) are with Veganism, why would we want to throw out the positive and keep the negative? ...especially when True Veganism goes beyond the appearance of goodness—which the New Age is normally about—to instigate actual mental, emotional, and behavioral change towards what is good, as opposed to indulging in subjective fantasies that make no real difference for the world.

   In order to understand the problems of the New Age and how they relate to Carnism and Veganism, we must understand Gender Polarity, a Natural Law Principle (explained in the Kybalion). In the Individual Self, this is the polarity of the Mind (corresponding to the left and right brain hemispheres), between thought/mind and feeling/heart, and between the active and passive sides of the spirit. When the polarity of Masculine and Feminine is negatively expressed it becomes Gender Imbalance, which can manifest in a multitude of ways in self and our relationships. In Relationships that are patterned off Collective Systems, we see the unhealthy dynamics of this ‘passive-aggressive’ imbalance: master-slave, perpetrator-victim, predator-prey, controller-controlled, dominator-submissor, human-animal, etc.


schism of the mind 2.jpg

   Looking at the Dialectic of Culture, following traditional religion, Scientific Materialism and narrowly defined rationality emerged as pathological masculinity (left-brain). Then a growth of Culture swung to right with pathological femininity and the New Age anti-intellectualism (right-brain). In the same likeness, Post-New Age Carnism grows out of New Age and tends to project these pathological feminine qualities onto Veganism and then swing back to the pathological masculine in order to compensate (False Balance)... such as feeling masculine power through meat-eating rather than feminine weakness through veggie consumption. Yet, going from one imbalance to another is the effect of a reaction. A ‘reaction’ is the anti-thesis of the Dark (Hegelian) Dialectic: thesis + anti-thesis= synthesis, in which an individual is controlled by reactionary polarization. This understanding of human behavior is the greatest leverage of Social Control (False Synthesis). Yet, with Vertical Evolution, one can gain Self-Control (with an internal locus of control) to become Sovereign, and not be controlled from without.

   While much of the New Age prioritizes group needs to the point of identity loss, Post-New Age Carnism separates from the ‘spiritual’ group and is about me-me-me, getting carnist needs met with“my” freedom. But neither is Free. Doing the right things for the wrong reasons, although better, is not very far from doing the wrong things. With error, there can be no freedom. Both the need for social approval with New Age Veganism and rebellious individuality with Post-New Age Carnism create another false dialectic that fails to come from the Authentic Self. The Authentic Self has no social persona, nor desire to exploit free will as independence, and does not align to or react to social contexts but to Truth and Morality.

   The New Age placed feelings over mind and in response Post-New Age Carnism did the opposite. It glorified the intellect to the point of imbalance to take precedence over the heart. While the New Age went too far by accepting all perspectives and ideas (mental fusion), missing critical and necessary distinctions, Post-New Age Carnism would separate and compartmentalize concepts to the other extreme. They would see their own species as entirely distinct from other animal species, making Natural Law Rights their exclusive rights over animals. Carnists identify to the ‘rational’ part in ‘rational animal,’ to distinguish their superiority and ‘power’ over other species (Speciesism), alienating themselves from their genera. This would eventually alienate and isolate them from other human animals as well. Animal rights activists are labeled anti-humanists (another violation of the Law of Identity) in their devious dualistic trap of either/or, them-or-us, to make Veganism an enemy of humanity. (However, in reality, it is lack of Self-Respect that perpetuates the cycle of abuse towards other Individual Animals, until the inner transformation towards Love).

   Post-New Age Carnists idealize the primitive and barbaric lifestyle of meat-eating as refreshing from the delicate sensibilities of the New Age. Yet, these Carnists moved from New Age Fluff to“all meat and no fluff,” from the appearance of goodness (fluff) to the reality of evil (meat)... never finding their way to a higher level of reality to discover that the object they were seeking is the Substance of Moral Truth that gives the soul sustenance. Substance grounds us to reality and discards the fluff of pseudo-spiritual beliefs, while meat embeds us in the System of Evil to perpetuate suffering.

   To compensate for the pathological anti-hierarchy and extreme egalitarianism of (New Age) Flatland, Post-New Age Carnists readopted the already existent pathological hierarchy of our Dominant Satanic Culture, the culture they sought to transcend with the New Age. They went backwards, not forward and never found the proper mental hierarchy to place right OVER wrong, true OVER false, high OVER low.


