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Introduction: The Pyramid of Power

   As of 2015, I have been rigorously studying philosophy after finding Mark Passio's material from and embarking on the journey to independently verify and pursue truth. While I am in the process of writing multiple books on the subject that will be comprehensive, technical, and methodical, for now I will present some ideas in a less structured manner, which is flexible to improvement and refinement...

   Before we begin to discuss some philosophy, let's briefly summarize what the Control System is... a globalized integrated system that rules over humanity.

Jana Esp. studying and writing at SOU Ashland, OR 2015 (not as an enrolled student, but near-by car camper.)

(A great movie to get started on the topic of the Global Conspiracy, to unravel some of the first layers, is the movie Thrive. Go into the philosophical angle with Mark's analysis of Matrix trilogy—a must-see movie series that embodies an allegory relevant to our times. Go further with Passio's material and watch De-Mystifying the Occult Part II on the topic of the Satanic rulership of our world as he is in some sense a whistleblower on the Satanic and Luciferian Global Agenda (Part 1 is of course recommend, but not on this topic). David Icke also has many books on the subject and Corbett Report has very well-researched videos.)

Global Conspiracy Research Resource (click on images)

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   The two main arms of the Control System are the (1) false authority of government that controls religions, education, and media with thought-control, ideology/belief, and propaganda, and (2) the black magic of the monetary system that seeks to control and restrict labor and energy output/production with the threat of physical survival.


   Put simply, while government is about controlling the mind which can be linked to the dark masculine, the monetary system is about controlling energy which can be linked to the dark feminine. Of course, we need to be loose and flexible with gender associations as they are fractal in nature, but they help to elucidate how a dialectic (intertwining opposites) work, for better

 or worse—worse in this case, as the method of holistic control. Dark occultism takes the archetypes of gender, since they are part of the psyche and cosmos, and corrupts them institutionally. For this reason, our authoritarian system has been called mommy and daddy government as it contains both patriarchal and matriarchal elements.

   The masculine elements of consciousness can be related to mind, knowledge, logic, and reason, while the feminine is related to care, values, goodness, and intention. While keeping in mind that there are masculine and feminine within every phenomenon, for example masculine care and feminine mind, let's look into the general association of masculine government and the feminine monetary system.

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Hermetic Principle of Gender


   Government converts truth, reason, and knowledge into relativism and the arbitration of “authority,” while the monetary system converts the real currency (human consciousness, action, and care) with the currency of fictitious numbers that have sadly become most people's number one value and the primary motivation along with eugenics (depopulation/weakening the masses), for all corporations, including our degraded Health Care system and the military industrial complex.

   The political system creates immoral laws that destroy human freedom, violate human rights, and enforce war and genocide, while the monetary system enslaves humans by making humans dependent to it and controlling their access to physical necessities through employment and business. Humans are also drained by taxation, inflation, the business cycle, and market crashes cause by the Banksters.

Those who create money out of nothing direct human energy. Money (which intrinsically has no value) can fund any dark endeavor of the control system and this becomes people's livelihood.


   The monetary system replaces the ever-generating life force of abundance and our ability to produce with scarcity and limited resources that are restricted to the pyramid of power. It turns human power (as the ability to create) into the power that fuels the Matrix.


Government steals our minds, while money steals our time.

Politics, religion, and ideology centered around man's law attempts to own and possess the mind so that we don't think but believe in tradition and how we've been conditioned, while the monetary system attempts to own our bodies, our labor, and the material world.

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   (As a side note: Capitalism can be seen as the monetary part of the system, while socialism as the government aspect. This can invert the gender association, proving our earlier point about how gender is fractal, as capitalism often represents the will of the individual towards his own project and socialism represents how the collective system 'assists” and “benefits” the individual (when in the big picture socialist government harms the individual in the long-term.)

The third-part of the Control system that can be considered the synthesis between these masculine and feminine aspects is the monopoly on violence (police/military). We are forced to comply with the system against our will through these powers of coercion and duress that impair protest and revolt. The military structure is the most true to what the control system is: a hierarchical caste system

given cohesion with a small group of controllers at the top (the order-givers) and the order-following of the brain-washed slaves at the bottom. The military-industrial complex is responsible for carrying out eugenics, genocide, and population control through the use of genetic engineering, biowarfare, computer technology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and surveillance systems.


   All scientific progress comes from the intention to rule oppress, and weaken humankind. All three of these systems keep humanity in the state of physical, mental, and spiritual distress and co-dependence to an inhumane system that profits from their suffering.

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Artist: Mear ONE


   This Pyramid of Power goes beyond political and financial power and control as to be about the Dark Occult—which we have already related to gender. The Dark Occult is about concealing and perverting higher intellectual and spiritual truths to enable mental and emotional control.


   The Dark Occultists are a small group of individuals, some related to ancient bloodlines that have spiritual understanding beyond humanity (although they haven't gone all the way—which would mean becoming Light Occultists). Their religion can be considered Luciferianism, while they use satanism on the lower levels to encourage selfishness, power, and oppression in their hierarchies of dominance.

   They exist behind the scenes manipulating humankind to go against the Laws of Nature (or more accurately, to express the negative expressions of Natural Laws) keeping humans in a spiritually regressive state of being. When man is ignorant of these Laws, the control system has more power and domination over him.

   Man enslaves himself by rejecting the path of Truth and Morality required to gain awareness of the Control System, of himself (Self-Knowledge), and of the evolutionary Cosmos and his connection to it. His own false beliefs, selfish and ill-intentions, and ego based (lower) consciousness keep him stagnant and in the state of self-sabotage.


   What can be extrapolated from Natural Laws is that freedom in our external environment is in direct proportion to our level of morality in the aggregate (in thought, feeing, and action). The less conscious, rational, and moral beings we are, the more immoral government we will have. This principle was understood by the Founding Fathers during the American Revolution, who saw that tyrannical governments could only reign individuals who did not understand human rights or the objective difference between right and wrong. This is true in our individual lives through the Law of Correspondence, as our lives become chaotic and filled with suffering the more ignorant we are of the objective good.

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basis of human control.png

The source of suffering (both individual and collective) is the ignorance of Truth and Morality, as both reveal the causal factors to such suffering.


