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by Jeremy Locke

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Mind Control by Jim Keith, PDF

Ancient Philosophy/Hermeticism

Modern Philosophy, Morality, Science

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Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy and the All by the Three initiates:

Read PDF: The Trivium by Sister Joseph

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The Rosicrucians.jpg

The Republic by Plato


Edited by W.D. Ross, PDF

The Corups Hermeticum.jpg
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The Emerald Table of Hermes.jpeg
Emerald Tablet of Hermes.jpg
Some Philosophy of the Hermetics.jpg
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Metaphysics_Borden Bowne.jpg
Giordiano Bruno And the Hermetic Traditi
Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy.jpg
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The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of Taro
From Chaos to Harmony.jpg
Path of Kabbalah.jpg
Tree of Evil.jpg
Light of Egyptian Revival.jpg
Unconstitutionality of Slavery.jpg
No Treason_Spooner.jpg
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C. G. Jung and the

Alchemical Renewal by Stephan Hoeller, Article

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Natural Law_Spooner.jpg
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Psychology and the Occult.jpg
The portable jung.jpg
The Age of Reason Thomas Paine.JPG
The Writings of Sameul Adams.jpg
Astrology-a cosmic science.jpg
Estoteric Astrology.jpg
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Reign of Quantity.jpg
Everyday Anarchy.jpg
laws of spiritual life.jpg
Natural Law in the Spiritual World.jpeg
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Truth vs. Falsehood.jpg

Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival, download PDF,  1952 A unique book on Esoteric Metaphysics, Percival also wrote: Democracy is Self-Government

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Theosophy-A mordern revival of ancient w
George Robert Stowe Mead - Echoes From T
the secret doctrine.jpg
The Cosmic Doctrine.jpg
Training and work of an initiate.jpg
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the secret of light_walter russell.jpg

Read PDF,

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Atomic sucide.jpg
Keeley and his discoveries.jpg
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Prodigal Genius.jpg
The Art of Dreaming_Castaneda.jpg
The Prophet.jpg
Integral Spirituality.jpg
Seat of the Soul.jpg
The Celestine Prophecy.jpg
Contemporary Phenomenology.jpg
Modern Philosophy by Ruggiero.jpg
Critique of Pure Reason.jpg
Hegel's Logic.jpg
Philosophy of Right.jpg
Communist Manifesto.jpg
Karl Marx Capital.jpg
Will to power.jpg
Beyond good and evil.jpg
Existentialism and humanism.jpg
Ominus Parallels.jpg
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deliberate dumbing down of america.jpg
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The Tavistock Institute.jpg
Selections from Prison Notebooks.jpeg
The Destrucion of Reason.jpg
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History and Class Consciousness.jpg
The Authoritarian Personality.jpg
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An Essay on Liberation_Marcusse.jpg
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The Postmodern Condition.jpg
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Feminism Postmodernism.jpg
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The New Dark Age.jpg
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satanic bible.jpg
satanic witch.jpg
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The Road to Serfdom.jpg
tragedy and hope.jpg
Brave New World_Aldous Huxley.jpg
rise of the fourth reich.jpg
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Creature Jekyll.jpg
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Club of Rome.jpg
Committee of 300.jpg
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