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Abstract: In order to discover the Good, we must have discovered Truth so that what we perceive as Good is True Good and not the appearance of Good in deception of Evil. In order to discover Beauty, we must have discovered the Good, as beauty without goodness is superficial and Ugly.

ALCHEMY AND UNIVERSALS: There is a specific ORDER for the Triune transcendental concepts (Universals) of antiquity: TRUTH, GOOD, and BEAUTY, that can be expressed through in Alchemical Transformation of an Individual.


First, Truth can only be discovered with Love, the Generative Principle. Love is the opposite of Fear, and we must not have Fear of the Truth, or we will hide and run from it and deny and reject it leading us into the Darkness of Ignorance. (The END of Ignorance is Evil.)

Love expands consciousness to embrace Truth; the Acceptance of What Is. Then we gain Knowledge, at all costs, to Love the Truth more than the lie (i.e. ego-personality-construct) and seek the Eternal. Even if it hurts for some time and/or completely destroys the foundation of our lives, it is Necessary for Evolution (Real Alchemy). Metal does not survive in the transmutation into gold. Don’t give up, go all the Way!

With Courage and Persistence, that pain can transform us in our Real Higher Selves. To know Truth is to become aware of its Opposite (Apophasis), to separate out our False selves. This requires that we become Self-Honest and Authentic to see truly who we are being, not what we pretend to be or want to be. Upon this Foundation we can transform into our True Selves, as we move from the true falsity, we are attached to, to the true True, of our Real Identity.



The Triune Universals: Truth, Goodness, Beauty

Next, we must Purify ourselves by discovering the difference between Good and Evil within ourselves. Then with Courage and Will, we must remove and reject evil by ending immoral actions by listening to our Conscience and taking Right-Action in the world by following Reason. This will mean going ALONE sometimes.

Once we have raised our consciousness and have this Self-Knowledge along with proper thinking, applying tools such as the Trivium, we can continue to learn how to perceive reality accurately in order to discern true from false, good from evil, right from wrong; the Anti-Spiritual-Virus Scanner of Mind. Only when in the Light of Truth can we Know the difference between Good and Evil. First Within, then Without. Truth is PRIOR to Goodness. And only when we choose Right-Action (both action or non-action) are we aligned to the Good. Good is the End. All other ends are false and do not stand the test of time.

Picture taken at my Home in Lithia Park, Ashland OR

Lithia Park, Ashland Oregon



To observe the Whole Process is to experience Beauty. Beauty without Truth is a deception, being truly Ugly; and Beauty without Goodness is superficial and misleading, also ugly, not Deep and Eternal.

Beauty is in the Creative Masterpiece of Universe, the harmonious integration of its Natural Laws and our expression when we become in harmony with them. While Beauty is NOT the END, it is found in the expression of the Whole in the timeless, as Love, Truth, Goodness are a Beautiful ONE.

The Plan of the Universe begins with Love and Ends with the Good. (We just have to gain the KNOWLEDGE to figure that out and stop working against it!)

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