   Mind-control and social engineering through media, education, advertising, and propaganda are the methods of the Dark Occultists. By propagating a fear-based materialistic (satanic) “survival of the fittest” and “might makes right” paradigm, humanity fails to understand the Principles of Morality and consequently lives in a state of confusion, disharmony, and distress... unable to make sense of reality (both in their individual lives and in seeing our global situation).

Materialism prioritizes the flesh over the spirit (inverted pentagram) and worships the conditions of this world and its corrupt social hierarchies encouraging greed, selfishness, and ego.

   Our soulless system desires to reduce humans to biological machines fighting for survival or competing as aggressive animals for social status, power, and wealth. The corporations people work for are geared towards human exploitation, further enslavement, and covert eugenics-genocidal operations.

   The power differential and imbalance of wealth has generated insane opulence for the aristocracy and immense poverty and scarcity of necessary resources for debt-dependent nations that “owe” them for their loans (when again, money is made from nothing).


   Humanity has also conditioned with a “poisoned worldview” and the outlook that states that darkness triumphs over goodness and that the ultimate truth is bad; this related to nihilism and skepticism, fostering deep self-loathing from disassociation and betrayal to Spirit. We can start to see how this all relates to philosophy.

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Reconstructing Philosophy

Pichi & Avo mix Classical Greek Art with Graffiti

   In order for Political Power, Resource Control, and the Monopoly of Violence to exist humanity MUST BE IGNORANT of their Sovereign Rights and of Natural Laws, and True Philosophy in general.


   Without the rational and virtuous aspects of the mind developed, humanity remains in lower-based consciousness mired in illusion, belief, and sophistry.


   Since knowledge is Power, the Political Agenda is to destroy knowledge for the masses in order to be the exclusive owners of it.

   The war on humanity begins with the Mind and as the perversion of the Law of Mentalism.

Dominator hierarchy 6.jpg

The Master/Slave Hierarchy is related to the Knowledge/Ignorance Hierarchy.

Wherefore, the Education System has promoted Anti-PHILOSOPHY... consisting of sophistry, which states that there is no truth/ knowledge/ morality and/or that truth, right and wrong are relative to perspective (also called cognitive/moral relativism), and and egotism: I get to decide what right and wrong is based on what serves my ego as truth/right/wrong is not based in objective reality. Egotism is related to narcissism and solipsism.

Image: The Philosophical Trinity. These three branches of philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Morality). One may ask where is aesthetics/arts to be found and that is represented by the cosmic background. In order for us to fulfill our creative potential and purpose in the arts, we must first be able to navigate reality as to live in truth rather than falsity and act morally so as to live in the state of freedom rather than slavery.

While the Anti-Philosophical Trinity is SOPHISTRY, RELATIVISM, and EGOTISM, the REAL philosophical Trinity is METAPHYSICS, EPISTEMOLOGY, and MORALITY.

A historical overview of Western Philosophy begins with the Premodern Era: 500BC-1500AD of the hellenistic-classical and medieval periods. This is where we have the (recorded) emergence of metaphysics (the study of objective truth and Ultimate Reality) along with its opposite of relativism and sophistry (recall the Sophists that Socrates challenged.)

Following is the Modern Era: 1500-1900AD which was about rationalism (the age of “reason”) and the scientific method that become detached from metaphysics descending into empiricism and scientific materialism which is now cumulating in our pseudo-scientific dictatorship (as the WHO is the absolute authority of global health with its vaccine dogmas).


In the Postmodern Era: 1900-now, there was a rise in relativism to further attack metaphysics and the possibility of true science with existentialism, nihilism, postmodernism, and social theory that fails to see the control system for identity groups of in-fighting.

Timeline small 2.jpg

This video gives an overview of these historical periods and their relationship to philosophy:

True Philosophy is the foundation for (1) Morality & Freedom (Real “Social Theory”) that is not based on moral relativism or man's law, (2) Real Science & Technology that is not based in scientific materialism and is not destructive to human beings or the plant and involves holistic inventions aligned to the physical part of natural laws and where material progress exists in conjunction with spiritual progress); (3) Human Creativity (arts/aesthetics/all human creations).

The Destruction of Metaphysics

 (Rendered with the School of Athens in flames)

Good Bad Philosophy new.jpg

Through political propaganda and mind-control techniques of complexification, reversal, and obfuscation philosophical concepts have been made hard to understand in conjunction with the lower (non-holistic) consciousness of contradictory thought, false dualisms, and reductionistic models.

   The Greatest Tragedy to Western Philosophy was the Destruction of Metaphysics and Morality, which naturally involves the destruction of True Science. Metaphysics is about the first principles/axioms necessary to gain knowledge of ANYTHING. For example, a true metaphysical statement is that “objective reality exists” and that there are “substances and attributes from concrete to abstract.” Metaphysics is also the basis for morality as for objective right and wrong to exist it must be grounded in the Absolute.

mike mcquad broken columns.jpg

   Traditional Philosophy in the premodern period made great contributions to metaphysics. The Greeks saw the cosmos as a rational structure made of laws grounded in the Absolute (i.e. Heraclitus, Parmenides, etc.) and called it the divine science. Some of the Greek philosophers, like Plato, appear to have been initiated in the Mystery-Schools of the esoteric traditions. Man was seen as an immortal soul in the journey of evolving his consciousness through levels of reality. Plato explored the Divine Forms such as Truth, Freedom, Beauty, and Love, claiming we all the potential to gain spiritual knowledge, self-knowledge, and understanding of the Absolute Good through development and gnosis.


   With the universe being seen as rational/mental, language would be studied as the tool to gain knowledge and understanding of objective reality. The works of Aristotle and others developed ontology: the science of being/nature/essences of things, general grammar: categories/ classifications, and logic: formal, chains of reasoning, inductive/ deductive thinking, and understanding the fallacies. (We will go more into metaphysics soon).


   The main problem of classical philosophy is found in Plato's Ideal State where we see the roots of statism (the false belief in authority-masters-kingship-government). While he made the seemingly reasonable argument that the “wise ones” (philosopher- kings) should rule who understood the Absolute, it is always immoral for one human to rule over another human. This elitism model always invites the dark occult who desire the power of rulership.