  Both of these imbalances in the New Age and Post-New Age Carnism hinge on feelings of inadequacies (inferiority/superiority), particularly social inadequacies for the New Age in their need for social acceptance and intellectual inadequacies for Post-New Age Carnism, such as the need for intellectual validation. These Carnists express their superiority through the aggressive left-brained intellect. Ultimately, both these imbalances need to be healed with Love in order to Move Upwards with Whole Mind Integration to Heart.


  Post-New Age Carnism fails to restore the damaged masculinity of the New Age that would lead into True Balance. True masculinity (the Divine Masculine) is found in OUR persistence, courage, and determination to END/STOP/FIGHT EVIL AT ALL COSTS, with relentless WILLPOWER and COURAGE; these being the qualities of the Spiritual Warrior. In this context, the Divine Feminine represents Transcendental Virtues: Good, True, Beautiful, etc. that must be rescued from the Forces of Draconian Darkness. The Divine Masculine strives to liberate and rejoin with the Divine Feminine, through the Movement in his Activism (taking Right Action), like a sperm moving towards the egg to create life, as living morally generates and sustains life in the manifest, even though Life is ultimately Eternal. (Let the animals live!) While our cultural gender myths have been distorted to psychically imprint imbalance, we still have the potential to attain healthy integration and higher vibration of this polarity through understanding and growth.

Art: Saint George Killing the Dragon by Bernat Martorell

The United Nations and Beyond Government

   With so much political deception abound, the Post-New Age may consider anything coming from the government to be propaganda and bullshit without further inspection (when Carnists may not realize that they actually eat traces of bullshit in their meat).

    Recently, the United Nations, connected to the New Age Agenda, through a Global (All-Inclusive) Religion, is now promoting Veganism. Yet, since propaganda is always a mixture of truth and lies, we must not be too quick to judge. To be independent thinkers we have to be grounded in logical and moral axioms to tease apart the threads rather than make assumptions. Then, even though our knowledge of government agendas is always limited, we are still resistant to manipulation of evil in its evolving shape-shifting forms because we do not react, we investigate to know.

Artist: David Dees

   Regarding ethical action, there are two types of ‘ends’ in human behavior: acts that are done as a means for other ends (Agendas) and acts done for their own sake (End-In-Itself). On the Spiritual Level, the Ultimate End is the Good, but without this knowledge, humans perpetuate the Cycle of Karma of one agenda after the other seeking false goodness (as agendas are not true ends, but a chain of acts stemming from ill-intentions). Any objective other than the True Good will not offer true fulfillment or satisfaction to the Self but Spiritual Bondage to the false self and this will invariably lead one to suffering. (It's all part of the evolutionary plan!) Agendas drive personal gain from the 3-D illusion in terms of rewards, such as fame, wealth, status, popularity, and political/social power. As individuals form collective institutions, Social Agendas form with the Ultimate Prize being: to control, engineer, or be outside of the Control System Itself (False Transcendence). Individuals may unconsciously conceal their own agendas, while social agendas are hidden from public view with media diversion and propaganda. From the start, it is obvious that the UN is using Veganism as part of its Agenda, yet True Veganism is an End-In-Itself-As-The-Good. It is done for its moral virtue and not because it serves any plan for the powers that be.

   The function of government is and always has been to twist and conceal Truth and Morality to obfuscate Natural Law with man's law to maintain power by the division of it. Government Agendas commonly impose laws behind the banner of goodness (i.e. helping the poor, national security, saving the environment, etc.) to win the vote of the people in endeavors that violate Natural Law Rights. While we know that it is morally good to give charity, we also know that forcing people to give to the poor under the threat of violence is wrong, even for the right reason. The UN Climate Change Propaganda follows this same pattern with its proposed laws to save the planet from warming up. However, beneath the shiny green surface lurks a sinister plan of Global Enslavement (Agenda 21/2030). With animal agriculture being far more responsible for CO2 (plant food) than human production (a fictitious enemy anyhow), for the UN to ignore this fact could possibly discredit the entire Environmental Movement. Furthermore, animal agriculture and factory farming as they exist today are unsustainable practices just in terms of resource-consumption and waste production, and for the Control System to persist it must address this issue from a practical not moral perspective. Our System, even though evil must be operable. Also, confusing veganism with political propaganda creates more divide and conquer with the vegan debate, just as the flat earth theory has divided conspiracy theorists.