   After being mixed with religious dogma and political control of the Roman-Church-State, modern philosophy took a skeptical turn that would go too far, conflating metaphysics with magic and myth. The empiricist Hume said “commit metaphysics to the flames” and Kant went further to say “the reality of external objects does not admit strict proof...” Therefore, reason became dissociated from reality and seen as subjective and unrelated to a cosmic objective reality. In Kan's The Metaphysics of Morals he claimed that morality was not based on principle of utility, or law, or nature but human reason falling to apprehend the principle of correspondence.

   During the Age of Reason, science would be separated from metaphysics (scientific materialism) and matter would be worshipped as the end all be all. Man would bee seen as a mechanistic pre-determined animal-machine without a soul needing to be governed by an elite authority. Reason would be reduced to empiricism. Universal laws would become purely physical, not moral, spiritual, and intellectual as they were previously understood. With Francis Bacon, the ideas of scientific progress took hold which would be about the progress of the Control System to rule and oppress populations.


   While science was still able to produce technologies to reduce human labor and improve living conditions (agriculture/industrialization), these technologies have simultaneously created systems of dependency and slavery. Their was a backlash to this with romanticism and the archaic revival. Most modern technologies require enormous draining of resources for the production of energy and create harmful wastes and by-products for the environment, humans, and animal species. We have nuclear, chemical, electromagnetic, petroleum, and industrial pollution and a host of emerging chronic diseases. The Atomic Bomb (1945), the Chernobyl Accident(1986), Fukushima (2011), the Gulf Oil Spill (2010) have had devastating effects to our world. Even the radiation from computer technology and WIFI towers of 2020 (5G) have been shown to degrade human health. Unfortunately, the mainstream media ignores all of this and myopically focuses on politically-funded climate change (the rise of CO2) as the only environmental problem that will eventually require tracking all individual movements and monitoring smart cities to “resolve.”

   Our so-called “technological advances” are based in the false ideologies of pragmatism/utilitarianism, eugenics, darwinism, statism/militarization, and as part of the control system coming from a lower level of consciousness posing a great threat to all life. Most of our advances have been to control, surveil, enslave, or destroy humanity as the military industrial complex is truly the birth of modern “science.” Even the internet was created by the DARPA and the CIA as a global surveillance system. (This doesn't mean no good can come from it, but that because it began with bad intention it cannot benefit humanity in the way that it should. In a world of higher consciousness, we would have the same kind of technological capacity as we do today but it would be different and actually be healthy and uplifting to our physical bodies.)

   Pseudo-science would intersect the medical industry for the purposes of eugenics and transhumanism. The transhumanist ideology and desire to physically merge man with machine is a direct result of the death of metaphysics (that claims that man has no nature and divine end). The fraud of vaccines would perform a slow kill on populations by injecting them with poisons and eventually biometric tracking devices (DARPA/Bill Gates). (Watch Dr. Gary Null's Video: Deadly Deception: The Hidden Truth About Vaccines.) The sciences of genetic engineering and nanotechnologies, which have had disastrous effects to humans and the environment, are being use to change the nature of the human-being in the medical industry, along with micro-robotics. The elites desire to control humanity has extended to the control of individual bodies.

total awareness information.png

   The destructive aspects of our technologies reveal that we do not truly understand the laws of nature (which are not only physical but spiritual and consequently work against them with the threat of extinction; we use explosion/combustion that create pollution instead of implosion/vortex technologies of clean energy. Our technologies give off harmful frequencies rather than healing ones.


In general, modern science rendered metaphysical universal principles as meaningless and the rational intuition as invalid to claim that only empirical (sensory) data is valid. This ultimately generated the abstract equations of mathematical reductionism and left-brain imbalance that could be of no practical use. Reducing reality to physical atomistic plane of matter has brought us to cul-de-sac theories of relativity and quantum mechanics veering off into sophistry, solipsism, over complexification, and contradiction. A new paradigm is obviously needed. There can be no unified model of nature's forces with the rejection of philosophy.

   While the Trivium is the first three subjects (grammar, logic, rhetoric) of the Seven Liberal Arts that deal with the mind, the next four subjects are number, geometry, music, and astronomy, which deal with extension in matter. Real science incorporates a rational and holistic understanding that is elegant, explainable, and integrated using the Quadrivium and the Hermetic Laws of mentalism, correspondence, polarity, vibration, rhythm, causality, and gender.


   But if we do not first understand the Trivium, in which general grammar is rooted in metaphysical premises, then we have no foundation to understand nature and our irrational and fragmented ideologies will take us nowhere.


   The Quadrivium applied to science can be seen in Walter Russell's models discovered through pure rational revelation (a cosmic download that lasted over a month). His models reveal the elegant and complex invisible geometric structure behind matter stimulated by the mind of God that manifests as polar electric forces incorporating all subjects of the Quadrivium. As Walter Russel noted, matter is just one half of the vibratory equation and the model to understand the invisible is in the Mind of God consisting of rainbows, musical notes, cubes, spheres, equilibriums, spirals, vortexes, mirrors, and holograms.


   While partial truths in narrow contexts may contain short-term practical value as modern technology has made us temporarily comfortable, they can never reveal the true operations of matter and its manifestation at the higher ontological level as to help humanity evolve in a real and grounded way. Pragmatism, as a philosophical school, has failed us not only in metaphysics but in the sciences as well.


   Energy can be created freely (free energy) as discovered by Tesla, Walter Russell, and John Keeley who created more advanced technologies due to understanding more of natural laws. These individuals and others were deliberately left out of mainstream to keep humanity in the dark ages in relation to science.

Walter Russell Cause and Effect.jpg
The Secret of Light.jpg

While the modern era ushered in reductionistic science (based on matter only), the postmodern era ushered in a plethora of relativistic ideologies some of which even challenged the basis for any science in its sheer sophistry (like the denial of facts). Generally beginning with existentialism and nihilism, Nietzsche commenced the official “death of metaphysics” with “God is Dead.”


Without metaphysics, morality, and rationality our species would generate totalitarian regimes of the 20th century with Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler. Through communism, fascism, and various forms of socialism revolutions were engineered to empower government and the populations were culled with bloody wars and mass genocide. Human beings would look to the government for spiritual answers and blindly believe and follow their dictates, believing obedience is a virtue to their own destruction.


Postmodernism would arise as an ideology seeking to destroy, subvert, and invert anything in sight (post-structuralism, deconstructionism, obscurantism), including language, ontology, logic, morality, and all necessary philosophical concepts, turning the world upside down. Metaphysics, language, and reason would be perceived as totalitarian and patriarchal because making objective claims about reality is stifling to the ego. Even undesirable facts would be seen as fascist.


Intellectual nonsense became fashionable and philosophy reduced to aesthetics. The more sophisticated your sophistry (intellectual cul-de-sac), the more promoted in the academic world you would be. Generally the Humanities and social sciences promoted cultural narcissism, social tyranny, destructive “science,” and spiritual decay from within (egotism/hedonism) under the false banner of ending oppression.

In the 1920s was the rise of critical/social theory and cultural marxism (from the Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School). These theories attempted to divide-and-conquer people by hyper-focusing on opposing groups of the marginalized and majority, and oppressed and oppressor—while keeping the real oppressors, the dark occultists, hidden from view. Marxist ideology had been successful in helping to create the false revolutions of China and Russia that brought success to totalitarianism but no success to the poor or the lower class—as promised. Such revolutions created social chaos and did not resolve the issues they claimed to be resolving but made things much much worse.


These are the methods like the revolutionary model is used by the dark occultists to control populations. It has been implemented in more devious forms seen in 2020 with the onslaught of violence and riots in the streets of the United States. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is headed by self-proclaimed Marxists and socialists.


Social justice theory and critical race theory (woke-ism)... coming out of these previous schools of thought are about identity politics, racism, sexism, and the LGBT movement. While the intentions to end discrimination is good, so too were the intentions of marxism to create a more egalitarian society... and that lead to much evil. Wanting to end discrimination isn't the problem, its that these theories invented by the evil geniuses at global elite institutes and then peddled into education and academia are intentionally flawed so as to create more division between people and offer social chaos (rioting) and more government as the solution. Good ideals behind false and socially-engineered revolutions have lead to many tragedies and ultimately behind cultural marxism and social justice is hatred and self-righteous pride which feeds the ego and prevents the development of reason, compassion, and humility.

Prior to the civil rights movement in the 1960s, discrimination was an issue, especially racism, but these social justice theories would fervently hold onto our old issues keeping humanity in a regressed state, even considered individual racists for challenging their false beliefs about racism. In their obsession with the superficialities of gender, racism, and sexual preference, projections, social justice warriors would attempt to find discrimination in everything to win social points which would entail projection and misperceptions of reality; criticizing any black person could be seen as racism. The white male would be discriminated against placed at the bottom and victimhood would be placed on top of the new social hierarchy.


Because victimhood would be the vehicle of status on the new social hierarchy of identity politics, new categories of oppressor and oppressed would be created. This turned into identifying with mental illness, which would proliferate into more labels and divisions (autistic/ADD spectrum) to make people feel special and oppressed.


Besides wearing mental illness as a badge of honor (and as an excuse to never grow and become healthy mature adults), sexual orientations would multiply so that people would be more confused and would have more things be oppressed by. Transgenderism would be politicized and heavily pushed onto young children and it would become easy for them and anyone to take hormones and have surgeries to physically mutilate their bodies to change their gender. The mental illness issues of transgenders would be completely sweep and turned into something to have pride about.

Overweight people would also be seen as an oppressed group and encouraging people to eat right and keep their weight down would be seen as fascist. This would herald the end of Western civilization for how much worse can it get as our primary “virtue” has become worshipping the ego and all its flaws to identify with an oppressed group that feeds the victim-complex in order to feel superior. All this would be encouraged by the media, advertisement, and school system.  Ego identity, pride (which was a seven sin last time I checked) and victimhood are the new social currencies. The ideas of self-improvement, objective truth, and the pursuit of physical and mental health would be perceived as discriminatory and fascist.


As a result, the young people are suffering more today than ever and the suicide number is up; confusion and ignorance is at an all time high. We can see how postmodern philosophy and its destruction of metaphysics works together with corrupted social theories that have abandoned common sense. The more in lower consciousness people are, the less philosophical and rational they are.


A society more in ego-based consciousness can only usher in tyranny—as a digital globalized control system is the next move of the dark occultists.


   We should make note that in the 1970s, Ayn Rand's Objectivism attempted to salvage the loss of Metaphysics, by returning to our Aristotelian roots and incorporating traditional aspects of thought. However, her metaphysics was very narrow like that of the empiricists as she was an atheist. Without a Divine Origin as its foundation, objective morality could not be understood (a truth Descartes realized). Thus, while she was against socialism and communism, she unwittingly promoted slavery by adhering to statist capitalism and the egotism of selfishness (lower immoral consciousness), both of which feed the other.

objectivism premises.jpeg
industrial waste-1.jpg

QUADRIVIUM and Science

Even though Classical Philosophy provided some foundation for philosophy, it still got some things wrong. From Plato's Ideal State, we see the roots of statism (the false belief in authority/masters/kingship/government), but he made this sound reasonable for the “wise ones” (philosopher- kings) to rule because he understood that higher consciousness and its care for philosophy is necessary to understand The Good. Aside from this there are still many important traditional truths such as the positive universal forms and elements of the Trivium, and sadly a lot of integral philosophy would fall for the “evolution fallacy,” that assumes we were less intelligent in the past and does not take into account the cyclic aspects of evolution and regression in the rise and fall of spiritual knowledge with the political agendas for social control . When ignorance peaks so does the control system and today we are on the verge of Global Tyranny.

Mural Art by Blackbook Ink

School of Athens, Raphael

Reading Aristotle (many times over) at Lithia Park 2015 (a year after discovering Natural Law)

Taken at Free Your Mind Conference 4 near the airport in Philadelphia 2016.

From Plato's Republic: "Until the person is able to abstract and define the idea of the Good, and unless he can run the gauntlet of all objections and is ready to disprove them, not with appeals to opinion, but to absolute truth, never faltering at any step of the argument-unless he can do all this, you would say that he knows neither the idea of the Good nor any other good; he apprehends only shadows, if anything at all, which is given by opinion, not science." (A standard to go for!)