   Through the Dark Dialectic of Evolution, the Social Engineers predict the stages of human progress to steer it in the direction of their Social Agendas. We see this with the historical revolutions of racism, classism, and sexism. These revolutions appeared to be about human rights and while conditions and cultural values improved to some extent, the ideals of Truth and Morality were still subverted as Human Slavery remains our global condition. While the slavery of the blacks (technically) ended after the Civil War, British power over the American Plantation remained that we are all enslaved to (i.e. wage-slaves to the Crown Corporation/Bank of England), under the mask of freedom. Likewise, the Communist Revolution attempted to eliminate classism for economic equality and it merely subverted an even tighter grasp on the poor by the rich.

The Feminist Movement turned women into servants of the system, masculinizing them, and separating them as educators of the children so that the State could play this role. Knowing that speciesism is the next Cultural Revolution, the Social Engineers have it already factored into their Agendas (and pseudo-ends), as chess masters are always a few steps ahead. They cannot stop all evolutionary movements, but they can steer them towards a direction that serves them.

   Moving Beyond... this next section is meant to stimulate thought in either reality (what is) or the hypothetical one (what if); we cannot know which. And it does not matter as the following is not supporting evidence for Veganism (which we've already covered) but meant to encourage a cosmic perspective on things. Wherefore, even if these 'facts' momentarily presented are not true, an exploration of the hypothetical realm can expand our current understanding to discover more about ourselves, the world, and Natural Law through mere questioning and role reversal.

   Anyone who starts to fearlessly unravel the layers of the Government Agenda will brush upon the Non-Human Agenda, and while this is speculative territory, we might pause to contemplate how it relates to Animal and Human Slavery. With the existence of diverse Human Predators, such as the Average Meat-Eater, the CEO Psychopath, the Warmongering Politician, the Sex Predator Priest, and the Dark Sorcerer, we must not eliminate the possibility of Non-Human Intelligent Predators when we reflect on the vastness of the cosmos and the genetic diversity of life within it. Setting aside our sheer egotism as a Species, what makes us think that we are on top of the Food Chain? There is nothing to say that ‘speciesism’ would not go in both directions, as below so above in the relative dualistic universe.

Researcher David Icke, alien (reptilian) abductee and researcher James Barley, Andromedan (alien) contactee Alex Collier, and others have exposed a Reptilian Agenda. They claim that these Superior Non-Human Reptilians live underground doing horrible things to humans: enslaving, torturing, raping, and eating them. All of a sudden we cringe

Painting: “Saint Wolfgang and the Devil,” Altarpiece of the Church of Fathers, Munich, c.1483

when hearing those terms “torturing,” “raping,” “killing,””eating” in the context of being done to our species, as moral relativism is indeed myopic. These types of beings are said to be bigger in size with scaly muscular bodies, mentally much more advanced and intelligent than we are, with the capacity to not only dominate and capture the human body but also the human mind.

   Our species may be so conquered by this Dark Higher Intelligence that our knowledge of them is practically non-existent; after all, an invisible enemy is much more effective. For when such knowledge is presented it is deeply ridiculed that we may consider this to be one of the most taboo topics. But if we observe the master-mind level of organization and management required to implement the Global Agenda of enslaving 7 billion people, we might ask the question with a self-honest assessment of our intelligence, or rather lack thereof, how humans could enslave themselves so efficiently and well. If levels of master-slave exist, might more advanced minds behind the scenes be manipulating the Human Enslavers so they too are encompassed within the System they believe they are constructing? Again, this is speculation and may be more metaphor than reality, nonetheless, it is worth at least considering.

   Strangely, such a Nightmare would be Fearful Symmetry, as the horrific actions of this monstrous predator species would not be very much different than our own actions towards animals, simply one level up! Can we dare to look into the cosmic mirror? While some humans believe these to be the facts and await the Good Aliens to save us from the Bad Ones, simply choosing a meal without a tortured, murdered victim may suffice to help the human race the same way!

Whether the reptilians are real or not, is beside the point, but one should pause to ask this question: how would you like being tortured, raped, murdered, and eaten by a Higher Intelligent Species just in the way that you torture, rape, and murder the Lower Species? This illustrates our moral axiom connected to the Law of Correspondence, as above so below.

Evolution increases our circle of care and knowledge about the essences and natures of living beings. We move from Family Tribe to Community Tribe and then ideally to the Human Tribe, putting aside how Culture has indoctrinated us with the socially-constructed Artificial State Tribe of Human Division using national boundaries for power/control and war/profit. Beyond the Human Tribe, our care should extend to our Animal Tribe through natural intellectual-moral development.

Tarot Card from Rider-Waite Deck

   The New Age (and what can appear as Post-New Age/Post-Postmodern/Integral, etc.) may call our evolved selves ‘Global Citizens’ having supposedly transcended our State Tribe (nationalism/patriotism). Yet, a wider more encompassing statism is NOT evolution. Thus, we must differentiate between collectivism and universal care. The Post-New Age Truth Movement improves this with ‘Sovereign Humans.’  However, a  purely human-centric perspective does not take into account the slavery of other species nor has the rationality to understand the Essence of human animals. The term ‘Cosmic Adults’ goes beyond a corrupted global perspective and narrowly defined sovereign one to a cosmic-rational perspective, with the goal of understanding Sovereignty in a Cosmic Context. True Sovereignty applies Universal Morality, Rights, and Freedom to All Species with physical autonomy. The Cosmic Adult matures from the childishness of species-centrism to have respect, care, and love towards all Life Forms and Lower Species.

   Yet, there may come a time, when the suffering from our Ignorance reaches a Saturation of Sin, and we can no longer run from ourselves as we become nauseated by our own arbitrations of truth to desire the Real Thing. With Love and the Guide to Truth and Knowledge, we have the potential to be reborn outside of the Matrix of Control and Illusion, to outgrow our false/lower selves and worldviews and immoral ways of being; this reflects the positive side of the Ouroboros, who eats not his living flesh but the dead skin that has been shed through his Resurrection... leaving no trace behind of his former self. And this can be an ongoing Renewal with the Trivium as we constantly shed our false conceptions and mental errors, shutting down mind-viruses to make room for Living Truth and Moral Knowledge. By making moral choices we become more Good and more Free. We come to understand WHY Veganism is so IMPORTANT in ending evil as an integral facet to our Awakening; and how it relates and connects to other evils with holistic thought.


   Then we may discover the Good Life of Socrates, the Timeless Being of Plato, the Movement towards End-as-the-Good of Aristotle, to understand what they meant when they said: “Knowledge is Virtue.”

   Within our minds, eating our tails portrays the self-validating feedback loop between a prejudiced worldview and so-called ‘reality.’ Instead of perceiving “what is,” outside the self, we perceive our projected narcissistic delusion as ‘Arbiters of Truth and Morality,’ making it up as we go to fit our egoic Agenda. This is the Solipsistic Circle of the Ouroboros where we are enslaved to our own Subjectivity and Cultural Embeddedness. This is like a dog chasing its tail, going nowhere as he perpetually chases his own delusion. In failing to take quality data in from the objective realm of existence, we can only take in our own false imposed worldview, corrupted and falsely constructed. Input and output feed into each other through circular self-reflexive thinking, detached from reality. We literally eat our own minds and gain no new knowledge, and thus our actions are Self-Destructive.

reptilian ourobos.jpg

Art: Biblioteca dell'Academia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome

From the Origin to the End

   In our final section, to balance our very logical beginning, we now incorporate mythopoetic and metaphorical narratives to enrich our rhetoric.

infinite nature clouds 2.jpg

   The highest level of spirituality has been called Source, Ultimate Reality, and “The Infinite Living Mind” by the Hermeticists (from The Kybalion).  Source goes beyond not only materiality and form but beyond the transcendental concepts that make up Natural Law (i.e. Love, Truth, Freedom, Goodness, etc.) as their Unified Origin. Even Aristotle, the Father of Logic (and whom some call the father of empiricism) claimed that the Ultimate Reality was a logical necessity of Metaphysics and that there had to be a Prime Cause to all effects in the cosmos. While True Religion is the direct realization of our Individual connection to Source (Ultimate Reality), we must keep our humility by recognizing that and aspect of Source still remains beyond our conception/conceptual framework. The finite mortal mind can make many errors in attempting to grasp Source, as demonstrated with our bloody history over ‘God’ and eras of religious persecution. The

New Age has likewise created harm with the misunderstood concepts of Source and Ultimate Reality blatantly denying evils being committed in our world. This has lead to more false religion, delusion, dissociation, and escapism. We also need to focus on the Here-And-Now and the immanent aspects of reality that are knowable, as this reality matters (has matter)... this is the reality that needs to evolve; Source is simply the beginning and end of that process.