It is not only the duty of the philosopher to detect and expose cognitive errors (i.e. fallacies) but to also expose the latest forms of sophistry and moral relativism among the intellectually elite, for these forms evolve over time, devising more clever and insidious traps that will no doubt seek Political Power, which is anti-thesis to Philosophical Virtue. It was this very goal that started Western Philosophy in Plato's Academy. Evil is mental bondage and it must be exposed in the conceptual knots of abstract, dark, and obscure places with the intellectual illumination granted by the divine.

Without METAPHYSICS there is no THING to know, and NOTHING to discuss. Metaphysics is the science of WHAT IS/Being, what is it to be some "thing".

Introduction to METAPHYSICS...

While my book will go into what metaphysics is, here is a brief overview that I hope is helpful to you in your philosophical pursuits!


While modernity/postmodernity claimed that metaphysics is inquiry into the unknowable, calling it speculative with the legacy of Kant, is it quite the contrary as the moderners confuse false metaphysics with the real metaphysics. Real Metaphysics is the basis for what is knowable, as being/existence is the foundation for knowledge itself, even if at the Ultimate level Being is Consciousness. (In the universe of polarity and multiplicity “existence and consciousness” are related and distinct). We cannot have knowledge of something if it does not exist, whether it exists inside of us, outside of us, or AS us (the SELF). Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that deals with “being” in concrete individuals of either substance and attribute (the 10 categories) and their predicated classifications (i.e. genus/species) that are based on essences and nature (the forms or intelligible structure to perceptible matter). Theology, on the other hand, is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the concepts that transcend the categories/classifications that are eternal and absolute perceived by the Highest Level of Reason. This regards the Substance of Eternal Ultimate Being (also called the Infinite All-from the Kybalion) and its attributes of Love, Truth, Beauty, Unity, etc. as their opposites don't exist and are ultimately illusions or privations (i.e. evil/falsity) in the sensible world.


Additionally, Metaphysics serves as the foundation for general grammar and the Trivium Method in describing the “WHAT” and is the connection of language to reality. The foundation of knowledge also requires the logical axioms (identity/non-contradiction/excluded middle) and the mutually-supported ideas (inter-connected propositions) that are self-evident to pure reason and require no proof (otherwise there would be infinite regress). It includes tautologies such as: existence exists, consciousness exists and consciousness can perceive existence . Existence is objective reality and WHAT is actually REAL and knowledge OF what is objectively real. Similarly it lies out the first principles for existence, like the principle of duality and distinctions between dual pairs: substance/attribute (or subject and quality), fixed essence/changeable qualities, nature/condition, and actual and potential. The following proposition is a correct metaphysical statement: First principles exist both in the structure of thought and in objective reality. If the structure of our minds cannot mirror reality than we cannot have knowledge of reality. The negation of these self-evident propositions is SOPHISTRY. Metaphysics is about the underlying assumptions, first principles, and premises of any argument, perspective, belief, and worldview. Even Sophistry has these assumptions that reveal the necessity for metaphysics! So part of metaphysics is to expose WHAT these first premises are and determine if they are contradictions as being false premises (the Socratic Method) or not grounded in reality.

Much of the knowledge of Greek philosophers came from Egypt. Here are the Seven Hermetic Spiritual Laws in the Kybalion by the Three Initiates

Metaphysics also deals with the natural laws, both physical and moral (causality) and the issues of freedom, free will, and government. True metaphysics is about natural government and the laws of nature which can be known by man. And this is largely opposed to man's law, which progressively deviates from natural laws by claiming ownership of them; however natural laws exist independently from man's creation as the STRUCTURE for his creations. In addition to the Control System perpetuating false government, so it does with false (politically-funded) science, like the false law of entropy, which claims the universe only moves from order to disorder, contradicting bi-directional polarity and  the cyclic nature of things (growth/decay), denying cause/effect and emergence/evolution. Sadly Freedom, Morality, and Science have become about political domination and control of one group of people over another, through propaganda and false education under the deception of goodness. But true morality is about conscience, reason, and moral action not blind belief, obedience, and submission to authority.


Esoteric metaphysics is about the more subtle but equally important principles of consciousness (spiritual laws) and reality using holistic thought (i.e. gender, correspondence) and understanding reality-creation (i.e. mentalism/vibration) and other planes of existence. While poisoned exoteric metaphysics claims that we cannot know of any other dimension of reality but the three-dimensional universe, that is an erroneous proposition. Even mainstream science is posulating the existence of parallel dimensions, however flawed most of their theories are! True metaphysics does not restrict what we can know, only the basis for which we can know it by requiring some form of evidence, and reason itself serves as evidence. To not know of other dimensions of reality does not mean they do not exist, as even a physical argument can convey as the energy of the universe is undetected by our senses (visible light only a narrow spectrum of the electromagnetic field).

Kris Nelson explains Metaphysics at

Before I continue, it is important to discuss LOVE. As earlier mentioned esoteric metaphysics can be regarded as the feminine side of philosophy, which went underground in the Dark Ages. While some of it was revived in the Renaissance (1500s) and then later with New Thought/Theosophy (1800s), esotericism was excluded from Academia (which would sadly promote modern Feminism in the 1960s to dumb down philosophy, empower the State, and exploit men). While Western philosophers believed knowledge to be gained with the mind as the primary force, they failed to recognize the “consciousness aspect” of LOVE that is greater. When we do not start the path of knowledge/truth with love, defined as the “expansion of consciousness,” we can only gain partial truths that ultimately keep us in a state of perpetual confusion. This is why modern skepticism struggled to move forward and Western philosophy is considered to be “trapped in the mind.” The mind is a tool of discernment that can be applied to the content of perception/conception but it is the “spirit” behind that mind that determines whether holistic knowledge is eventually gained or not. Without LOVE, consciousness expansion, and true care as the driving force, the mind can only contract to identifications (i.e. ego) and belief systems (fear) that prevent real objectivity. The mind itself cannot expose the truths that destroy the ego/false identification that are required for true knowledge and freedom, as inner knowledge is required for outer knowledge. LOVE is a first principle of Philosophy.


Abstract: In order to discover the Good, we must have discovered Truth so that what we perceive as Good is True Good and not the appearance of Good in deception of Evil. In order to discover Beauty, we must have discovered the Good, as beauty without goodness is superficial and Ugly.