   If we are to transcend (vertical movement towards Source) then we must first face what is happening in our shared reality, to face what is and to face evil with Love. Transcendence is linked to Salvation, as we must save ourselves from what is holding us back in the here-and-now. Until we understand WHY humanity is stuck, we won't be able to move forward. What is preventing our evolution towards a world of justice and peace?

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passi

   Taking one step back, ignorance comes from Fear. It is our Fear of Truth, Fear of What Is, Fear to Know, Fear to Know Evil, and Fear to Stop It (lack of courage) is what creates pain, sorrow, and suffering. Fear shuts down, runs away, contracts, hides, pretends, and rationalizes to blinding us from the Choice of good and evil that holds the key to our evolution. We are afraid to face our Culture of Corruption and admit how we have been a part. With great courage and willpower, we must polarize FEAR into LOVE to see all that we do not want to see in order to transform our situation.

   To problem-solve, we must determine the SOURCE of our problems in our individual lives and as the collective state of slavery in which we live. (Passio relates this to the Matrix 2 movie and the question asked by the Merovingian of why the Matrix exists). Although we are using the term source in different contexts (the source of our Control System and the Source of Creation), they relate. This is because the source of our problems is the rejection and ignorance of the real Source of Creation and its Natural Laws (the bigger What Is). The Ultimate Reality (the Absolute) is the Origin of Laws (in the relative, multiplicity, polarity) which are necessary for evolution. Thus, what is the source of the Matrix and not being able to transcend but our ignorance of laws which results in negative consciousness expressions and suffering, individually and collectively?

merovingian passio.jpg

   Now we turn to discuss ‘Source' in a slightly different context that is more metaphorical, while paradoxically more concrete. Let us break down this question: “What is the Source of our System of Slavery?” the most basic material level and ask with specificity: “what is the source of energy that brings movements to our bodies to maintain this System of Suffering?” The answer, of course, in our Carnist Society—even though thousands of slaughterhouses and animal concentration camps are hidden from our view and we are forbidden to see them—is animal SUFFERING. The fuel from which is live, the energy for our Physical Power (connected to emotional and mental powers), the input to our Divine Body Temples truly comes from violence, bloodshed, misery, and the suffering of other living beings. In such a case, with Cause and Effect, the output to such input is not much different in quality: welcome to Human Slavery.

   While correspondence may appear to be circular logic, it is not true that like begets like? That the quality of what we put into our bodies is the quality that we produce from them? If we start things poorly then we end with poor results as the beginning resembles the end. If we Begin with Fear, we End with Evil... when we think from false axioms we project false realities, and when we act immorally we endure painful consequences. When we trace this back to the Source of Human Origin, we arrive at the Original Sin. Related to the ‘O’ in Origin is the symbol of Ouroboros; the snake eating its tail in a circle. All symbols have dual-meaning and we will first explore the dark one. The Circle of ‘O’ can represent the Wheel of Reincarnation/Life and Death; our bondage to Time based on Karma. The Snake/Dragon is the devil or Satan in the Biblical Genesis tempting our Separation from God, or more accurately the separation from Source and our Immortal Higher Selves. By falling for the Illusion of time-bound existence and materialism, we have deviated off the path towards God/Source/Ultimate Reality. The exaltation of our false/lower selves and elevation of the material realm ideologically (Satanism) would be our error, costing us our Higher Existence.

Ouroboros Lucas Jennis

   As  with the Ouroboros, consumption also plays a part in the Garden of Eden, as the original sin was a selection in food. For a more accurate symbol of evil, might we replace the Apple with a Steak in our narrative of the Meatrix. This is the CHOICE between the red and blue pill (Truth Reality vs. Matrix Illusion—in the Matrix Movie Trilogy). Hypothetically, we might ask if we were children, what would we have chosen... the apple or the steak? Being seduced by the devil's bait (the blue pill), Eve's first bite into a piece of meat would (allegorically) destroy Real Innocence and True Care. It may not have been accidental that Eve, the Divine Feminine, was the first to dine with the devil, since evil must crush the Heart Spirit, before infecting the Mind (Adam).

The Matrix Movie: The blue pill (illusion) or red pill (truth)

   From that point forth, Individual Animal Life would be turned into a piece of Meat and this would extend to degraded conceptions of Human Animals as well. People would be turned into things, the life force of the spirit would become food for vampires and predators, and the immortal soul reduced to exploitative material. Humans would become means to an ends rather than end-in-themselves. Interiors would be gutted to feast upon exteriors. This soulless materialism would turn humans against themselves and each other with war, competition, and greed. The‘human-being’ as subject would become object to control, dominate, and exploit, as a “human resource” to be used up and tossed out; a means to an Agenda (pseudo-end) for personal gain, profit, and social mobility in the Dark Hierarchy. This would flourish in our profiteering system where the faster we can grind soul into flesh, lives into meat, the more earnings we gain, the more social credits and popularity we receive. The Infinite Value of Life would be degraded to the finite imaginary numbers of $. We would feed the Suffering-Consumer-Waster-War-Meat Profit Machine rather than spiritually evolve.

   Even if we judge the system by the highest level of success offered within it, such as making it “Big,” the celebrity status of the Hollywood Matrix, we witness the Ultimate Objectification of the lower self in the glory of deception. One becomes a profiting piece of meat for consumer consumption, devoured, chewed, and spit out by the predator industries, used for ulterior occult agendas, and mocked by the unseen masters they entertain in the Human-Animal Circus.

   In this Biblical tale, we've been told that it was a sin to eat the Apple, but the Steak more applies; might this story have been twisted to support the powers that be? After all, if the apple is the gateway to the Knowledge of Good and Evil, would this not be a Good thing for God to have wanted for us? Apples offer the body nutrition and so to does spiritual knowledge offer the soul nutrition. Shouldn't have Eve being the Divine Feminine of Care led us to Knowledge? From the beginning of time, the Evil Agenda has always been to conceal knowledge that would reveal such evil. Keeping with the snake symbolism, our Reptilian Overlords may have flipped the polarity so that good would become evil and the reverse, this because good and evil cannot be ultimately destroyed even conceptually, only manipulated and inverted. Therefore, we might rewrite a more accurate metaphor for this story... and that our first ancestors rejected eating from the Tree of Knowledge in a Beautiful Garden, choosing to slay and eat their Animals companions in the Flesh Factory of Ignorance. When the apple could have nourished their bodies and the knowledge of Polarity nourished their souls and minds, they put dead bodies inside of themselves in the denial of evil. Since then, Carnism has poisoned our souls, minds, and hearts. We have been in an Age of Darkness where the Knowledge of Good and Evil was buried in obscure lands, sealed into the Occult Ark, feared and left alone. But that Age is coming to its End and the Ark has been unearthed.

   We can no longer claim that the Truth has been hidden from us. And there is a scene in the Matrix movie that depicts the choice of IGNORANCE. Having awoken from the false reality of the Matrix, Cipher betrays his team and eats a Steak with the villain Agent Smith, consciously choosing to remain in the Matrix; choosing the pleasure of Illusion over the pain of Reality. Unfortunately this reflects much of humanity, in that the Truth is actively being Ignored and rejected. When we betray Truth, we betray ourselves and the price we pay far exceeds the price we gain from our Self-Degradation.

Cipher enjoying steak in the matrix

reptilian brain.jpg

   When we fail to understand how the lower realms harm our higher nature, we destroy ourselves with the ignorance that harm is self-harm. Eating the steak feeds our own lower potential, corresponding to our reptilian brain stem as we have emerged from reptilian ways of being! To eat one's own flesh, like the snake does in the Ouroboros, is cannibalism, yet the flesh of animals fares not much different from ours. They too have skinned bodies, heads, arms/legs, blood, guts, tissues, and organs. To eat flesh represents the worship of our carnal reptilian being.