ALCHEMY AND UNIVERSALS: There is a specific ORDER for the Triune transcendental concepts (Universals) of antiquity: TRUTH, GOOD, and BEAUTY, that can be expressed through in Alchemical Transformation of an Individual.

       (LOVE) -->TRUTH--> GOOD --> BEAUTY

First, Truth can only be discovered with Love, the Generative Principle. Love is the opposite of Fear, and we must not have Fear of the Truth, or we will hide and run from it and deny and reject it leading us into the Darkness of Ignorance. (The END of Ignorance is Evil.)

Love expands consciousness to embrace Truth; the Acceptance of What Is. Then we gain Knowledge, at all costs, to Love the Truth more than the lie (i.e. ego-personality-construct) and seek the Eternal. Even if it hurts for some time and/or completely destroys the foundation of our lives, it is Necessary for Evolution (Real Alchemy). Metal does not survive in the transmutation into gold. Don’t give up, go all the Way!

With Courage and Persistence, that pain can transform us in our Real Higher Selves. To know Truth is to become aware of its Opposite (Apophasis), to separate out our False selves. This requires that we become Self-Honest and Authentic to see truly who we are being, not what we pretend to be or want to be. Upon this Foundation we can transform into our True Selves, as we move from the true falsity, we are attached to, to the true True, of our Real Identity.

The Triune Universals: Truth, Goodness, Beauty

Next, we must Purify ourselves by discovering the difference between Good and Evil within ourselves. Then with Courage and Will, we must remove and reject evil by ending immoral actions by listening to our Conscience and taking Right-Action in the world by following Reason. This will mean going ALONE sometimes.

Once we have raised our consciousness and have this Self-Knowledge along with proper thinking, applying tools such as the Trivium, we can continue to learn how to perceive reality accurately in order to discern true from false, good from evil, right from wrong; the Anti-Spiritual-Virus Scanner of Mind. Only when in the Light of Truth can we Know the difference between Good and Evil. First Within, then Without. Truth is PRIOR to Goodness. And only when we choose Right-Action (both action or non-action) are we aligned to the Good. Good is the End. All other ends are false and do not stand the test of time.

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The Plan of the Universe begins with Love and Ends with the Good. (We just have to gain the KNOWLEDGE to figure that out and stop working against it!)

To observe the Whole Process is to experience Beauty. Beauty without Truth is a deception, being truly Ugly; and Beauty without Goodness is superficial and misleading, also ugly, not Deep and Eternal.

Beauty is in the Creative Masterpiece of Universe, the harmonious integration of its Natural Laws and our expression when we become in harmony with them. While Beauty is NOT the END, it is found in the expression of the Whole in the timeless, as Love, Truth, Goodness are a Beautiful ONE.

Traditional Philosophy developed much of the content for the Trivium Method (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric), which is learning how to think critically and have our reasoning processes grounded in reality (ontology). It appears that this method was somewhat occulted, but it is the disunity and separation of the these subjects and being taken out of order that has negatively affected intellectual development for which the Trivium is designed to enhance. The natural process of the mind is reflected in the proper order, which is analogous to a computer's input-processing-output. The basis for General Grammar involves understanding the important ontological distinctions between matter and form, substance and attribute, particulars and universals, concrete and abstract (Aristotle) as to describe the “what.” Logic regards the “why” and how things are inter-connected or related to form complex ideas based on the forms of reality. Because we are fallible and creative beings, there can be errors in our reasoning and grounding to reality, which brings us to the important epistemological distinctions of true/correct and false/incorrect, knowledge and ignorance, and also, later explored in psychology, the conscious and unconscious (i.e. Freud/Jung). And here we get to the second branch of philosophy: epistemology, which regards the knower, consciousness, perception, knowledge, and methodology, as distinct from reality, existence, being, and “what is.”


School of Athens by Raphael

From Mark Passio describes the Trivium in a modern context as input, processing, output related to a computer analogy.

The biggest confusion in Western Philosophy is understanding the relationship between ontology and epistemology. I hope to really sort out these issues using Holistic Critical Thinking.

TRUTH IS THE ALIGNMENT BETWEEN PERCEPTION (epistemology) AND REALITY (ontology). When we accurately perceive “what is” we have understood something that is TRUE. It was the Law of Non-Contradiction that made this clear distinction between ontology and epistemology. This is because reality by necessity is non-contradictory, so that contradictions must be errors in perception, conception, and understanding. This is WHY we must strive to have non-contradictory thinking to increase the potentials of reality alignment (as a note, one can adopt a “non-contradictory” model of reality that is false so while this is necessary it is not sufficient). In order for reason to connect to reality, reality itself must be arranged and composed according to reason itself (Hegel's “the rational is real”) and this was explained with the FORMS. Forms are the intelligible structure of the universe that is objectively real. Conceptual Form is in distinction to matter, matter being the unintelligible aspect of a sensible object that we perceive with the senses but not the intellect. But because individual concrete things are composed of both matter and form, we are able to mentally abstract the form into classification systems based on essential attributes. This process of abstraction as well as rational induction leads to the “Universal Forms”. And this which helps us to understand Natural Law, which is objectively real, even though not tangible as the world its governs.

The fact that objective reality is independent to perception describes the correct philosophical tenet called “metaphysical realism.” And this should not be confused with “scientific materialism,” which reduces “objective reality” to the external world of sense perception, excluding consciousness. True metaphysical realism does not engage in reductionism, as it doesn't seek to restrict the realm of knowledge/reality with a limited belief system and fear of the unknown. One of the biggest semantic issues in philosophy is the term OBJECTIVE itself. Objectivity is not synonymous to physical reality, as consciousness must objectively exist too; and there are multi-dimensional realities (causal/subtle planes) both interior/exterior in addition to the sensible realms. And metaphysical realism is not mutually exclusive to reality-creation. The fact that consciousness does have a role in creating reality through thoughts, feelings, and actions is actually an objective fact! In order for reality-creation to even exist, requires metaphysical realism! The metaphysical question of “what,” regards not only “what” are we conscious of but that consciousness is a WHAT itself, the SELF Exists, and existence is ontological/metaphysical.