In a Fractal Holographic Universe    

All directions and all scales


Calcified Rigid Solidity   

Ego Locks into Evil      

Vertical and Horizontal Grid      

Micro and Macro Systems         

Of Slavery and Bondage         

Above and Below Dependency            

A Hierarchical Chain of feeding and being food             Levels of Oppression and Degradation               

Desire for Escape; Suffering         

Left and Right Imbalance            

Lateral Control            

Relationships of Inequality            

We Enslave and Dominate each other               

Through Manipulation and Power               

Culture Victimizes Self               

Self Victimizes Other               

Human Victimizes Animal               

Left brain Victimizes Right               

Mind Victimizes Heart               

Heart Bleeds Out                

Like Dying Animal          

Prior and Posterior Hampster Wheel Circle             Dualistic Trap of Thesis and Anti-thesis                Predictable Responses               

Feed into the Controller’s Plans            

Cause of Fear               

Effect of Evil            

Beginning Mind Control               

End Immorality-Acts of Harm

The Collective System of Slavery   

Composed of Individual Self-Enslaving Units       

Death of Imagination, Soul, Will         

Enslaving Ourselves            

Eyes Wide Shut            

Ignorance, Denial, Dissociation            

Rejection of Truth and Morality               

Based on Fear               

No Courage               

No Care               

Void and Dark Inside               

All Exterior, no Interior               

Lost in Total Confusion                   


Self is Worst Enemy                   

The Reptilian Mirror

Corrupt System   

Dependent on      

Feasting off the Suffering of Others         

Feeding Off False Power            

Exploitation, Objectification, Agenda            

Greed, Lust, Selfishness, Gluttony            


But we can Always Turn this Around! 

Burning Mandala: Brian Paul Smith

We Can Rise Above our Lower Nature   

To turn a Prison of Darkness into      


To House the Light         

Remove the Chains         

If we can Desire and Move Towards            

Truth And Reality         

Beyond the Materialistic Illusion            

Ego-Contracted self            

Lower Desires            

Cultural/Self Lies         

We must learn to Awaken SOMETHING we have            

Never been Taught            

Never been Shown            

Never Been Truly Given               

And that is: LOVE         

We must Cultivate Love from Scratch            

Making the Void Conscious            

Then Filling it with            

A Love That Knows No Limits            

A Love That Does Not Come from Here            

Infinite, Eternal               

Yet Infinitely Growing            

As LOVE is the Complete               

Anti-Thesis to the System               

Love Transcends the False Design         

We must awaken the Heart and Develop True Care            

Care as the Driving Force behind All Things               

With Time and Attention            

To nurture our Interiors            

So That we Can Let Go and Watch Die               

Our Illusions, Delusions, Projections               

False selves And False Worlds               

They Hold No Purpose in the Love                  

Love leads to Knowledge                     

From Knowledge to Freedom            

This Shatters the Prison of Lies      

We must endure ‘Legitimate Suffering’         

As Long as it takes            

Eternity is worth a Speck of Time            

Needed for Alchemical Transformation               

We are Worth it and Deserve it!         

Transmute our Base Metal Interiors into Gold         

And Transmute Fear into Love,            

Love ourselves more than Ever               

Beyond Forever               

Always in All Ways            

Then we shall have the Courage               

To face Everything in the Cosmic Mirror                  

The Horror, the Violence, the Destruction                     

To Know What Evil Is            

The Knowledge of Natural Law               

To Heal the Consciousness Split                  

With Morality                     

Rightness and Reason                        

To End Evil                        

To say NO                        

To say I AM WRONG                        

To say This is Wrong                        

HARM on Culture-Self                        

Self-Other, Human-Animal Harm                        

Must STOP!!!!!!

We can Negate and Destroy the Dark Hierarchy of Domination   

With the Knowledge of Natural Law and Real Hierarchy      

Between the Lower and Higher Self         

Through Vertical Evolution

We can Integrate the Left and Right to become Whole   

So that Morality is not divided Out by Logic   

And Logic not Subordinate to Misconception      

To see with Spiritual Vision      

To be Complete and Unified   

The Dialectic becomes the Synthesis of Self      

In Alignment to Natural Law      

Instead of Stimulus Response      

Information, Processing, Knowing What to Do(At this point, torturing, raping, killing and eating animals does not FIT!

It is Anti-Thesis to Who We Are)   

Our Frequency Raises      

To the Harmonious Vibrations         

Of Time and Number         

A Galactic Symphony of Radiant Splendor            

In which all Aspects of True Being Sparkle               

The sides of a Divine Crystal               

Of All Transcendental Concepts of the Good                  

An Infinite-Sided Platonic Solid of Light                  

To reflects in All Angles                      

From All Angels                        

All Dimensions                        

Symmetrical Holographic                            

Cosmic Beauty! 

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