What can also be confusing is that there are different ontological statuses depending on perspective (i.e. top-down, bottom-up). While material things (matter/form) seem more objective because of their closeness to the senses, from the perspective of the intellect the objects of the mind (forms) are more closer and objective, such as Mathematics and Metaphysics: Reason, Universal Principles (Natural Law, Love, Goodness/Morality, Truth) being “clear and distinct (Descartes) and due to their immutability and timelessness. For example, the Good exists independently of what you are thinking and independent of culture or any single object. To properly navigate reality one must not confuse the objects of the senses with the intellect, as the sense regards our physical survival, but in another way the intellect regards our spiritual survival! Also, in regards to abstract forms it is important to be able to differentiate between the real and false concepts of the mind (i.e. Real Knowledge: consciousness + spiritual laws, false knowledge: government + money).

While a good mind thinks clearly and correctly, and a good heart is pure and compassionate, goodness takes place through behavior through morality and Right-Action. The application of wisdom (knowledge-in-practice and alignment to natural law) is the output/rhetoric of the Trivium. The concept of Natural Law based on Morality and Reason goes back to Heraclitus with the Logos, and the pre-Socratic philosophers who sought the fundamental order to reality and saw that it was good. Natural Law was talked about by Aristotle, the Stoics, and especially the Christian theologians, Augustine and St. Aquinas, who said that "every human law has just as much of the nature of law, as it derived from the law of nature." But he adds, "if any point it deflects from the law of nature, it is no longer a law but a perversion of the law." He went further to say that a government that violated natural moral law should not be obeyed. Furthermore, the theologians went into depth about good and evil, darkness and light (theology/Neo-Platonism), as Plato used the light as a metaphor for truth. Boethius recognized that theology did not require a “Christian God” but rational intuition of “Infinite Being,” the “Ultimate Form,” that every philosopher can conceive of, including the empiricists who deny it (at least its qualifiable aspect, while the unqualifiable aspect is beyond conception-for more info watch video-on right). This video resolves one of the biggest philosophical confusions today.


From “The Trivium” by Sister Joseph:

“It might seem that being is the genus of substance and the other categories, since the ten categories classify being. Being is not, however, understood in the same way of substance and of accident, nor of the different accidents; furthermore, being transcends the categories and therefore it cannot be the genus. A transcendental concept is a concept that cannot be classified because it extends through and beyond the other categories. The transcendentals are being and its transcendental attributes: unity, truth, goodness, res, aliquid; some philosophers include beauty.” (p. 80)

Sister Miram Joseph “influenced a generation of women to think carefully, to read thoughtfully, and to write and speak the “right principles” eloquently.” (p. 285) She sure is a sister! Download Trivium book.

Theology/Transcendental Metaphysics: The Positive Absolutes and Ultimate Reality with Jana Esp.

Also, be sure to watch part 2.

Metaphysical Synthesis

This Metaphysical Synthesis shows the Matter/Form Distinction in Conceptual Hierarchy.

I have tentatively created a“Metaphysical Synthesis” model to integrate Plato, Aristotle, and the Christian theologians, but it is a working model subject to revision, which leads me to make a point about models. A common criticism of traditional metaphysics by later modernity was “system-building” (i.e. Descartes) and its obsession with models of reality, in which 20th century General Semantics respond “the map is not the territory.” While this is true, metaphysical maps still serve to make distinctions using expanded conceptual space, but no map could represent the formal structure of all of reality, not only because many concepts correspond to one another but also have different meanings. Philosophy is about continual distinctions using models that are contextually appropriate to the content in which distinction is sought in order to prevent reductionism and false dualisms. This particular model is used to resolved the opposition between “Transcendent Idealist” Plato and “Immanent Realist” Aristotle. What is commonly overlooked is that Aristotle wrote a lot about divinity like Plato and considered transcendental Being a “primary being” along with concrete substances. But he did not see Good as an absolute Form, like Plato did. Yet Plato did not see forms in conjunction to matter and erroneously equated the sensible world with belief/opinion and the forms with knowledge. In way he conflated an epistemological model with an ontological one. (As you can see my “divided line” is between the absolute and the relative, in which we can have knowledge of both, instead of placing knowledge on top and belief/opinion on the bottom.)

But sadly these important distinctions would suffer with the rise of modern skepticism (which was part of empiricism and nominalism). Skeptics would claim that mental “forms” don't exist in reality, not just the transcendental ones but even the categorical forms as well. Kant's “Copernican Revolution” of philosophy saw that the categories only existed in the structure of consciousness which we could not say corresponded to reality (noumenon/”thing-in-itself”). The lack of certainty for conceptual truth lead to Postmodern Relativism. While Ancient Relativism claims that “truth is relative to perspective” (Protagoras), Postmodern Relativism states that “truth is always embedded in cultural contexts/biases” (i.e. post-structuralism). While the rationalists and idealists attempted to counter-attack skepticism, which became radical empiricism, reductionism, and postmodernism, their efforts backfired as they got lost in too much abstraction (i.e. German Idealists like Hegel). Without alignment to the proper structure of the mind as learned with the Trivium, their reasoning was not grounded in reality with the proper distinctions understood (i.e. matter/form, concrete-particular/abstract-universal).

VIDEO: Classical Universals and Absolutes by Jana Esp.

In general, the Four Biggest Enemies to Philosophy are Sophistry, Relativism, Collectivism, and Authority and they all inter-relate as to be mutually-supportive. We can consider these ideologies/worldviews to be Anti-Metaphysical as they are belief systems against reason and first principles, supporting the Control System of Evil.


Sophistry (including Skepticism/Nihilism-”there is no truth”) and Relativism (“truth is relative/subjective”), as well as Solipsism (“only my mind exists”) deny Universal Truths, Natural Laws and Objective Morality. Collectivism and authority support Political Power and Statism at all its levels: kingship/feudalism, plutocracy/national government and soon world government (globalism) by believing that collective entity exists and that certain individuals should have authority over other individuals. Many philosophers thought that modern government was freedom from the slavery of feudalistic monarchies but it is just a different type of monarchy with “rule behind the curtain.” Rather than a monarchy with a name and face, we have monarchy in the name of a faceless “government,” guided by secret rulers.

With reference to the occult, the monetary system is the dark feminine, the counterfeit version of the life force in which the principle of material abundance is inverted to be of scarcity. Conjoining this, the government is the dark masculine, the counterfeit version of reason and law with authority and obedience, in which we neglect the development of conscience (knowing the actual difference between right and wrong). Both are wed together as money OWNS all planetary resources and politics gains the systematic CONTROL, which requires consent by the people.


The Problem-Solving Aspect of Philosophy is to get to the underlying premises of an argument or of one's worldview/perspectival structure to reveal what is contradictory and false (i.e. the Socratic Method), rather than be distracted by the complex artifice of mental constructs that pile on top of fundamental assumptions and basic premises. Metaphysical analysis refers to rational assessment of first principles.

A true metaphysician has no time for the straw man, only for the BOTTOM-LINE.

Government will attempt to trap you with “legalize,” a complex language to obfuscate right and wrong, and your TRUE rights. Also economic jargon quickly becomes complicated to throw you off track, when it's foundation is literally nothing. Nihilism indeed, LOL!

While money, government, and carnism directly cause harm to others, solipsism indirectly creates harm by denying the existence of harm/evil. This is the choice to be IGNORANCE not INNOCENT.

Both government and money fail to have adequate metaphysics/first principles and are instead based on the fallacy of authority and the fallacy of tradition. Yet, if tradition, interpreted as the genealogical perspective were to serve us then we would see that historically these systems have failed and have produced more destruction and death than all the non-governmental “criminals” of the world combined billions-fold. This is because ultimately they are based in immoral belief system of “theft.” The Government steals money (taxation) and freedom/rights (through artificial laws), while money steals through interest and loans. In order to be immoral they advocate sophistry and moral relativism: “truth doesn't exist” so “might makes right” and the rulers dictate what right and wrong are. Even the United Nations Charter claims that they have the authority to decide what a Human Right is. From birth we are forced into dependency to this corrupt system under the threat of violence, which is immoral from the get go.


The monetary system claims that “value” is relative and can be based on a “social construct” (what should have been the focus of postmodernists, who would instead call “reality a social construct!”). This is because money is created out of thin air by a private corporation that is now the IMF and World Bank, a global super power. But the power is all illusory and against reality as the only real things that we need to survive and prosper are found in nature, food, shelter, and water!! However, because of moral relativism and nihilism, society finds it perfectly acceptable for a group of people to create something out of NOTHING to CONTROL all human affairs and planetary resources because “might makes right!” And as relativists we are permitted from saying slavery is universally bad!!

You cannot be a moral relativist and understand Human Rights. Why? Because Human Rights are based in Natural Law and are absolute, eternal, and immutable; they do not depend on culture, place, or time.

The REAL Number of the Quadrivium to help us evolve science vs. the FAKE numbers of arbitrary values created to enslave us.

Furthermore, what underlies money and government is collectivism, which was feudalism in pre-industrial times and is globalism with the information age. This false ideology comes into clear view once you understand general grammar as to know that there is no such thing as a collective “entity,” nor is their such thing as “collective action.” Only individuals exist in the aggregate and only individuals have the capacity for actions and can represent themselves. (The term “collective is not even used in general grammar in the Trivium book but “aggregate.”) Individuals can work together to forms groups with a common goal but there is no one group of people that can act on behalf of all of humanity. And membership to a group is not a permanent identification, even though some believe it is as every moment we are freely choosing what to be part of and being part of something does not negate our sovereignty, which always exists. The collective institutions that exist are for human slavery, either to track private information and enforce address in the system-which enforces employment, and for taxation (i.e. DMV, IRS) or to give stolen money (taxes) to other people (i.e. welfare, unemployment, etc.). At the top of the pyramid, this “so-called elite few” attempt to be above natural law as to be the “gods” of humanity through government and money acting as the system engineers who aren't inscribed in the system they create. And this carries the contradiction of claiming that some humans have more rights than other humans (i.e. the “divine right to rule” that John Locke criticized). Through the propaganda of “unification,” “inclusiveness,” and “integration” (i.e. postmodern-integral lingo) these dark occultists attempt to gain political power by appearing to promote positive values, but their real goal is towards centralization of power through the inter-connectedness of the systems of evil, that are not only about theft at the physical level, but theft on the spiritual level as well. For more on collectivism. However, a good and free society is simply the measure of each individual's moral action in the aggregate, not the actions of the collective body found in membership, a collective army, or a collective religion. Each individual is responsible to learn that THEFT is harm, whether that be theft of life, property, or liberty, etc. In short: all political power is based on some people controlling and ruling over other people and stealing from them and this is IMMORAL!!


When we can understand general grammar and logic, we can see the flaws of the Control System. The proper integration between the individual and collective, as well as concrete and abstract is that the Sovereign Individual (concrete/particular/microcosm) is bound to Universal Rational Moral Natural principles/laws (collective/macrocosm/abstract) [aka Self-Governance]. Contrarily, Political Theory states the false existence of a National Sovereign Person that should be governed by socially-constructed (positive) laws violently imposed by an elite group that functions outside of those laws [aka SLAVERY].


I hope you found some of this information valuable, as it merely addresses some of the contents of my book. Thank you for your time. And since you stayed with me this far, perhaps you would like to be on my newsletter, which will feature articles and art. I promise to not send out too many emails!

A Short Note about Moral Relativism:

Moral relativists think that when you say "there is objective morality", that you are saying that "you always know what is objectively moral" as to have a God-like complex. However, they conflate the ontological with the epistemological, as the first sentence does not infer the second (fallacy). Just because I know that right/wrong exists in reality (global truth), doesn't mean that I always know what is right and wrong (specific truth)... because in epistemology there is always the potential for error. But in order for me to EVER know I have to first know that right and wrong exist independently of my perspective. The Necessity of ontological first principles. While the will to align perspective (epistemology) with reality (ontology) does not guarantee that alignment, it is a necessity for it.


The IRONY of moral relativists is that many are moral relativists because they see the problem of moral relativism! Ok, let me unpack. They see how our culture's definition of right/wrong, good/evil can be fabricated and twisted (religious/political), which indeed IT IS! But the only way for morality to be twisted is IF there is an ACTUAL morality!! (Metaphysics is about underlying premises). It is quite ironic because it is their individual moral relativism that feeds into cultural moral relativism. Only by going deeper with Care for Truth can we discover objective morality to become free from both enslavement of tyranny (macrocosm) and free from the karmic ego-creation in manifesting negative life conditions (microcosm)..

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